Webkinz Desktop App is Available Now!


Back in March we announced the development of our browser-free, full-screen Desktop App for Windows. Well, the wait is over and the application is ready to download today!


Click here to get Webkinz Desktop App for Windows.



Once the download completes, run the installer and you’ll get the new app with an icon on your desktop. Our app automatically updates itself, so you’ll always have the latest and greatest version – no more downloads needed!



Again, this version is for Windows computers only, but we’re happy to announce that the Mac version is going very well and we expect it to be in release state much sooner than first planned! Stay tuned. Also, as a reminder, this application does require the Flash player to remain on your computer, but if you’re playing Webkinz on your PC now, you already have Flash and nothing needs to change.


Finally we’d like to put out a special thanks to all of the Webkinz players who helped us beta test our Desktop App. With your input we’ve created the best, most secure way to play Webkinz ever!


Have fun and let us know below what you think of the new app! We love reading your feedback.




Have questions about the Webkinz Desktop App? Check out our earlier special report answering your questions here.


267 Responses to Webkinz Desktop App is Available Now!

  1. webkinzs1996 says:

    can you please send me the link to download adobe flash player

  2. BasketGrace says:

    Will there be a solution for Chromebook users like me?

  3. katfish57 says:

    I downloaded the Macintosh version of the desktop app. It states it requires Flash to be downloaded and installed. I have the latest version of Flash, but the desktop app does not recognize it. OS 10.14.2 on an iMac

    • Steve Webkinz says:

      The desktop app requires a different version of Flash player than the one you have installed for web browsers. Click on the link provided in the system message to download the correct version.

      • katfish57 says:

        I had already done that, (clicking on the link provided). It directed me to the Adobe>Flash page where I could get v32.0.0.207. I installed Flash from that download. The Webkinz app still requests Flash be installed.

      • hedgiethehedgehog1 says:

        I am trying to use the Macintosh version of the desktop app as well and I am having the same issue. I have redownloaded Adobe flash player from the link provided, but it is still giving me the same message when I try to use the app. I have deleted and redownloaded the app and I have opened and closed the app, but still nothing works.

      • emilym236 says:

        I have the same problem and I downloaded it from the link but it keeps happening

      • JulieKeen says:

        I too am having problems on the Mac version of the desktop app. I clicked your link in the pop up message, and downloaded the Flash Version that it’s taking me to, even though I already had that on my Mac. I installed, rebooted, and it’s still not recognizing that I have Flash, just like the katfish user above. Please look into this, Webkinz! I am running Mojave 10.14.5.

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      Please send an email to ganzworldsupport@ganz.com so we can do some further troubleshooting.

    • moukandchavapa says:

      I figured it out! You have to click “Need Flash for a Different Browser?” and pick the one you didn’t download, the one for Opera and Chromium. It works!

  4. rounyisme says:

    Can someone please help me! I installed the app on my windows 10 laptop, which has adobe flash through microsoft edge. The app will not let me open it, it keeps saying i need to download Adobe flash snd Adobe keeps saying i already have flash. I checked my settings and flash is enabled. What else can i do??

    • Steve Webkinz says:

      The desktop app requires a different version of Flash player than the one you have installed for your web browser. Click on the link provided in the system message to download the correct version.

  5. batto says:

    is there currently any way to play it in windowed mode?

  6. lvewoods says:

    I downloaded the windows app , but it jumps when in the rooms. Can someone help me, please. Thank you

  7. Apploosa54 says:

    Does the desktop app not have the “Free Prizes” option in the “Things to do” menu? I’ve looked to see if there was an article about it but couldn’t find one. I miss watching videos for kinzcash!

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