Webkinz Top 10: Most Popular Pet Names!


This year’s Webkinz Day will also be the 10th anniversary for Webkinz World! To help celebrate, we’re doing a series of Top 10 Lists about all things Webkinz!


Top 10 Most Popular Pet Names in Webkinz World:



#10. Spot



280 Responses to Webkinz Top 10: Most Popular Pet Names!

  1. shuggylay says:

    I have a Lil’ Kinz Horse named Brownie, a Persian Cat named Snowball, and a Lioness named Lily.

  2. LissyB says:

    I have a maltese puppy named Fluffy, and a white, curly puppy (forgot the breed) named Snowflake!

  3. sunX1 says:

    I don’t have any ‘Kinz named any of these! Out of my entire family, Spot was the only name any of us used out of 63.

  4. laffytaffy says:

    I have five of these names

  5. stinkum5 says:

    I have a Brownie and a Pinkie.

  6. 156nene says:

    i have like one of those names but thats it

  7. 67gfedcba says:

    I have a horse name Brownie. :D

  8. AATWebkinz says:

    I think some other good ones to add to the list are: a clover puppy named Clover and a chipmunk named Alvin. Not only do I see a lot of pets like that in the clubhouse, but I also have them myself!

  9. roncy says:

    That is funny! I have some pets with those names! I have a dalmation named Spot! Didn’t know he was so popular! :) The rest of my names are… ‘unique’…. including a Webkinz lamb named ‘Ixle’.

  10. doodlepoodle678 says:

    I used none of these Webkinz names because when I’m in the Clubhouse or Kinzville Park, I don’t want to walk around with a name so common. I use realistic names! If you would like to friend me on Webkinz my username on my account s Poody678!

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