Webkinz Top 10: Most Popular Pet Names!


This year’s Webkinz Day will also be the 10th anniversary for Webkinz World! To help celebrate, we’re doing a series of Top 10 Lists about all things Webkinz!


Top 10 Most Popular Pet Names in Webkinz World:



#10. Spot



283 Responses to Webkinz Top 10: Most Popular Pet Names!

  1. Morningdew12 says:

    I think I have, Luna Nova, Valentine, Peanut Butter, Snowflake, Hearts, Amour, Amourette, Lilly/Lily, Caramel, Agwe, Shimmer, Maple, Arc en ciel and others.

  2. Morningdew12 says:

    I have about 23 so it’s hard to remember the names. Lol

  3. ellieatwebkinz15 says:

    boys name ideas: Samuel spaniel, leo lion, or Larry bear, buckwheat buddy

  4. ellieatwebkinz15 says:

    Here are some pet name ideas for girls poppy rose candice sugar emerald roxy lolly polly shelly

  5. belbel1010 says:

    all I have is the number 1 spot; Fluffy the Poofy Poodle!!

  6. PonyPerfection says:

    LOL I didn’t even read this thread but named my brown arabian Brownie! LOL

  7. Dolphinlover55 says:

    I have a snowball (named after my cat which passed away in 2015) a brownie (named after my guinea pig who also passed away last year) a Lilly, a fluffy, a spot, and a snowflake!!

  8. RosyFox says:

    Lol, this is so funny! I have a Pink Poodle named Pinky, and a few of my pets are named Lily/Lilly. XD

  9. puppylover2468 says:

    i have a snowflake and a lilly!

  10. moon45 says:

    I have a Snowball, and that’s it haha.

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