Webkinz Wheel Prizes Updated!

We have updated the prizes on the Wheel of Wow and the Wheel of Deluxe! From August 2 – August 29, spin each wheel daily to win Wacky prizes for your pets! Here’s a look at what you can win…


Available on the Wheel of Wow (web version) from Aug 2 – 29:



Available on the Wheel of Wow (mobile version) from Aug 2 – 29:



Available on the Wheel of Deluxe from Aug 2 – 29:




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Let us know what you won on the Wheel of Wow and the Wheel of Deluxe by leaving a comment below…



57 Responses to Webkinz Wheel Prizes Updated!

  1. cat2f says:

    My computer doesn’t really work for Wacky Zingoz and this time it did work and I didn’t get the trophy! :(

  2. cat2f says:

    Sally Webkinz I need help! I just made it past 600 in Wacky Zingoz and I didn’t give me the trophy. How do I get the Wacky 600 trophy?

  3. KICAVE says:

    Help please. I have been having trouble getting any of the four spinning wheels to work for the last week. Everything else works on the same screen. Anyone else have this problem? I would really like to play and get the prizes. Please and thanks.

  4. ladysparklez99 says:

    It is really annoying because it won’t let me log in to the mobile version and they had cool prizes!!please fix this before the zinging celebration ends!!!

    • dixiecup says:

      Relax, ladysparkle :) I came here to worry about the same thing, but it says that the prizes are available until the 29th of August. We have plenty of time to get those prizes on the wheels. If you want something specific, tell me and I will make sure you get it. I am Amaridy or 1Applekinz

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