Webkinz Winterfest Prizes!

January is the month to look to floating snowflakes in Webkinz World with Winterfest! Here’s a look back at the many fantastic frosty prizes that players have enjoyed over the years!


This year, Winterfest runs from January 10th to the 19th. Check out some of the new prizes you may win, along with a few returning favorites!

103 Responses to Webkinz Winterfest Prizes!

  1. DogsCats101 says:

    I wish the Darling Winter Coat was still available. I’ve seen lots of Webkinz players wear it this winter and it makes me feel more sad that I couldn’t get back to playing Webkinz for so long just to finish high school (ugh).

  2. srstein14 says:

    The winterfest hoodie and snowy blue toque…..

  3. katrina1957 says:

    luv snowflake outfits

  4. mangoandmay says:

    i need that skate wreath.

  5. Phoenixia1310 says:

    Hi can someone send me the darling winter coat if they have a spare my webkinz username is the same as my ganz one

  6. fluff54 says:

    Does anyone have the snowflake rug?? I will trade you a rare item for it!! My username is MLZ2004! Friend me and I will send you a rare item for the rug!!!!

  7. ArceexOptimus says:

    Does anyone have these items for trade or send me: Warm wick candles, Potted Ice Flower, Winterfest Parka? I just getting into the collecter business so I’ll probably be trading Kinz cash for them. Plz reply if you have it, thanks!

  8. gcate7 says:

    I love the winter snow flake stickers they would look great on my winter fawn

  9. Evie730 says:

    I get what you’re saying about a certain other website, where even talking about trading is off-limits, and if you do wish to trade, you have to apply, and “train” for their “trading program.” IMO, it’s a bit much, and makes something that should be fun, way more complicated than it needs to be. That being said, (outside of the aforementioned website) I think the value of an item really depends on what it is worth to each person. An item that was free at one time, but is no longer available may be worth something, or some things, that cost real money, but are still easy to obtain.

  10. Webgrlw0n says:

    The Darling Winter Coat is so cute

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