Webkinz Winterfest Prizes!

January is the month to look to floating snowflakes in Webkinz World with Winterfest! Here’s a look back at the many fantastic frosty prizes that players have enjoyed over the years!


This year, Winterfest runs from January 10th to the 19th. Check out some of the new prizes you may win, along with a few returning favorites!

103 Responses to Webkinz Winterfest Prizes!

  1. QueenofDeNile says:

    I hope I can win all these prizes~ they are great!

  2. barb539 says:

    If anyone has the blue Fuzzy Winter Slippers, I will send you the Ice Skate Wreath in return. I also have the Potted Ice Flower. Thanks!

  3. JRS1 says:

    The Melting Snowman Cookies are so cute! I’ve never thought of that. You could totally make those in real life too. Next Christmas I will! I could use a marshmallow for the head. A melting snowman would be very appropriate where I live too…assuming you could build a snowman at all.

  4. itsadventuretime23 says:

    Hey piggyfour! Thanks for friending me! I’m princesskitty0608 and I sent you starry slumber stuff and mocha magic stuff! Hope you like it! You do not need to pay me for it, I saw your comment about the starry slumber stuff. Have a nice day! -itsadventuretime23

  5. als123 says:

    Winterfest is awesome. Then there is Springfest, Summerfest, and fallfest. Really, and the prizes are good too in the other fests.

  6. sophi400 says:

    Cool I love the new food!! I wish I had the egg nog and the wind chime from the past items. I never got them. Oh well.

  7. erosales says:

    I wish I had some prizes from the past.

  8. SophiePatM7777 says:

    I collect “non-purchasable” (Pet Specific and other foods you can’t buy or make) foods and rare clothing (also “non-purchasable”), so I adore Winterfest prizes :)

  9. gh2002 says:

    What does “A few returning favorites” mean

  10. drennan says:

    I need that tea sweater and candles

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