New Jumbleberry Fields Prizes


Play Jumbleberry Fields at the Games Arcade on and use the berries you earn at the end of the game to fill up your Jars or Preserves. Each time you fill a jar, you can trade it for a prize!



Starting on June 21, look for 7 new prizes that will be available at Jumbleberry Fields! Here’s a look at the new prizes:



Remember, you can also feed Jumbleberries, Sugarberries, Pickleberries and Moonberries to your pet for the chance to win a prize however, the chances of winning are low and you won’t be able to choose your prize.




Have you ever won a prize by feeding your pet a berry? Let us know by leaving a comment in the section below…



45 Responses to New Jumbleberry Fields Prizes

  1. roseanne says:

    I LOVE these new Jumbleberry prizes! Great job design team! Hope you will give us forewarning of what might be retired :)

  2. Catqueen2014 says:

    The wallpaper and flooring are gorgeous

  3. Kraft says:

    I love all of these new items, especially the new walls and floors, and the shelf!

  4. wintercrush says:

    i love the cabinet, the shelf, the flooring and wallpaper, I love it all! I can see using these in multiple rooms with different themes. Thanks Ganz :)

  5. 48Becky says:

    The wallpaper, flooring, and the window will be good to have since there would be so much you could do with them in a room. I recently filled 3 of my jars, so it is going to take awhile to get the new prizes!

  6. TaffyKitty12 says:

    These are cool! :) I like them, although, I feel like they look a little too “modern”, comsierdingn most of the Jumbleberry fields prizes are rather rustic looking, but that’s just me. I do like that stand a lot, though! But uh, is anything going to be retired? Just curious…. I hope nothing does, since I don’t have too many Jumbleberry fields prizes

  7. MyLittlePony2010EG13 says:

    I <3 that wallpaper! =^♥.♥^=

  8. Inkblot says:

    Awesome! I did win a jumbleberry sign one time from feeding a berry to my pet. Will we be informed of any prizes that are going to retire?

  9. Elessar says:

    Loving the new prizes, especially the window and floor/wall. Will you be retiring any to make room for these? I’ve stopped feeding berries years back since I finished collecting the juices/muffins/pies, but I do remember being pleasantly surprised by receiving non-food prizes a (very) few times.

  10. e3459d says:

    For all of the Berry Bundles available as prizes, are they for decoration in your room, or can they be opened for that type of berry?

    • swelmel7 says:

      the berry bundles you can pick as a prize in jumble berry fields are room decorations. the ones we got from the podcast that opened up for berries had ribbons around them

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