New Jumbleberry Fields Prizes


Play Jumbleberry Fields at the Games Arcade on and use the berries you earn at the end of the game to fill up your Jars or Preserves. Each time you fill a jar, you can trade it for a prize!



Starting on June 21, look for 7 new prizes that will be available at Jumbleberry Fields! Here’s a look at the new prizes:



Remember, you can also feed Jumbleberries, Sugarberries, Pickleberries and Moonberries to your pet for the chance to win a prize however, the chances of winning are low and you won’t be able to choose your prize.




Have you ever won a prize by feeding your pet a berry? Let us know by leaving a comment in the section below…



45 Responses to New Jumbleberry Fields Prizes

  1. anon55 says:

    Alright! Thanks for the pickleberry basket in the prizes.

  2. momno1 says:

    These are so great. I can’t wait to shop, shop, shop!

  3. butterfly9008 says:

    Will any old prizes be retiring? Could you warn us if so?

  4. LKAGI2 says:

    we used all berries from previous years and did not get any of those prizes!

  5. mdlm1953 says:

    Please what prizes are retiring?

  6. LadyBeauty says:

    The new farm house theme prizes for Jumbleberry Fields look really nice. I’m looking forward to choosing them when I fill up my jars! ♪♫LadyBeauty♪♫

  7. Eilish says:

    I’m not seeing the new prizes when I click the “Show Prizes” tab. I still have all the old prizes.

  8. TRINSTER says:

    I really like all of these, especially the cupboard, window, and walls! So cool!

  9. 1955tiny says:

    WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO pickle berry drinks ?? There used to be this green color and kind ! I USE IT IN HALLOWEEN ROOMS !!

    • jessicarandolph says:

      you can get the pickle berry juice by feeding pickle berries to your pet. it is a random prize that is sometimes rewarded

    • planetmongo says:

      That is such an awesome idea for Halloween! I love it 1955tiny. Thanks for the share. I have gotten the drinks in my few accounts since the contest started, but I can’t remember what berry they were from. Good luck.

  10. 1955tiny says:

    Farm house WALL AND FLOOR look like Giraffe pattern . I wish it matched the Spree FIREPLACE more :( . PLEASE SHOW what is going to RETIRE !!

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