Ella and PJ = BFFs?







So I saw PJ today…just in passing. She was running to history class and I was running to biology. As she passed, I handed her this note:

Dear PJ,

I’m so sorry about what happened between us. It’s silly to fight about a party! I think we can compromise – let’s have the party in the park, but let’s not invite so many kids. What do you think? I hope we can work things out. I really miss having my BFF around! Please meet me tomorrow in front of La Soufflé. If you want, we can talk about everything…and share some of Chef Sophia’s delicious chocolate cake.

Hope to see you there.

Your BFF (?)


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  1. JillyGirl (Redstar) says:

    sorry about the name change, they said im posting too quickly. Whenever i get in a fight, i always fix it a couple days later by writing a note and putting it in the friend’s locker. i tell them to write back, and then we make up. it ALWAYS works. ;)


  2. Juicystar07 says:

    Believe it or not i love webkinz! My secret obsession is that i have 32 and go on everyday. I do the wheel of wow, wishing well, and so much more!=

  3. Ilovemypets8 says:

    I hope this is going to end up good. I’m pretty sure it will.

  4. DoodleGirl118 says:

    That was so sweet of Ella! It is always important to say sorry, even if it was all a missunderstanding.


  5. PJC says:

    PJ will do it i know it
    ~ PJC

  6. RianSaul3 says:

    I’m with you allie5128!

  7. HeHe says:

    Yeah well my friend is a silly goober yes you are lol

  8. Kristine says:

    that was nice!

  9. SYDSYD says:


  10. Greenie&BeanieShow653 says:

    What would really be nice,(in my taste) would be at the park with 3 other friends A CAMPOUT!!! It would a good and cozy tent (In KinzVille park of course) and you could roast marshmellows and hotdogs and spend the day together.

    PLZ reply!<3

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