Planning the perfect picnic



Amanda Panda here, peeps! Guess what? I’m throwing a party! This is so exciting – I’m going to invite all my friends!

The only thing is – I don’t know what kind of party I should throw. I’m trying to figure it out. My mom suggested that, at this time of year, a picnic might be nice. Hmmm… if I were to have a picnic, it would obviously have to be the most awesome picnic ever.

The first thing I would need, to throw the perfect picnic, would be the perfect locale. I know just the spot in Kinzville park – there are trees for shade and a picnic table right next to an adorable pond where we could dip our toes. I’d want all my friends to be able to relax under the sun so I’ll bring along a few extra folding seats and a blanket for lounging. We’d need plenty of sunscreen too.

Some outdoor games would be a great way to keep us occupied – maybe a soccer ball for us to kick around. I can’t forget my portable stereo – after all, what is a party without tunes?

We’d need a cooler full of cold drinks to make sure everyone stays well hydrated, and a huge picnic basket absolutely brimming with simple, healthy finger foods like Banana & Hazelnut Chocolate Rolls, Ants on a Log, Veggies & Dip, and a cool Fruit Salad.

A picnic, huh? Not a bad idea. Something to think about. What do YOU think makes a picnic perfect?

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  1. insanity says:

    That’s sounds like it would be a ton of fun! Picnics are always fun to be at. But hey, you can’t have a picnic without dessert!

  2. HI says:

    This goes along with the idea of a camping room in clubhouse or as a vacation!!!! And in the winter we could also have a ski lodge for a vacation area!!!!!! :lol:

  3. jilly says:

    the perfect picnic needs a red and white checkered blanket and watermelon. LOTS OF WATERMELON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Doglove says:

    Going to the park and playing.

  5. snowbaby415 says:

    Could you make a blanket that our pets could sit on. Like at the park on the ground? That would be really cool! I like the party pack idea. Maybe it could include the blanket. That would be a great new item!

  6. Candy says:

    Could you make a blanket we could put on the ground for a picnic? I like the party pack idea! maybe you could include the blanket!

  7. Weenison says:

    They should make an exclusive party pack for this time of year so we could host picnics in our backyard. Great time for a picnic, it is!

  8. qtfluff2 says:

    I think that is a WONDERFUL!!!! Maybe you could also get some awesome people to make a play for you at the stage. And i LOVE the park. Maybe you can even set up decoration on the trees!

  9. xoingtoby says:

    Hey Amanda, I think you forgot a few things from your list. I don’t see your blanket, sunscreen, games, or soccerball. Can’t have a great picnic without those!

  10. kiwi says:

    I think that is an awesome idea. My best friends and family meet in the park all the time:) They would love to have a picnic there. Maybe Webkinz can create a party pack so we could actually rent one of the parks and do just that !!!!! Now that’s a great idea:)

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