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Dear Mom,

It’s been raining all day here and I thought we were going to have the most boring camp day ever, but it didn’t really work out like I expected. We woke up this morning to a huge downpour and a camp full of mud. Luckily we had rain gear with us because the march to the mess hall was pretty mucky. I almost wiped out three times!

After we ate our breakfast, all the counselors came out with big grins on their faces. We couldn’t figure out what there was to smile about – we all thought our whole day was ruined! But then Amanda said that rainy days were some of her favorite days at Camp.  The counselors knew a whole bunch of cool games that we could play without going outside.

We cleared away all the tables and chairs and then Amanda divided us up into teams. Our teams had to come up with a team cheer, and then Kimmy brought out big sheets of craft paper and markers and paint and each team decorated their own team banner, which we hung up on the wall behind us.

The first game we played was called ‘What the Queen Wants’. Amanda was the queen and when she asked for something, like a sock, or a hair ribbon or a size 10 shoe, the first team to get the item to her got a point. Our team came SO close to winning that one, but Salley’s team won instead.

We played another game called Bring Home the Bacon. Each player on the team had a number, from one to ten. Amanda put a ball in the middle of the room and then she called out a number. The person from each team with that number had to run to the middle of the room and try to grab the ball and bring it back to their team. The one who got it won a point.

After lunch we played a game Amanda called ‘The Hailey and Elwin Game.’ She assigned each team to a cabin and we had to go to that cabin and decorate it with things like toilet paper, and markers and paint on craft paper. Then the counselors went ‘round to each cabin and judged which one was best. Guess what – we DID win that challenge! I think it was the Persian rug we designed out of craft paper and paint in the middle of the floor. It was pretty cool.

We had such a busy day that Amanda said we could have some quiet time in our cabin to chill out – that’s why I’m writing to you! But after dinner each team is going to put on a puppet show with the sock puppets we made with Kimmy.

You know, I think that this might be my favorite day at camp so far!

Love you,


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  1. FeLiNeS FoReVeR says:

    Yah, I wonder how he does write….weird.

    FeLiNeS FoReVeR

    PS: I just finished watching Lord of the Rings! Now I’m sorta hyper. LOL

  2. BOBY21174 says:


  3. MDIChickadee says:

    Great letter! Great games!!

  4. treasure hunter "again" says:

    I still need some help on clue #6 in the Shrewd search treasure hunt :v

  5. treasure hunter says:

    hey I realy need some help on this one clue in the Srewed up treasure hunt it is number 6

  6. WinterFawn says:

    Cool. =)

  7. me again says:

    AWWW, Stoogles is cute ♥ I wish our Googles would all look so cute in clothes :)

  8. lizzy says:

    that is very long message how long did it take u to type? i sure know it took me long enough to read it!

  9. Wittygirl23 says:

    Cool I don’t like indoor reccess Sort of the same I guess -Wittygirl23 ☺☻♥ ♠ ♣ ♦ ○ ◘ •

  10. mebelovin♥ says:

    hey stoogles i have a quetion how do you write with no hands or arms?

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