Do you think all members should be able to buy eStore points with KinzCash?

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    If you think Webkinz World should allow regular and Deluxe members to buy eStore points with KinzCash, post your comments on this online petition, and once we’ve got enough posts, I’ll write to Webkinz, telling them how many people agree with this idea. Thanks for your input!

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      Yes but only a certain amount. Otherwise they can’t make a living.

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      what I think is the epiont should be priced lower and when you buy or recieve 5,000 ganz pionts for every 5,000 you buy

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      If Ganz were to go about this correctly, rather than discouraging people to spend real money on eStore points, this could encourage people who don’t buy them now to start. If they let you buy SOME with KinzCash, then people that never have them would start looking at the eStore items, and when they saw expensive items they wanted, but didn’t want to wait (if you could only purchase so many a month, for instance), they would spend real world money on the rest to get the items they wanted. However, I wish you could buy all the eStore points you wanted with KinzCash. Maybe some day . . . . . .

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      Yes! I have soooooo many things that i want but take e store points like the velvet room theme.

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        TOTALLY!!!!! I have so many things I would love to buy, but I can’t because I do not have enough eStore points. Free members maybe should not be allowed, but other than that I agree 100% with this idea.

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