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      This is the official starting thread of ”Stephan’s Ball” roleplay! (A private roleplay between @ilovemoonie, @TaffyKitty12, and @_emiemiemiemiemi_)
      Order of replying and characters involved:
      @_emiemiemiemiemi_; Stephan the Signature Bernese Mountain Dog, Olivia the Large Signature Golden Retriever, and Anna the Signature Marble Cat.
      @TaffyKitty12; Harper the Signature Arctic Hare, Starleaf the Signature Chimpanzee, Jiko the Signature Gorilla, Kimberly the Signature Cocker Spaniel, Pebble Heart the Signature Cougar, and Tall Shadow the Signature Snow Leopard.
      @ilovemoonie; Lincoln the Signature Bengal Cat, Teddy the Signature Chow Chow, Caroline the Signature Short Haired Yorkie, Cumulus the Signature Arctic Hare, and Delilah the Signature Marble Cat.

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        Stephan helped his housekeeper prepare the invitations. He watched as the woman masterfully created a beautiful handmade design that announced, “You are invited to a Harvest Ball from Rossi Manor” and “Come at 3PM of October 12, 2019” in curlicue writing. Two weeks. He hoped they were ready. He was definitely impressed by the woman’s creativity. He couldn’t make such a creative design himself, but he could at least help by writing the names and addresses on the envelopes. But whose names…? He tapped his pen on the table, thinking. He already wrote down his few friends’ names.
        Ugh, he still couldn’t believe that he was having a ball! It was weird, and not to mention a little girly, he thought. It wasn’t like he loved dancing or anything. Olivia and Anna somehow managed to convince him it was the best idea ever. He rolled his eyes. He hoped it wasn’t too embarrassing.
        He had to admit that the housekeeper was doing a wonderful job with getting decorations and making the invitations, though. They honestly looked really nice so far. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. ….

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          …. He would be with his friends. Well… then again… He considered that for a moment. Steph didn’t have a lot of friends. He frowned. It was sad, but true. Who else would he invite besides Olivia and Anna?
          “Darn it, I knew I’d regret this,” he grumbled. He glanced at his housekeeper, but decided he needed help from his friends for this.
          “Liv! Anna!” he called. “Can you guys come here a second?”
          Anna and Olivia were sitting across the room looking up dresses online. The girls quickly made eye contact, then got up and strode toward him.
          “What’s up?” Anna asked.
          Steph averted his eyes, feeling slightly embarrassed. “Well, you guys.. I need to invite more people. Can you help me out a little?”
          Olivia replied enthusiastically, “Sure! Who have you invited so far?” She leaned over to see his name list and was surprised to find it extremely short. As a matter of fact, it only had two names. Anna’s and Olivia’s.
          She blinked at Steph. “That’s it? Well you need more than that.”
          Anna peeked over and frowned at what she saw. Aw, poor Steph! she thought. ….

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            …. “Yeah. I know. Who the heck do I invite? I really have no idea!”
            Olivia quickly brightened up. “That’s okay! We’ll find some names on your mom’s old party list!”
            Steph perked up. “Oh that’s a good idea! I actually have it around here somewhere…” He shuffled some papers around on the table and found it hiding under them. “Here it is!”
            “Alright, let me see it!” Olivia snatched it from his hands and stared at it in a very absorbed manner. Anna, again, just peeked over. She looked through the list and only recognized one name.
            Lincoln Lockwood
            She smiled at the memory of taking to him in her favorite café not too long ago. Anna caught Liv’s eye, then quietly pointed out the name. Olivia’s eyes widened and she grinned at Anna.
            “OOH, STEPH! You should invite Lincoln Lockwood!”
            Stephan eyed her. “Why him?”
            “He’s a cool guy!” Anna blurted as she abruptly tugged Olivia’s arm. “Haven’t you met him?”
            “Hmm.. I might have. I honestly don’t remember,” he shrugged. “But I’ll add him on the list if you want.” ….

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              …. “Sure,” Anna casually replied with a small smile.
              Steph wrote the name down on a piece of paper for later use. “Okay.. know any other ‘cool guys’?”
              Anna shook her head. “Not really.” Being quiet, she didn’t have a lot of friends either. But Olivia made a face, scrunching her features as she thought. Now she actually knew a lot of people. She appeared to be thinking very hard. Steph thought she must have a great idea. Then, suddenly, Liv shrugged and said, “Nope!”
              Stephan sighed, yet smiled at his friend. Typical Olivia.
              “OH!! I have an idea, Steph!” Olivia chirped.
              Anna and Stephan looked at her. “What is it?” he asked.
              “You just give me some invitations and I’ll find some people to invite for ya, real quick!” She said it with a bright smile.
              “Huh.. well I guess that works.”
              Anna wondered about the situation. Did she have people in mind already?
              “Of course it does! It’s the perfect solution! Here,” she grabbed ten invitations off the table. Steph opened his mouth to protest the number of invitations she took, but stopped himself short. ….

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              …. As much as he disliked crowds, ten more guests would probably be about the right amount for this sort of thing. And he didn’t want Olivia to think he hated her plan. It was honestly better than what he had then, so how could he complain?
              “Okay, well, just make sure you only invite top-notch people, okay?” he said, not without wit.
              “Only the best!” Liv replied with a grin.
              Olivia was enthralled. She was SO excited about this ball! It would be so fun and she couldn’t wait to pick up her dress! She squealed at the thought.
              Shortly after picking up her invitations, she left to give them out to everyone. But “everyone” who? She honestly had no idea. She could invite people from college or her old school.. or…
              OH. MY. GOSH!
              She knew what she should do! She would pick random people off the streets. Especially couples! That would be so fun! She skipped to her coat rack, delighted with this idea. It would be like a princess story! Well, unless she picked a guy. Then she supposed it might be a “prince story.” Or something like that. ….

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              …. Olivia quickly donned her favorite pink jacket, since it was a bit chilly out today, then set out on her ball-invitation-excursion.
              Olivia crunched through the autumn leaves on the path, passing by many animals in the park. But she could only choose ten. She stared at each animal she passed by, to some of the animals’ discomfort. She saw one young man that she thought would look good in a tuxedo (as this was one of her ways to determine who should get an invitation) and she ran up to him.
              “Would you like to come to a ball?” she said was such enthusiasm, holding out the invitation in front of him with both hands.
              He held out his hands and walked around her.
              “Uhh, no thanks.”
              The man jogged away from her. Olivia frowned with disappointment. But she was determined to find the perfect people, so she kept looking.
              Next, she ran into a chow chow and short-haired yorkie, looking like they were enjoying themselves on this cool autumn day. They looked pretty nice! ….

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              …. “Hello! Do you two want to come to a ball? It’ll be really fun and we get to dress up and everything!”
              Later, Livi passed by a sweet looking couple of primates. The one looking slightly less sweet than the other, but nevertheless she thought that they would enjoy a ball. The girl had such pretty eyes too, she could just see her in a purple dress.
              “Hi! Would you please come to my friend’s ball party? It’ll be so fun!” She thrust the invitation out in front of them.
              She came across one more duo that caught her eye. A tall snow leopard and cougar, looking happy as they chatted in the park.
              “Hi! Sorry to interrupt, but are you guys interested in coming to a ball? My friend needs more people and – oh,” She stared curiously at the cougar’s eyes.
              “Your eyes are very beautiful,” she said softly, with child-like awe in her voice.
              Lastly, she saw a cocker spaniel by herself in the park, practicing some soccer. She smiled and ran up to the girl.
              “Hey, soccer girl! Would you be interested in coming to a ball? Why, it’ll be so fun.

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              It’s at my friend’s place; Rossi Manor.”
              Olivia was pretty satisfied with herself, smiling as she sat on a bench. It was a lot of work finding good people. Most denied her invitations, obviously not understanding how amazing this party would be, but she managed to find seven really nice people to come! Yet.. she glanced down to the three last invitations in her lap. She told Steph she would use them all, and she thought they could use those few more people too. Who would she give those last invitations to?
              UM, IDEA!
              She should give them out randomly to people! ….

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              …. In their mailboxes! Heck yeah!
              She wouldn’t even know them when they came, it would be such a fun surprise! She clapped her paws and ran out of the park. She finally reached a neighborhood, panting. She stared at the houses, imagining who she thought would be inside. She tossed one in a mailbox. Then kept walking a bit further, and tossed another invite inside. Just one more to go. She looked around, and found a particularly nice house. She opened the mailbox, slipped the paper inside, and slammed it closed triumphantly.
              “I did it!” she cried with the biggest grin on her face.
              And suddenly, she felt exhausted. She hadn’t realized how late it was getting. The sun was setting, and all that running around made her tired. She plodded home and sank into her large, canopied bed. With heavy eyes, she remembered to pull out her phone and text Steph and Anna:
              “I did it!!! Ten more people on the list!! :D :D”
              Then pulling a stuffed animal to her chest, she quickly fell asleep.

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              (Alrighty, turns out I started typing some of my reply, so I’m just gonna post what I already have now ,XD Probably won’t have the rest done ’till tomorrow, though.
              Thanks again for starting this awesome roleplay, emi! =] I hope my response will be good!)
              ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
              ~1~ It was a crisp autumn afternoon.
              Jiko and Starleaf were casually strolling through the park in silence, taking an occasional glance at the treetops’ changing colors as they passed them by.
              Jiko breathed a happy sigh. Though Starleaf– who was arguably his best friend in the world– couldn’t speak, it was still nice hanging out with her. And, unlike many other animals, Jiko had actually kind of figured out what her different gestures and expressions meant, which has, undoubtably, it much easier for him to understand the sweet but mute chimpanzee.
              He looked down at her. Starleaf appeared to be in her own little world, quietly studying the foliage with her discerning amethyst eyes. Every minute or two, she’d bend down to stroke the leaf of a plant or pick a flower and gaze with awe at its delicate petals.
              It was almost as if…

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              ~2~ … Starleaf had forgotten that she was walking with a pal… but no, Jiko knew better. Because, before he knew it, Starleaf lifted up her head and blinked right at him; a soft smile played out on her face.
              The gorilla opened up his mouth, as if to say something to her, but a startling disruption of their silent scene made him clamp his jaw back shut. Angrily, he craned his neck to see who– or what– had dared to interrupt him.
              In the distance, he could see a golden retriever walking through the freshly fallen leaves… and it appeared that she was heading right towards them!
              Who was this dog, and what did she want?!
              Furrowing his brow, Jiko drew himself up, and protectively stood in front of Starleaf.
              But as usual, he overreacted. The peppy dog (who appeared to be in her late teens or early twenties) simply thrust an invitation in his face, of which the gorilla had no choice but to take in his own hands.
              “Er, thanks…?” was all he managed to say.
              Curiously, Starleaf stepped out from behind Jiko and gracefully snatched the envelope from him…

            • #2211295


              ~3~ … before he could unseal it. Smiling, she opened it up, and then looked back at the retriever– eyeing her with a warm, purple gaze.
              Jiko frowned as he read the invitation himself. A ‘harvest ball’ didn’t sound like a whole lot of fun to him, but he could tell by the expression on Starleaf’s face that she was totally wild about the idea. The chimpanzee even tugged on the fur of his elbow, as if trying to indicate that Jiko should reply back to the dog with a wholehearted ‘yes.’ Disgruntled, the gorilla leaned down and whispered to her: “Are you sure? We don’t even know this animal!” But Starleaf still insisted by looking up at him with big, pleading eyes.
              He flared his nostrils in frustration. Of course she wanted to go. And, the more he thought about it… could he really blame her? It’s not like she was invited to a whole lot these days, after all.
              Plastering a fake smile onto his face, he focused his attention back onto the dog. “Uh, sure. We’d love to attend, eheheh. See you in a couple of weeks, I assume?”…

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              ~4~ … Once she left, Jiko shook his head and continued walking. “Oh, Starleaf. What have you gotten me into?” he asked, half under his breath.
              ~ ~ ~
              Tall Shadow leaned against a tree, relishing the warm sunshine that lit up her face. She was glad for the sun, especially on a rather cool day like this. The snow leopard shivered as a chilly gust of wind blew through her fur. She should’ve worn a scarf or a coat.
              But then again, it wasn’t like Tall had expected to be outside today. As fate would have it, Pebble Heart– the best friend of her cousin, Fallen Leaves– had asked her if she wanted to go to the park with him to look for some marigolds and asters and other fall annuals before they withered away. And of course, she had to say ‘yes.’ It wasn’t like she spent a whole lot of time with Pebble Heart (at least, not without Fallen Leaves and Hollyleaf being around, anyway), and besides, talking to him would be nice for a change.
              She glanced down at her cougar friend, who was now sitting by the tree’s stump, staring at…

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              ~5~ … some flowers through a magnifying glass.
              “Wow, I’ve never seen such a beautiful orange chrysanthemum…”, he breathed, as he lightly touched the petals. “Do you think we can catalog this particular Chrysanthemum morifolium, Tall Shadow?”
              She smiled. “S-sure can.” With a pen in one hand and a clipboard in the other, she quickly jotted down the details of Pebble Heart’s latest find. The leopard then handed him his camera, so he could take a picture of it.
              “There we go!” he exclaimed as he pressed down on the shutter. The photo instantly showed up on the camera’s screen, and, as per all of Pebble Heart’s photography, this picture was a real stunner.
              “It’s- it’s gorgeous”, said Tall Shadow, as she stared at it in admiration.
              Pebble Heart gave her a bashful grin. “Thanks. It’s definitely going to be a keeper.”
              The cougar then lifted himself up and stretched his arms. “Are you good to look for more, or is getting too cold for you out here?” he inquired, narrowing his eyes as another cold burst of wind blew in his face.
              Tall Shadow nervously smiled and looked down at…

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              ~6~… at her flickering tail. “Oh, well, I mean, it is cold, but–”
              However, before she could finish, her sentence was interrupted by the words of a golden retriever, who bounded right up to the duo. Apparently, she wanted to know whether or not they’d come to a ball, and even gave Pebble Heart an invitation.
              The two felines looked at one another, not sure what to think. After a moment of shocked silence, Pebble Heart was the first to speak:
              “Er, hi there. Oh, no, it’s fine. You weren’t interrupting us. But, a ball, you say? Well, would you mind if I look at the details, first?” As he said this, Pebble Heart carefully opened the envelope and gazed at the invitation inside. It said something about a ‘harvest ball’ at Rossi Manor in roughly two weeks.
              Tall Shadow leaned over by his shoulder so she could read it, too. The prospect of going to a ball did sound nice, but it also made her feel rather anxious. Tall was never a big fan of large social gatherings, so any place that was bound to have a million pets gathered there…

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              ~7~ … was definitely not her cup of tea.
              Cautiously, she turned her head towards Pebble Heart. “Wh-What do you think?” she whispered.
              Her friend shrugged. “I don’t know. I guess it sounds kind of fun, and I don’t think I’ll be doing anything that afternoon…” As his voice trailed off, he shifted his gaze from the invitation to Tall Shadow, then cleared his throat. “Why not give it a try?”
              Tall Shadow bit her lip. Pebble Heart was right: it did sound like it would be fun. But then again, what about the other animals? She wouldn’t want to be forced to interact with them….
              Quickly, the snow leopard shook the thought out of head. What was she thinking? This was Pebble Heart she was talking about, not Pikachu. As long as he came with her and stuck by her side throughout the party, she wouldn’t have to worry at all.
              Finally, she softly replied with: “Umm… y-yeah. I-I guess we can… g-go.”
              Pebble Heart nodded and turned his attention back to the dog. “Then, I guess we’ll both be at your party then. See you in a few weeks.”…

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              ~8~ … He bid the retriever a nice ‘adieu’, but before she left, she quickly commented on the cougar’s mismatched eyes. At this, Pebble Heart gave a nervous grin and anxiously rubbed the back of his head. “Oh, um, thank you…?”
              ~ ~ ~ ~
              Kimberly weaved in and out of the copse of oak trees, kicking a black and white ball as she jogged along.
              Kim was warming up for a soccer match this upcoming weekend, and even though she was a goalie and technically didn’t need to learn how to kick a soccer ball around, it was good exercise to keep her reflexes strong and fast.
              The only thing that would’ve made it better was if her best friend, Dahlia, was there to help her out. She could’ve kicked the ball while Kimberly tried to block it. That would’ve been great practice.
              But, Dahlia was basically the athletic person she knew, and Kim wasn’t even sure if Dahlia knew how to maneuver a soccer ball. Kimberly had her try once, but Dahlia somehow ended up kicking the ball straight into the air, and it landed right on her head and knocked off her glasses…

            • #2211367


              ~9~ … Kim playfully rolled her eyes at the funny memory. Typical Dahlia.
              But the spaniel was so absorbed in her reveries that she almost didn’t notice the golden retriever who ran up to her! Quickly, Kim stopped the ball with her foot and turned to face the newcomer.
              “Oh, hello there!” she greeted, eyeing the dog up and down. Kimberley figured that the retriever was there to compliment her soccer skills, or maybe to complain about the fact that she was kicking her ball all over the place. She hoped it was the former and the not the latter. But, to her great surprise, it was neither; instead, the dog had actually just invited Kimberly to a ball.
              Awestruck and full of excitement, Kim took a step forward and opened her invitation. “A ball? Me? Uh… y-yeah, that sounds great, actually!” she stuttered. “I’ll totally be there! And it’s at Rossi manor, you say?”
              The moment Kimberly said ‘Rossi’, she was instantly reminded of her favorite clothing brand, which coincidentally shared the same moniker. Interesting. I didn’t think ‘Rossi’ was that common of a last name…
              Could it be that…

            • #2211373


              (Oops, meant to say “Dahlia was the least athletic person she knew” in my eighth reply ‘^^ Anddd I meant to have Pebble Heart say “or is it getting too cold”, not “or is getting too cold” in that other response. Sorry about that! XP Anyway, I’ll be back to continue the rest of my response later today)

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              [Back to continue!]
              ~10~ … the owners of Rossi had invited Kim to their mansion because of how much of their clothes she had bought?? Oh, she could only hope. That would definitely be a dream come true!
              But, even if that wasn’t the case, a ball sounded pretty fun, nonetheless.
              Kimberly waved goodbye to the retriever, and then– with her soccer ball and invitation in hand– took off towards home. She couldn’t wait to tell her bestie about this!
              ~ ~ ~ ~
              Harper excitedly bounded up to her mailbox. She had been waiting all day for it to be delivered, so the hare was absolutely elated when the mailman came just a few minutes ago.
              Trembling with anticipation, she opened the lid… and found just a big ol’ stack of letters and bills. She sighed and grabbed them despondently. Harper was really hoping that today would be the day Mr. Mailman would deliver the long-awaited easy bake oven she had ordered a couple weeks ago. I guess not…
              But, being the peppy gal she is, Harper didn’t want her disappoint to ruin her day. Instead, she tried to find something to be happy about…

            • #2211443


              ~11~ … Maybe she got some coupons in the mail? Or the latest issue of Muffins Monthly?
              Quickly, she flipped through the stack of envelopes, but found nothing that was worth any excitement. Sadly, she turned away… but wait, what was that?! Lying on the ground was a lone envelope that must’ve fallen out of her hand.
              Curiously, she picked it up, and saw that there was no addressee on the back. How did the mailman deliver it? That is, if it was even from the mailman…
              Oh well. It’s probably still meant for me, anyway!, she thought.
              With renewed energy, she ripped open the envelope, and found an invitation inside. As Harper read over it, a huge grin made its way onto her face.
              “Oh my gosh! A harvest ball? And I’m invited?! Sweet!” cried Harper, as she skipped back to her front door. I dunno what a ‘harvest ball’ is, but if it’s anything like a party, I’m sure it’s gonna be fun!
              ~ ~ ~ ~
              TWO WEEKS LATER…
              ~ ~ ~ ~
              Starleaf stood by the door, anxiously tapping her foot as she waited for Jiko to finish getting ready. She was…

            • #2211445


              ~12~ … wearing a rather pretty homemade ‘leaf gown’, which featured several of her favorite shades of purple. Slung over her was a matching cross-body bag, which held both a notepad and a pen, just in case she needed it to communicate to some of the other animals. She only hoped that her get-up was formal enough for the occasion. Hopefully Jiko’s was, too…
              Speaking of which, what was taking him so long?!
              Getting antsy, Starleaf pounded against the door with her first, as if to signal him.
              And, sure enough, he came running over just a minute later, panting up a storm. He looked like he was ready, as he was fully dressed in a rather dashing white tuxedo, as well as a pair of matching white slacks. And, of course, he was still wearing his signature chef’s hat, of which he almost never takes off.
              Starleaf smiled her approval (even though she thought the hat wasn’t necessary), but Jiko didn’t seem all too happy.
              “I really don’t like this thing. It’s quite uncomfortable!” he grumbled, scowling as he looked at himself in the mirror. “I don’t see why this fancy-pants host…

            • #2211643


              ~13~ … had us dress so formal. Honestly…”
              Starleaf shrugged, but gestured to the doorknob and then pointed to her wrist, as if to say ‘it’s time to go.’
              Jiko sighed. “Oh, alright. But really, I don’t see why we have to leave so early. Some random guy we don’t even know wants us to take time out of our schedule to come over to his house, so the least he can do is be patient.” Breathing a disgruntled snort from his nose, he turned the knob and walked outside, letting Starleaf go first.
              As he shut the door behind him, he took one last glance at his house, which was still bathed in the late afternoon sunlight. On such a beautiful day, he should be grilling outside, not going to some party hosted by a man he’s never met!
              But, then again… Jiko would’ve hated to have disappointed Starleaf. It wouldn’t have been fair if she couldn’t go just because he didn’t want to. So even if he wasn’t all too happy about it, he should at least pretend like he is, for the sake of his friend.
              Jiko shook his head…

            • #2211653


              ~14~ … as if to clear it, then sprinted so he could catch up with Starleaf. The two strolled down the sidewalk– almost in unison– and headed towards the Rossi Manor.
              It was going to be a long walk, Jiko feared, but he most certainly didn’t feel like driving today, especially with such uncomfortable and inflexible attire. Speaking of which, his navy blue bow-tie was way too tight! As he loosened it, something caught his eye…
              Across the street was another well-dressed duo, and as he peered closer, Jiko realized it was none other than Tall Shadow and Pebble Heart. Tall wore a long, silky sky-blue gown, which was fringed with a darker shade around the sleeves and the bottom of the dress. And speaking of her sleeves, they hung loosely from her wrists up to her elbows (though, in contrast, they were form-fitting from her elbows to her shoulders), creating an almost waterfall-like look and effect when she walked.
              Pebble Heart, meanwhile, donned a dapper ensemble, complete with a white dress shirt, a tan suit and slacks, and a dark brown tie.
              Both of them looked quite nice, but considering the fact…

            • #2211955


              ~15~ … that neither Tall Shadow nor Pebble Heart wore clothes very often, why in the world were they dressed like this?
              “Pebble Heart! Tall Shadow!” he called out. “Hey! Are you two going to Rossi Manor, as well, for the ball tonight?”
              Pebble Heart whipped his head around, looking quite surprised.
              “Oh, hello, Jiko! And Starleaf”, added the cougar, nodding towards the chimpanzee. “Yep, we’re heading there, too. I take it you guys are, as well?”
              The gorilla gave a dry, short laugh. “Heh, yeah. Against my better judgement, I may add.”
              At this, Starleaf turned around and furrowed her brow. She seemed almost offended by his last statement.
              Jiko held out both his hands in front of him. “Okay, okay. I’m sorry I said that”, he muttered. Clearing his throat, he raised his voice and said: “So uh, would either of you two like to walk along with us? Might be better to go in a group, you know.” Secretly, Jiko hoped they’d say ‘yes’, since it would be very unlikely for someone to single him out for a chat or conversation if he was bunched-together with a few…

            • #2211957


              ~16~ … additional animals.
              And much to his delight, Tall Shadow and Pebble Heart both accepted his invitation with a nod.
              As they strode across the street to meet him, Jiko’s lips curved into a slight grin. With them around, perhaps the party wouldn’t be quite so bad, after all.
              ~ ~ ~ ~
              Harper finished putting on her puffy underskirt, and then slipped the rest of her body into her pretty, pastel pink dress. As she gazed at herself in the mirror, Harper couldn’t help but feel quite proud of her gown! She was so thankful that Ellie had the time to make it for her, and Harper absolutely loved the little details that the yorkie included, such as the blue and purple ‘sprinkle pattern’ that was scattered all over the bottom part of her dress. And, of course, Harper couldn’t forget about the cute little cupcake headband that was perfectly nestled between her ears!
              The hare wouldn’t doubt if her dress was the best and most creative one in the whole party. Everyone else would be wearing boring, drab, and common gowns– thought Harper– but certainly not her!
              Taking once last glance at her unique…

            • #2212015


              ~17~ … outfit, Harper dashed out the door and ran down the sidewalk, hoping to be the first animal at the ball.
              ~ ~ ~ ~
              The honk of a car horn snapped Kimberly out of her thoughts. Anxiously, she peeked outside the window and saw that Dahlia’s was parked alongside the curb. Her deer friend had come to pick her up, just as she had promised.
              The spaniel looked down at her ensemble. Kim wasn’t sure what the wear, at first, but she eventually settled on a somewhat short hot pink dress, complete with a silky off-white sash around the waist.
              Simple, chic, and modern.
              It wasn’t much, but it’s not like Kimberly wanted anything too flashy, anyway. However, she just hoped it would be enough to please the host.
              Anyway, not wanting to waste another precious minute, Kim walked out the door and waved ‘hello’ to her pal.
              Dahlia rolled down the side window and gazed at her friend’s outfit as she ambled towards the car. “Hey, Kim!” she called.
              “Hi, Dahlia. Thanks for picking me up!”
              The deer smiled. “Oh, it’s no problem at all.”
              When Kimberly opened the car door, though, she…

            • #2212053


              ~18~ … noticed that Dahlia had left her rover in the passenger seat.
              “Er, do you think you could move Luna to the back?” asked Kim. “That is Luna, right?” She tilted her head, trying hard to remember what each of Dahlia’s six unique robots looked like.
              “Oh, yep! Sorry about that… “, she replied, picking up the little rover and placing her in the back seat. “Luna just likes to look out the window, is all. But she’ll just have to wait until I drop you off.” She cast her rover an amused glance. “That’s life, Luna. Deal with it, girl.” Dahlia gave a laugh, and pushed her glasses farther up her snout. “It’s Rossi Manor you’re going to, right?”
              Kimberly nodded as she sat down and closed the door. “Yep. Do you know the way?”
              “Sure do!” With a quick look out the rear-view mirror, Dahlia pulled away and took off.
              But as Kimberly gazed aimlessly out the window, she started to get a little nervous. What if there were a lot of people at the party? What if no one wanted to talk to her? Would anyone even like her outfit??…

            • #2212059


              ~19~ … She turned to face Dahlia. “Do you think my dress is okay?” she asked, with an anxious edge to her voice. “Should I even be going to this thing…?”
              Dahlia flashed Kimberly a look of great surprise, but her face quickly softened. “First of all, your outfit is more than great, okay. It’s stellar. And second, why wouldn’t you go?! I mean, a ball sounds pretty fun to me. If I were invited, I would’ve gone!”
              Using her fingers, Kimberly combed through the curly fur on her ears. “Thanks. I guess I just worry a bit”, she sighed. “I only wish you could come with, as well.”
              “I do, too. But, that’s just the way life is, you know?” Gently, she added: “Don’t worry. I’m sure you’ll have a great time! And don’t forget to tell me all about what happened, ’cause you know I’m gonna want the details.”
              At this, both of the girls laughed. Kimberly was already starting to feel a little better. Sure, Kim might not have her best friend at her side this time, but it’s not like Dahlia has ever tagged along with her everywhere…

            • #2212061


              ~20~ … she went. That would just be weird.
              And besides, maybe this ball would be a great opportunity to make a new acquaintance; to meet someone nice. Maybe she could even befriend a boy for once in her life. But she proceeded to shake her head. Any chance of that happening– she thought– would be next to none.
              ~ ~ ~
              [Hey, emi! I hope my reply was okay... sorry it was so long, though, eheh '^^ Anyway, I wasn't quite sure whether or not I was supposed to have my characters show up at Stephan's place already, so I hope you don't mind that I ended my response with having my 'kinz be on their way. If I was supposed to do the former, though, just let me know, and I'll certainly add to my reply! If not, I'll just have them arrive in my next turn.
              At any extent, thanks for starting this awesome roleplay, bud, and I can't wait to see what happens! =D Your reply was great, too, by the way!]
              (Oh, and I meant to say “one last glance”, not “once last glance” in my 16th reply. Goofy autocorrect =P )

            • #2212841


              (Sorry for adding this, but I just noticed that I accidentally forgot to add the word “car” in the phrase “Dahlia’s [car] was parked alongside the curb.” And, I mistakenly said “what the wear” instead of “what to wear” in the same comment [#17] :P My apologies! Guess that’s what I get for not proofreading ‘^^ )

            • #2236347


              Ahh, hey emi! First off, it was nice talking to you at the park earlier! :D That was pretty fun! ^-^ Hope we can do it again sometime soon =]
              Anyway, I’ll go ahead and post my part for Mozart as you suggested (thanks for letting me use him, by the way <3 ). I just hope it moderates before the weekend, eheh '^^
              Welp, here it goes!:

            • #2236367


              [In addition to my original reply]
              ~ ~ ~
              “Mozart anxiously paced back and forth. Today was the day of the ball– the one he had received an invitation for a few weeks ago– and he still wasn’t sure whether or not to go.
              On one hand, a fancy ball was totally up his alley. Dancing, appetizers, and music? He loved all those things. But being around other animals? Not so much.
              Mozart bit his lip, then swiveled around to look at himself in the mirror.
              He was dressed in a gray tuxedo with gray dress pants and a turquoise bow-tie. His long ears and head fur were both neatly slicked back. He looked dapper, suave– the very definition of an upper-class gentlerabbit.
              He would totally fit in.
              But it didn’t really matter if he fit in or not: social interaction was bound to occur, anyway.
              What would he do if someone started talking to him? Or worse, if a whole group of animals wanted to converse?
              Mozart quickly shook his head. He couldn’t waste his time thinking about hypotheticals…

            • #2236369


              … Nervously, he glanced up at his Sterling silver watch. It was 2:45. The ball at Rossi Manor started at 3.
              The rabbit gave a sigh of resignation. “Fine. I suppose I shall go”, he said to himself. “It would probably be rude not to attend, and besides, both of my friends are rather jealous that they weren’t invited. I don’t want them to think I’m a fool for not going. Or worse: they could get mad at me for not giving them my invite if I knew I wouldn’t attend.”
              He nodded his head in reassurance. Yes, it was true that both Andy and Perry wanted him to go to the ball… partially because neither of them could go, and also because they told him that he “needed to go somewhere and have fun for once.” If nothing else, at least his attendance at the ball would please his friends. That was a good enough excuse, right?
              Before he could rethink his decision, Mozart grabbed…

            • #2236371


              … his invitation off the table and rushed out the door.
              Whatever awaited him that evening, he just hoped that it wouldn’t involve too much talking…
              (Hope my addition was okay! Sorry if it wasn’t the best ‘^^ Woulda been better if it wasn’t rushing to get it done before the weekend :P )

            • #2247731

              (1) Anna wasn’t the most excited to figure out what dress to wear, but the ball was literally tonight, so she didn’t have much choice. She only had a few hours to decide.. which wasn’t very intelligent of her to procrastinate, she had to admit. However, so far she wasn’t finding very much that seemed appropriate for a ball.
              She frowned. What would she wear if she didn’t have a suitable outfit? She didn’t really feel like going shopping or getting a new dress.. she already had enough, in her opinion. Maybe she should ask Olivia about it.
              She continued to page through her dresses, until she noticed a dress in the back of her dark closet. She reached for it, and was glad she found it.
              “Oooh.. I forgot about this dress. Where did I get you?”
              It was a simple, yet beautiful burgundy colored dress with a rounded neckline, thin sash, and a medium length skirt.
              She quirked a smile. Well, that one will work! It wasn’t too simple, and it was still pretty and within her taste. She slipped on the dress and examined herself in a mirror. ….

            • #2247733

              (2) …. The red colors complimented her fur and golden eyes quite nicely, with warm tones of both red and gold. She did a little twirl and awkwardly attempted to dance to see how it moved. She smiled and rolled her eyes at how bad she was at dancing. But she decided she liked the length of her dress. She wouldn’t be tripping on this, nor have to worry about it flying up when she spun. Although I might need to worry about stepping on people’s feet, she thought with a smirk.
              She looked at her reflection, lightly fingering the cotton fabric. Now she knew what she would wear to Steph’s ball! She wondered if Link would like it- and quickly pushed the embarrassing thought away.
              She picked up her phone and snapped a picture of her dress to send to Olivia. She knew the girl was just dying to know what she’d wear.
              However, it bothered her that she didn’t know where the dress came from. She tapped her chin.. where, where, where? She began to examine her dress and closet for clues.
              Olivia’s phone vibrated and she glanced at it. ….

            • #2247735

              (3) …. When she saw it was a message from Anna, she picked up her phone with anticipation.
              “Oo, a message from Anna?”
              She opened the notification and squealed at the image. “Aaaa! Oh my goosssh, that is so pretty! Finally!” She promptly texted her back to convey her thoughts back to Anna, and tell her just how beautiful it looked on her!
              She was glad Anna found a dress for herself! Olivia knew she was having trouble, especially with this being the day of the ball. Olivia got up and looked at her dress, hanging in her room. She could not wait to wear it there! She had it custom made just for this occasion and loved everything about it. She loved the pink color, and the fluffy skirt, and all those little flowers on it… and yeah, basically everything about it.
              Like, it was so pretty, she felt like a Barbie in it. Never had she worn such a pretty party dress before! She would definitely need to thank her parents and the seamstress again.
              She did wonder how Steph would fair with his own fashion choices though. …

            • #2247737

              (4) …. She chuckled, imagining him stuffed into one of his suits. She knew how poor Stephan hated suits, but imagining his grumpy face made her smile. Hopefully he’d find one that fit well!
              “Ugh, I hate suits!” Stephan declared. It was just an hour before the guests would arrive when he was deciding what he should wear. He was attempting to put on one of his tailor-made suits, but was finding it rather uncomfortable still. He wore a black suit, with a blue undershirt and black bow. He shook his head and unbuttoned the jacket, with a sigh. Maybe he could wear it like this? But his arm fur was still rather tight feeling.
              “This darn fur just isn’t made for this,” he grumbled. “Dad would probably say I need a hair cut.”
              He folded the jacket and laid it on a chair next to him. He scratched his chin, thoughtfully scowling at himself in the full length mirror. He couldn’t exactly go without his jacket… or could he? Steph’s eyes brightened with the idea. Who said he had to wear the jacket anyway? ….

            • #2247743

              (5) …. What rule was there that you must wear a suit and tie to a semi-formal dance?
              Steph adjusted the bow tie so it wasn’t so tight, and fixed his blue shirt so it wasn’t as tucked in.
              He looked at his reflection and nodded approvingly. “Well that’s not too bad. And maybe…”
              He neatly rolled up the sleeves to his elbows, so they were more comfortable for movement and for his fur. Steph stretched and flexed his arms, moving around to test the new comfort of his clothes.
              Stephan finished with a grin. “Now that’s what I’m talking about.”
              Then, faintly, he heard the doorbell ringing. “Wait, what?” His brow furrowed. Who could that be? He checked his watch, alarmed that it was only 2 o’clock. He frowned, hoping they had everything ready.. he wasn’t even sure if he was ready!
              Please be Olivia or Anna…
              (This moment with Steph hearing the doorbell is just Olivia and Anna arriving – I’m not insinuating that your Webkinz are there yet. And I hope you don’t mind that I replied! It’s still moonie’s turn, unless Taffy feels like taking hers. I don’t really care who goes next. =P)

      • #2211023

        This is the official discussion thread for the roleplay above!

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        • #2211049

          I hope you guys don’t mind that I started it today! I was gonna ask first, but I felt like I should just start it asap, since I got my reply done, and I didn’t think you’d mind too much. ‘^^ Also, I don’t know how you guys wanna reply to this, but I thought maybe you could have your pets give a reply to Olivia, and assume she gives them the invitation, thanks them, and runs off to find more people. And maybe you could have them getting ready to go, two weeks later [when the ball actually happens], or something? I don’t know. I know I said I might start the ball part off immediately, but I didn’t want to begin the ball without your characters replying first, and I already made a pretty long “reply” =P So yeah. Anyway.. I hope you like how I started this! OH, And I forgot to add this, but there will be a two week time limit per reply to help keep the roleplay going. I can give extra time if I need to, though, as I know the holidays can get busy.

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          • #2211291


            Hiya, emi! Oh yay, thanks for starting the roleplay off, pal! ^-^ I absolutely loved your first response– it was amazing!! =D Olivia is so great, oh my gosh X’D I just love how hyper and enthusiastic she is! ;D Oh, and it’s fine; I don’t mind that you started it before asking us! I knew you’d be starting it sometime soon, anyway, so it’s not like it was super random or unexpected. ;P Also, thanks for letting us know! I think that’s a good idea! That’s probably what I’ll do, then, have my characters respond to Olivia (or find the letter in their mailbox), and then I’ll skip time and have them getting ready and stuff. Just a real quick question, though, since Lincoln was the only one that Olivia didn’t randomly invite, they would’ve sent him an invitation, right? Just making sure I’ve got it right so I know how to make him respond XD Anyway, and thanks for telling us about the time limit, as well…I think two weeks sounds good! I don’t think I should have any problem replying in that amount of time, especially considering…

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            • #2211297


              …I’m going to be getting a break from school soon and should therefore be a little more active. :) It looks like Taffy’s already started on her response (dang, she is really speedy! XD ), so depending on when she finishes hers, I should be able to reply sometime this week, I hope! I’m gonna be busy, but I know I’ll be even busier next week, so I want to get it done this week if I can ‘^^ Maybe I could even start typing up my response (I wouldn’t post it yet, though, of course), today or tomorrow, if I have time? Anyway, thanks again for starting this off, emi, and I’m so excited to roleplay with you guys! ^-^ This is gonna be a lot of fun! ;D (Oh, and unrelated, but I plan to start on my response to Stephan’s bio later today!! I am so sorry I haven’t done that yet!! DX ) (Also, oops, this was supposed to go below Taffy’s response, not above it…sorry ’bout that!)

            • #2211337

              Hey! Ah thank you! Haha XD I’m glad you like her so far! Oh that’s good. Thanks for not minding! Okay! Yeah, sounds good! Oh yeah, heh. Lincoln was the only that was actually invited normally, and through the mail. Sorry if that wasn’t clear. =P Oh, and the invitation says “semi-formal attire appropriate for dancing” in case you wanted to have Lincoln read it or use it to think about what he’s wearing. Oh really? That’s great! I’m glad the time limit shouldn’t be much of a problem then! Yeah man, Taffy is a speed master XD Pretty crazy how fast she’s replying, but hey, I’ll take it!! Alright, that’s fine! Thankss, and I can’t wait to reply with you too haha! I’m excited for Anna to see Lincoln again XD (Ahh okay! Don’t stress too much if you can’t reply to it though. I mean, yes, it’s nice to see what you guys think about him, but if you just can’t reply to it, I’d understand!)

        • #2211221


          Hey, emi! =] First off, thanks for starting the roleplay today! (Haha, and it’s fine– no worries, bud XD I don’t mind!) I read over your reply, and it was really good! ^-^ I think I know what to do for my own response, and, if you don’t mind, I will probably also go ahead and do a little ‘time skip’ thing in my reply, to the day they’re getting ready. Anywayyy, with that being said, I’m gonna try to work on my response today, and hope to have it done sometime tomorrow! Would that be okay? Oh, and a two-week replying limit sounds good to me! =) Until the New Year, I should be able to reply within that amount of time, no problem. I’ll try to keep my responses from getting too long, as well, so it won’t be as much of a hassle for you guys to reply back to my characters. Anyhoo, thanks again for starting this, and I can’t wait to type up my response! ;D (Oh! And unrelated, but I should be able to finish my reply to Stephan’s bio sometime tomorrow, I hope! Sorry it’s taking me so long, gosh ;-; )

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          • #2211369

            Ayy! Miss speedy replyer! XD (Ah thanks, man!) Ah okay, sounds good! That will make it faster for sure, and speed is of the essence since it’s one easier to do this when you’re less busy. Cool! I’m glad that the time in it should be okay for a while. Hopefully it won’t be too difficult after the New Year, but I can always give you more time if I need to. Oh my gosh bro, how did you get so much done already? XD *high five* I love how their responses are already. I knew Starleaf would be able to convince Jiko XD She’s so sweet! And Tall Shadow and Pebble Heart are so cute X) I look forward to seeing the rest, and Kim’s reaction to the word “Rossi” pff XD (oh okay, no problem! It looks like you’re almost done, right? It’s okay! I really appreciate you replying anyway! And it’s great hearing what you think about him hehe)

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            • #2211627


              Hey, buddy! Haha, yeah, I’m actually trying to respond fast this time… ,XD And okay, thanks! =] I think it’s a good idea, too, so we can move things a little quicker. Yep, it should! ^-^ I mean, unless I get super busy or something, I should be able to reply in a timely manner before the New Year! :) Ah, I sure hope so! ‘^^ Unfortunately, I guess it kinda just depends on what happens around that time (I can’t be sure of what it’ll be like; I can only guess =/ ), so… maybe we can just cross that bridge when we come to it? I definitely want to continue with this roleplay, though, even after I start school! Oh, haha, I honestly don’t know X,D Guess I was just motivated this time? *high fives back* And aw, thanks, bud– I’m glad you like my response, so far! :D Pfhaha, yeah, Jiko probably wouldn’t have gone with if it wasn’t for Starleaf’s urging ,XD He doesn’t really like getting all dressed up ;P Hehe, thank you!…

            • #2211631


              … It’s the first time I ever used Tall and Pebble Heart together, and I kinda like where it’s going :3 Heheh, no worries– I made sure to have Kim notice! ;) There’s no way she wouldn’t automatically think of her favorite brand when hearing the word “Rossi” XDD Oh, and I think I forgot to say this, but I absolutely loved your reply, too, emi! ;D Very well-written! And gosh, Olivia is just so peppy and cute! :,) I can’t wait to have my characters meet yours! ^-^ (Ah, and thanks for being so patient, buddy <3 But yup, I am almost done– just gotta leave my thoughts on his friends and backstory! I should definitely be able to work on the rest and post it this afternoon :) I'm sorry again for the ridiculously long wait, though! DX I dunno why I didn't have it done sooner… :/ ) OH WAIT– I forgot, but I have a quick question to ask you! So, I know you said we can 'time skip' to when our characters are getting ready for the ball…

            • #2211641


              … but can we also have them go to Stephan’s house, too? Or, should we wait to have them arrive until the next ’round’? (Or… would it be okay to have like, one or two of our characters show up at his door, and save the rest for a little later?)
              Just wanted to make sure, before I type and post the rest of my reply this afternoon! I don’t want to make a stupid mistake that messes up the rhythm of your roleplay, eheh ‘^^
              (Oh, and also unrelated, but I forgot to tell ya last week– moonie ended up finishing her response to the Vacation Roleplay on Thursday, I believe, so it’s now your turn! =] )

            • #2212067

              (Ah, sorry I don’t have time to reply to this full thing, but I just wanted to say that for your reply, you don’t have to make them get to Steph’s place yet. I think I wanted to have my pets get ready and then be waiting for everyone to come in my next reply. So what you’re doing now, having them on their way, but not quite there, works well. =))

            • #2212105


              (Heya, emi! It’s fine, I don’t mind :) Anyway, thanks for letting me know, bud! I’m sure you’ve already seen by now, but I decided not to have any of them show up yet. And I’m glad, too, because I wouldn’t have wanted to mess things up for ya, eheh! ‘^^ But yeah, that’s a better idea, anyway, ’cause we don’t want to rush things too much, you know? And besides, I would love to see more Stephan-Olivia-Anna interaction before everyone else comes, anyhow =] Hopefully my reply was okay, and thank you again for letting me participate!)

            • #2214939

              Okay okay, man, I forgot about this.. XD But I just wanted to firstly say thank you, and I’m glad you liked my reply! ^-^ And mainly, I wanted to say how much I enjoyed your reply! It was really good and I just loved all of the cute character interaction! Dahlia, Tall Shadow, and Jiko.. and all of them honestly! Pff and I hope Olivia didn’t make Pebble Heart feel too awkward with the “eye” thing XD I just felt like that was something she would comment on. Also I love how Dahlia talked to “Luna” like that. XD She’s so funny.. but yeah, your reply was great! And the timing of arrival stuff was just right. I’m glad you thought about that. Hmmm, I might need to start typing up part of my reply lol. It’s not like I really need to see moonie’s yet to work on it soo.. ;D I can’t wait to continue and draw up some of the scenes in this!

            • #2215403

              Oh! And thanks for discreetly answering my questions about Tall Shadow and Harper’s dress heheh XD That was kinda funny how you slipped that in. I appreciate it, thanks!

        • #2245229

          Heyy, @ilovemoonie and @TaffyKitty12! I just wanted to let ya’ll know what my Kinz are wearing down here. (Sorry this is so late though!)
          Olivia: She’ll wear a pastel pink dress. The top neckline dips in a bit, so that it looks sort of like the top of a heart, or a “3” I guess. It’s strapless. It has small flowers and sparkles stitched onto the top half. The skirt is long, reaching her ankles. It has a few flowers/little roses stitched onto the middle and fading out towards the middle of the skirt. The skirt is made of layers of tulle fabric. It looks sort of like this: https://share.ganzworld.com/fanart?id=64875
          Anna: Anna will be wear a simple, burgundy colored dress. It is sleeveless, but has thick straps and a rounded neckline. There’s a thin sash around her middle in the same color. The skirt is of medium length (a bit past her knees) and flowy.
          Stephan: Steph’s outfit is simple, as he doesn’t like wearing suits. =P He’ll be wearing a royal blue colored button up shirt, a small black bow tie, and black slacks.

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          • #2246455


            Hey, emi! Thanks for letting us know what your characters are going to be wearing in the roleplay! =) (Ah, it’s fine! I mean, I haven’t even posted about what my characters are going to be wearing, either ‘^^ I’ll try to do that within the next few days, though! I know I already told you on that one page, but I wanted to post it here too so it’ll be easy to find)
            Anyway, I must say, all of their outfits sound really nice!! ^-^ Ah, Olivia’s dress sounds so pretty! I love all the little flowers and sparkles that are stitched onto it; it definitely seems to fit her personality! =] The tulle fabric sounds cool, too! I looked it up after you’d told me about it before, because I didn’t really know what it was, heheh, but it’s definitely a very pretty fabric, for sure! Also, just curious, are you still planning on doing a digital version of your Olivia drawing? :)
            Ooh, and I love Anna’s dress too! :D I’m assuming it looks pretty much like it does in your drawing of her, Lincoln, and Delilah? I really love that deep red color! ^w^ …

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            • #2246459


              … And of course, Steph sounds so handsome in that button down shirt and black slacks! X] I’m glad he won’t have to be stuck in a suit all night, heheh. This seems like it would be much more comfortable! He’s gonna be such a dapper dude XD It’d be neat if you could draw him in that outfit sometime!
              Anyway, thanks again for letting us know about their outfits, in such detail, too ;)
              Also, I just wanted to say…you don’t have to wait on me to reply to the roleplay before you post your next response! I don’t know if you have been, or not…? I know I’ve been holding it up forever (I truly apologize for that, by the way!! DX ), so I’ll totally understand if you just wanna go ahead and post your next reply before mine/skip my turn altogether. If you do want to wait for me, I will definitely try to get working on my response as soon as I finish replying to the Vacation Roleplay, but if not, I’ll understand, too. It’s totally up to you! I just wanted to ask because I’d feel bad…

            • #2246461


              …if you had to keep waiting on me even longer!! =/ I can’t believe it’s been over three months and I still haven’t replied XP I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean for that to happen! ;-;

            • #2247745

              Hi, moonie! Well, thanks for understanding. =P I hope you’ll be able to post about your characters’ outfits sometime soon too! It would definitely be helpful as we go on through the roleplay. =) I’m glad you like the dresses and stuff I have for my characters! I’d like to draw Steph in his outfit soon, heheh. ;P I’m glad you looked up the tulle fabric! It definitely helps you to understand what it looks like, heh. To answer your question about Olivia’s redrawing thing.. well, I haven’t been able to do it! I lost my digitally drawing tablet a few months ago =/ I was hoping to find it so I could draw that, but I haven’t seen it. I looked a few times, and it hasn’t turned up yet. I think I might need to just buy another one, as silly as that is! But after I get a new one, or find my old one, I might redraw that.. we’ll see! I’m not as motivated as I was before, but I might anyway. And yes! Anna’s dress looks like the one in that drawing with Lincoln and Delilah, hehe. ;) …

            • #2247747

              … You would just have to imagine the bottom half, which goes just past her knees, and.. well you know, lol. I already explained it XD Yeah, haha! I think Steph will look pretty handsome hehe XD Oh, and like I said, I hope to draw him sometime! ^-^ Anyway.. it’s alright, moonie. I know it can be easy to forget.. and hard to get motivated to write stuff. ‘^^ I know you didn’t try to wait so long! After seeing this, though, I began typing up my reply more, and I just posted it tonight. I’m not sure whether I should skip your turn though..? I mean, Taffy is probably gonna be busy anyway, so you should probably go next. I don’t think we should skip your turn! That wasn’t really my intention when I was typing up my reply. I just wanted to post something, just cause I wanted to add some activity to the roleplay, I guess. =P I understand that ya gotta work on the Vacation roleplay first! I assume you’re working on that now? Well, I look forward to reading it =)

          • #2248719


            Hey, @_emiemiemiemiemi_! Sorry for replying to this late… ‘^^ I saw your post last week, but kinda forgot about it :/ And I’ve been busy too, which hasn’t helped XP ANYWAY, thanks for describing Anna, Stephan, and Olivia’s outfits! =] They sound quite snazzy, if I do say so myself! ^-^ I especially like Olivia’s dress. It’s so cute XD Great job describing them, by the way! Oh, and yes– I also saw that you replied to the roleplay :) Those guys make for such an adorable friend trio, heheh X3 It was funny how Stephan kept complaining about the suit! Ah, and yeah. I do agree! Since she hasn’t taken a turn yet I think that moonie probably should go next. Otherwise, she’ll have an awful lot to reply to! ‘^^ Do let me know when it’s my turn again =] I’m busy, for sure, but my next response shouldn’t be too long. Actually, I could probably start typing it up soon, so that, once moonie replies…

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            • #2248721


              … I won’t have to keep you guys waiting for too long. Wait, speaking of replies, I’m just curious… I know that the doorbell insinuated that Olivia and/or Anna were there, but once I take my next turn, would it be okay if a few of my characters make it up the manor door (‘course, it’ll obviously be 3 once they arrive and not 2)? Ah, sorry! Just askin’, ’cause otherwise I’m not sure what I’ll have been all them do during my reply, considering everyone’s already on their way ‘^^ It’ll probably be like, super short :P Anyway, it wouldn’t even be all of my characters that would arrive– probably just Mozart and Kim, and then I’ll have the rest come in on the turn after my next turn. If that makes any sense? Lemme know if I need to clarify! But, if you’d prefer me not to do that, that’s fine, too! I’m sure I’ll come up with something to keep ‘em occupied for the time being ,XD

            • #2249051

              Ah, hey! It’s okay, Taffy. I know I sort of already posted about their outfits anyway, so you guys didn’t really need to reply to them again. Either way, thanks for replying though! I’m glad you like their outfits, heheh. =) Oh you did? Aww well thanks, hehe! X) I like using them. It’s nice to use them more. Pff, yes, I had to keep him in character and make sure he complained about suits XD Yeah, that’s what I was thinking too. It would be better for her to go next, considering her Kinz need to accept the invite still. And yeah, I’ll let ya know, if moonie doesn’t! That’s true! Yeah, you can start typing yours! I was thinking you could have your characters come, at 3, on time, and maybe even be invited into like a “lobby” area? Like maybe a servant/butler could let them in there and then when I use my characters, Steph, Olivia, and Anna could come greet them. But you can let as many characters as you want come in your turn. I don’t really care, heh. =P …..

            • #2249055

              … Whoever you want to come i your next turn is fine! And if you want anyone to be late, I don’t care either. =P But definitely feel free to let them come to the manor.

        • #2250001


          Hey, @_emiemiemiemiemi_ and @TaffyKitty12! I’m finally here to post about what my characters will be wearing in the roleplay! I know you guys already know what they’re wearing, but I think it’d be useful to have it here under the roleplay, in case anyone ever needs/wants to be reminded of their outfits. Sorry it took me so long to post this! XP
          Lincoln: Lincoln will be wearing a dark-ish gray suit (jacket and trousers) with a light blue undershirt and a teal bow-tie— so, basically, it’ll look like the suit he was wearing in both of emi’s drawings of him.
          Delilah: Delilah is going to wear a light purple/lavender colored dress with a pattern of darker purple zebra stripes across the whole dress, and a white sash. It has short sleeves (I imagine they probably go just past her shoulder), and a rounded neckline. It’s relatively short, I imagine it probably goes to her knees? Additionally, she’s also wearing a white flower clip by one of her ears. I imagine the colors and styles of her dress looking almost exactly as they do in emi’s drawing. …

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          • #2250005


            Cumulus: Cumulus is going to be wearing a powder blue suit (jacket and trousers) with a white undershirt and a white bow-tie. Yeah, not much to describe there XD
            Teddy: Teddy will be wearing olive green slacks and a matching olive vest, with a gray long-sleeve shirt underneath the vest. Additionally, he will have a matching olive green bow-tie, as well. Basically, I imagine his outfit looking like the items titled “Olive Slacks” and “Olive Vest” in this clothing line: https://webkinznewz.ganzworld.com/announcements/fall-clothing-line-available-now-3/
            Caroline: Lastly, Caroline will be wearing an emerald green dress, made of either silk or satin, so it has a kind of shiny look to it. It doesn’t have sleeves, but has kind of thin straps. It doesn’t have a rounded neckline like Delilah’s dress, but it isn’t really heart-shaped like Olivia’s, either…I guess it has more of a straight neckline? The dress is very long (it probably falls just above her ankles, maybe, or however long it can be without her accidentally tripping over it XD )…

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            • #2250007


              …and is kinda “creased” toward the bottom, if that makes sense…? So like, the fabric isn’t completely smooth. I also imagine it to be rather flowy.
              ~Alrighty, that’s all of them! Hopefully I did a good enough job describing them; I tried to make sure I covered all the important details :P Anyway, I hope to start typing up my actual roleplay response either later today or tomorrow! :)

            • #2251331


              Hey, moonie! Sorry for the late reply ‘^^ Thanks for posting this for us! :) I kinda forgot what your animals were gonna dress like… ,XD So, this was pretty helpful! =]
              I know I’ve said this before, but I love Lincoln’s outfit! ^-^ It’s cool that you’re giving him the same tuxedo that emi used in that drawing of him ;)
              Awh, and Delilah’s sounds so pretty and unique! :D I love the zebra stripes :,) Aw man, though, I only wish I could’ve seen emi’s drawing of her… ‘^^ The place it’s on won’t load on my phone, for some reason :(
              Yeah, Cumulus! XD Man, am I excited to see him in the roleplay, haha! His pale blue tux is definitely suitable for his fluffy white fur =] His outfit reminds me of a partly cloudy sky!
              And… Caroline and Teddy’s outfits sound great, as well! ^-^ Guess they both must really like green, huh? Heheh XD
              Thanks again, and I’m excited to see your response to the roleplay! :)
              (And sorry this was so terribly short! DX I don’t have much time to be on right now :( )

            • #2251543


              I’m back to elaborate on my response! I was just gonna keep it as it originally was, but then I felt really bad because of how short it was, and well… I felt compelled to “add” to my original reply. Probably should’ve just done that in the first place, but ah well ‘^^ Anyway, sorry again about all that, and I’ll go ahead and post a little more!
              So, first, like I said earlier, Lincoln’s outfit sounds cute and dapper! ;D I think that color is really nice on him! ^-^ Also, I know you mentioned a few weeks ago that he’d probably get along with Mozart… they should totally meet XD I think that’d be fun! Mozart would probably be really nervous, but I’m sure he’d find Lincoln to be a nice guy to talk to :) (Oh, and yes– Mozart’s family is kinda rich! Probably his grandparents, moreso. His parents probably don’t have quite as much money)
              And Delilah’s dress is so funny and unique X,D And the crazy zebra stripes are such a great addition. It totally suits her personality!! Hmm, I wonder how she’ll feel about the ball…

            • #2251545


              … I don’t think Lincoln’s gonna be talking to her much :P OOH HEY, I just realized, Harper is a bit like Delilah! I wonder if those two would get along? XD
              Aww, Cumulus’s outfit is so cute! <3 I think you chose well, hehe! ;) Just curious, have you developed his character any more yet? =] If not, don't worry about it! I find that roleplays are a great way to develop personality, so you should be all good :)
              Ooh, Teddy sounds snazzy! I could so picture him with that olive vest and the matching pants :3 I bet that'd look great on him! :D Isn't green one of his favorite colors, too?
              Finally, Caroline's emerald-colored dress sounds beautiful! ^-^ I don't even really like to wear dresses, but that sounds like one I'd like, hahah XD (Well, if it had sleeves, anyway) I like how it's long, too :) And no worries, I understand what you mean when you say that it's "creased" at the bottom!
              Thanks again for describing these for us, buddy– I think you did a great job! =] …

            • #2251547


              … And this is helpful, too, in case I ever want to draw any of your ‘kinz in their outfits ;) If I don’t ever get around to it, well, it’s still nice to be able to picture them accurately in my head XD
              (Oh, and also… I described my character’s outfits to you guys already, right? I think I did. Well, if I didn’t, I have that one drawing up in the SC in case you guys need a reminder. I also believe that Jiko is wearing a white tux (with matching slacks and black bow tie), Pebble Heart is wearing a tan tux (with matching slacks plus brown bow tie), and I decided to change Mozart’s look, so he’s now wearing a black tux with a black bow tie and black slacks))

          • #2253015

            Hey there! Sorry for the late reply. ‘^^ I just wanted you to know that I read this and I appreciate you posting it here! It’ll be really helpful if I ever wanna draw your Kinz, or just need to check back to properly imagine what your characters look like during the roleplay. =) I know I said this before, but I really like all of your outfit choices! I especially love Cumulus and Teddy’s for some reason.. they just sound too cute hehe X) Of course, Lincoln, Delilah, and Caroline’s sound great as well. I love Caroline’s dress! It’s so shiny and pretty! I think I know exactly what you mean, if it’s the same as that one picture you told me about.. I actually have that picture saved in my phone, heh. ;P Oof, I wish that I could get your birthday drawing moderated, so Taffy can see Delilah’s dress! I tried to post it again, but I guess heart eyes are just too romantic… =P Anywho, I can’t wait to read your first reply! Did you get to start it yet?

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    2. #2210953


      Hello! Just posting a quick park chat update.
      @Springshimmer, I should be able to make it to our chat today! =] Same time as usual, I assume? The only thing is, I’m not quite sure how long I’ll be able to stay this time, ahah… ‘^^ I expect to be rather busy today :/ But, I’m hoping to stick around for about an hour? Probably not much longer than that, though. I’m sorry! DX
      Also, I think I told you a few weeks ago, but I’m positive that next Monday won’t work for me =( But in all honesty, I’m not gonna attend any chats next week because of Thanksgiving (I have so much to do, plus my grandmother will be visiting us), so… you’re not the only one. Still, I apologize in advance for not being able to come! XP
      @ilovemoonie and @_emiemiemiemiemi_, I know I already told you guys, but I just wanted to remind you both that, unfortunately, I’ll be unable to attend our next two Wednesday chats :( I’m sorry, fellas!! This week, I can’t attend because someone I know has their b-day that day ._. And next week, well…

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      • #2210955


        … it would just be too hard, I’m afraid XP
        However (this is for all of you guys: @Springshimmer, @ilovemoonie, and @_emiemiemiemiemi_), I believe I should be able to resume our chats the first week of December! But if that changes, I’ll be sure to let tell everyone in advance. (Although, just so you all know, I’m probably gonna have to ‘ease off’ the park chats a little bit in December, considering it’s my last month of being off… plus I expect to be kind of busy, overall ‘^^ I’ll have to let you guys know the further details of that in a couple of weeks.
        And, as much as I hate to say it, December will definitely be my last month of attending all these weekday chats XP Once I start school, it’ll be practically impossible for me to continue those with you guys, unless I end up being a lot less busy than I anticipated, but I seriously doubt that. However, that’s not to say I can’t make it to a weekend chat every now and then…)

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      • #2211103

        Ah, hey there, Taffy! Yep, thanks for letting me know! I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to make it to our chat today as well! Yeah, 4 PM KT. It was really fun getting to chat with you on Thursday by the way, that was awesome X’D Once again, thanks for the reminder! And, I hope to see you there in park later this afternoon! ^-^

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        • #2211117

          Also, just curious, when do you think you’re gonna reply to my RML (Rocko) episodes list? Just want to ask, that’s all! Well, anyway, hope to see you in park later this afternoon! ^-^

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          • #2211333


            Hiya, Sprinf! =] No problem, and sweet! :D In that case, it looks like I’ll be seeing ya at the park in a couple of hours, then! ^-^ Can’t wait to talk to you, buddy ;) (Oh, haha, yeah– that was pretty fun! XD I really enjoyed talking to you last week, hehe! :) And man, it was so awesome when I found out that we both played that one game… X,D You wouldn’t even believe how excited I was, pfft) Oh, and yep, thanks for reminding me about that! To be honest, I kinda forgot that I haven’t replied to it yet, eheh… ‘^^ I meant to over the weekend, but it totally slipped my mind :/ Anyway, with that being said, I’ll be sure to reply back very soon– hopefully tonight or tomorrow morning! I don’t want to forget again, oof o.o Also, I already saw one of the episodes you recommended, so I’ll be sure to tell you about that at the park a little later =)

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            • #2211379


              Oops, I meant to say “Spring”, not “Sprinf”… I’m not even quite sure how I didn’t notice that, eheh :P

      • #2211143

        Huh.. weird. My reply didn’t moderate. Let’s try that again. =P It’s alright! I’ll miss seeing ya this week and next, but I get it! I especially understand next week, since it’s the day before Thanksgiving. I might be busy then too. Ahh, Thanksgiving! Are you excited for Thanksgiving? I am XD I can’t believe we’re almost to that, and then Christmas right after AAA! I gotta go buy some Christmas presents soon. ‘XD Aww, and really? You don’t think you’ll be able to do any of the weekday chats? Man, I’m gonna miss that XP I hope I’ll at least be able to see you on Saturdays. I love chatting with you at the park! Maybe we can work out some way we can talk… but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. Thanks for the heads up anyway!

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      • #2211325


        Hi, Taffy! Thanks for letting us know about the park chats! :) Aw, it’s okay, pal…don’t feel too bad about this week and next week!! I’ll miss chatting with you these next two weeks, but I understand! Not every chat is going to end up working out, you know? And like I said before, I very highly doubt that I’d be able to attend next week’s chat, anyway, so you’re not the only one! I think my family might be having our Thanksgiving on Wednesday, actually, because one of my sisters can’t actually come on Thanksgiving…we might be having Thanksgiving on Thursday, too, though, so we might have two Thanksgivings…? I honestly don’t know, I’m just along for the ride XD But yeah, point is, it’s probably good we’re not planning on chatting next Wednesday. =P
        Anyway, hopefully the first week in December will work for all of us, then! But of course, we can confirm that when it gets closer! Maybe we could even have a few private chats in December, if you wanted to/are able to? :) (Aw, and it’s okay! I don’t think I’ll be able to attend a ton…

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        • #2211329


          …of park chats in December, either…it’s a busy time of year, so I’ll totally understand if you won’t be able to have as many chats!)
          Aww, and really? Darn, I’ll really miss having our chats with emi, and our private chats, after the New Year! D= Those are so much fun, I’m really gonna miss them :( Of course, I do understand, though. I know it’d be super hard for you to attend those with all the school you’ll have! It stinks, though, because January is probably my least-busy month of the year…I’ll finally be more active on here and will finally be able to reply to things on time, just when you’ll be getting super busy again… :/ Ah well…guess there’s nothing we can do about that. I just wish I’d been able to be more active these last few months! XP Well anyway, that’d be neat if you could still come to a weekend chat sometimes, though! And like emi said, maybe there’s some way we could still manage to talk, sometimes…? I know you’ll be really busy, though, and the last thing I’d want to do is pressure you! D: …

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          • #2211331


            … (Oh! And this is random, but I wanted to let you know that I finally finished replying to your SC pictures on Friday! I am so sorry for taking so long!! XP I know my response was super long, so you don’t have to reply back! Just thought I’d tell you, anyway :) I’ll try to reply to your art requests really soon, too!)

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    3. #2210503


      UPDATE: @_emiemiemiemiemi_, your request moderated! Here’s the link: https://share.ganzworld.com/fanart?id=59649
      Hope you like it, buddy! ^-^ Sorry again for the delay! XP
      (Oh, and also: https://share.ganzworld.com/fanart?id=59647
      This one is mainly for @ilovemoonie and @_emiemiemiemiemi_, but anyone else can look at it, too =] I decided to take a picture of Kimberly next to some sketches of the dresses my girl characters are gonna be wearing for the roleplay. I hope this helps you guys out!)

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      • #2210557

        EEE YAY! Ahh they’re so cute! XD I love Olivia’s expressions! The sad one, the angry one, and the excited one are my favorites pfft XD I don’t think I can choose between them, they’re all so great! I wonder what Liv is so annoyed about though.. lol. I love the huge eyes on the excited and sad ones, and the little stars there too hehe X) So cute! Tanner looks very sweet in the one as well, and I like the silly expression you gave him. That’s my crazy goofball! ;D They’re all wonderful, thank you so much for taking my requests hehe! =D I added it to my favorites! And AH I was not expecting to see those dresses already! Thanks for taking the time to draw them! They’re real cute! My imagination was definitely slightly off for some of them though, so it’s good you drew them. Still, how long is Tall Shadow’s? Is it about knee length or like, ankle length? And it seems a darker blue on the edges? Just making sure! They all look great though, and I’m glad I know how they look now!

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        • #2210583


          Hey, emi! Ahahah, thank you, buddy– I’m thrilled that you liked the sketches I made for ya! ;D (I tried hard to make Olivia very *~expressive~*, and I’m happy to hear (er, read) that you loved the different facial expressions I gave her! =3 ) Hmm, I dunno? XD I just thought it would be funny to give her a real angry/annoyed face, for whatever reason, though maybe I over-exaggerated it a little bit XDD Maybe she encountered a rude animal, or somethin’?
          Ah yay, I’m glad you liked the big ol’ eyes and little star-thingys I added, too! =]
          And sweet! :D I’m sorry I didn’t draw as much of Tanner as I did of Olivia, eheh… ‘^^ But, I’m happy that you like both of the sketches I made of him! :) I kept experimenting with a bunch of different goofy faces, but, I eventually settled on a more classic and simple ‘crossed eyes and tongue sticking out’ look XD
          You did? Aw man, well, I’m honored that you felt it was worthy of adding into your favorites folder, haha :,) But really, thank you for…

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          • #2210585


            … letting me draw them in the first place– I had a lot of fun with your request! =D
            Oh, and no problem, bud! ^-^ I thought it would maybe be a little helpful, since I know I’m not always too good at describing things ,XD Ah, but I’m sorry I didn’t let you know about the length of Tall’s dress! ‘^^ Actually, I dunno if I ever told you the length for any of them, except Kimberly’s…? I didn’t even realize that o.o Well, so ya know, I’ll just go ahead and tell you about them all now!
            So, for Tall, her dress would probably go down to about her ankles. Also, the sleeves would go to her wrists :) Tall Shadow is pretty modest in terms of clothing, just like Ava, so I made her dress the longest of the four. In fact, if she had her way, the dress would probably go down to her feet and trail her from behind X,D But I don’t want her to trip or anything, so, ankle-length is good enough. (Oh! And yup, the bottom of the dress and her sleeves are a darker shade of blue than the rest of

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            • #2210587


              … It originally was supposed to be just one, solid hue, but I changed it last minute)
              As for the other two: Starleaf’s dress reaches a little above the knee (it’s the shortest of the four), and Harper’s would probably go down a couple of inches past her knees, though it’s kinda hard for anyone to tell, ’cause the bottom of her dress is super puffy, like a great big marshmallow ,XD And, I think I told you that Kim’s goes down almost exactly to her knee, right?
              Ah, and speaking of which, I’m sorry I haven’t replied back to our roleplay conversations yet! :c I guess I kinda forgot, eheh ‘^^ If I can, I’ll work on that today, but if I’m not able to get to it, I’m sure I can reply sometime over the weekend.

            • #2210757


              (Oops, sorry, I just noticed that part of my second comment got cut off ‘^^ Word counter hasn’t been working for me today, which is kinda of a pain :P Anyway, I meant to say “.. the bottom of the dress and her sleeves are darker shade of blue than the rest of the gown :) “)

            • #2211503

              (Sorry for the late reply =P) Yess, they were great! XD (Yeah man! You did a great job with her! They were adorable, and funny too, heheh!) PFFT there’s no such thing as over exaggerating Olivia, as a character character XD Ah no worries! I still really like the ones you made of Tanner, and I definitely enjoyed all of Liv’s, heh, so don’t worry about it! Oh my gosh of course it’s worthy of my favorites XD I’m not gonna be like, “HMPH THAT ONE SMILE LINE ISN’T PERFECT *flicks wrist and turns away* TOSS IT IN THE TRASH” XD Anyway, it’s adorable, so how could I not? Oh and speaking of which, I added the dresses to my favorites so I can look back on those. =) Yeah, it definitely was helpful! Oh nah, it’s okay. I just remembered that you said it was a long dress, but it’s still hard to tell without perspective, ya know? Ah okay! Good to know.. Oh, and are her sleeves like tight or are they sort of long and hang off her arms? …

            • #2211515

              … Sorry for asking more questions, heh. I’m just curious and like to know how to imagine it exactly. ;P Ah and gotcha! Ha, I bet it would be pretty if it dragged on the floor, but yeah.. probably a tripping hazard. XD Okay! I thought Starleaf’s would be the shortest. It makes sense. Oh and I have a question about Harper’s too.. ‘XD So, I know it’s puffy. What makes it puffy? Is there like a fluffy petticoat underneath? That would make the most sense to me, but yeah.. Ah and okay! Yeah, I remember you saying that about Kim’s.. I gotcha! Ooh, it’s okay. You don’t really need to reply to that now. It’s kinda outdated anyway!

    4. #2210219


      Heya, fellas!
      Welp, the requests just moderated =] Here are the links!:
      https://share.ganzworld.com/fanart?id=59631 [Drawing of Loki for @ilovemoonie. Hope you like it, bud! :D Also, sorry about the misspelling of the word "mischievous" in the title, ahah '^^ That's definitely... embarrassing, to say the least :P I'm shocked that autocorrect didn't change that for me]
      https://share.ganzworld.com/fanart?id=59635 [Drawing of Sadie and Sebastian for @ilovemoonie (sorry that the image is kinda blurry! Also, I hope you don't mind that I didn't color in the "full body" Sadie sketch, eheh '^^ I used a lot of white-out on her face, so I figured it would probably be better off un-colored, because I couldn't cover the splotch with a colored pencil)]
      https://share.ganzworld.com/fanart?id=59637 [Drawing of Starshine and pals for @Springshimmer]
      https://share.ganzworld.com/fanart?id=59639 [Drawing of Mandy, Belker, and Snowy Girl for @Oldshowsrock58]… ]

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      • #2210225


        https://share.ganzworld.com/fanart?id=59641 [Special drawing of Reese for @EmilyCuteHeart]
        https://share.ganzworld.com/fanart?id=59643 [Drawing of Lavender Mist for @Springshimmer]
        I hope you guys like these! =D If you want, feel free to leave me your thoughts on them; I’d love to know what you think! ^-^
        (@_emiemiemiemiemi_, I don’t know if you saw or not, but I left you a comment on the other page in regards to your request. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to send it in with the others ;-; I’m really sorry, bud! DX I’m gonna finish and send it in later, though, so hopefully it’ll be up here tomorrow…?
        ~ Also, I originally sent in a picture of a few of my new ‘mystery’ webkinz so I could tell you guys about them, but unfortunately, it didn’t moderate… =/ I’m honestly pretty upset about that, because I really wanted to show them to you all, but, oh well =( I suppose I’ll just have to wait until December to tell you about them, now… ‘^^ Maybe I’ll re-post the picture in a week or two…

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        • #2210227


          … I’d do it sooner, but I really don’t want to bother you all with any more than I have to DX
          ~ And, finally, I posted about this yesterday a couple of pages back (I dunno if anyone saw it or not…? No one replied, but, that’s alright. The information in it is kinda outdated now, anyway ,XD ), but I just wanted to ask you guys again: would it be okay if I post a bio next Tuesday for Dahlia? (I know I mentioned something about it last week, but, I just want to make sure!) I really wanted to do it this month, and I’m afraid that’s the only day I can really post it, eheh ‘^^ (I don’t wanna post anything ‘big’ the week of Thanksgiving, and Tuesday is really my only ‘free day’ next week) And I’m already putting off the whole ‘new Webkinz’ thing until next month, and I’d kinda hate to postpone the bio, too ‘^^ But, if it’s too much, I can wait!)
          Anyway, sorry ’bout all that, oof :P But, I hope everyone enjoys what I made them! ^-^

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          • #2210285

            Hiya Taffy!! I LOVE the pictures of Mandy, Snowy Girl, and Belker!!!!! You are so talented!!! :) thanks so much for doing them :) hope you have a great day! :) ~angel~

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            • #2210575


              Hiya, Oldshowsrock! =] Aww, thank you, buddy– I’m so glad you liked the little drawings I made for you! :D Your sweet comment really made my day, gosh =,) But really, thank you for letting me draw them in the first place; I had a blast doing so! ;) Have you ever sent any art to the SC? I’m sure you’d have a cute style! ^-^ Anyway, no problem, and I’m so happy you’re thrilled with the picture! ;D Hope you have a wonderful day, yourself!

      • #2210249


        Hey, Taffy! =] Oh yay, I’m so glad the requests moderated!! I looked at them all, and they are so amazing, pal!! =D Ahh, I absolutely love the drawings you made for me of Loki, Sadie, and Sebastian!! \^-^/ And all the other requests are wonderful, as well!! ;D You did a fantastic job on all of them, and it was so sweet of you to work so hard to get them all done this week <3 I really hope you didn't feel too pressured, though… '^^ I'd feel bad if you were really stressed out about finishing them all on time! =/
        Anyway, I love them all, though, and I will be sure to respond to each one in more detail as soon as I can! Unfortunately, though, I know I won't be able to get to them all until at least the weekend, since I still have to finish my response to the Vacation Roleplay (I plan to get that done by this afternoon), finish replying to your other SC pics, and then respond to emi's bio… But, I will definitely try to have my response to the requests posted…

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        • #2210251


          …by Monday or Tuesday, if I can! Would that be okay…? Ahh, I’m really sorry for taking so long!! >.< If there's any way I can reply faster, I definitely will, because I hate to make you wait so long for my thoughts on them, considering you drew some things for me… XP
          Anyway, since I may not be able to reply until early next week, though, I wanted to quickly let you know that yes, I'm definitely still okay with you posting Dahlia's bio, next week! =) (I'm sorry I never responded to that post of yours, by the way! XP I read it and I meant to reply, but I had hardly any time to be on the Newz yesterday… =/ ) I'd hate for you to have to postpone her bio until December, especially considering you wanted to post Mozart's bio, then. Besides, I'm really excited to learn more about Dahlia, (she sounds so awesome, from what you've told me! XD ), so I'd actually be pretty upset if I had to wait 'till December to find out about her! So, yes, it's fine by me; go ahead and post it next Tuesday! …

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          • #2210253


            … I can’t wait to see it! ^-^ I don’t think I’ll be able to respond right away, as you probably expected, ahah, but since I want to be caught up (or mostly caught up) with stuff on here by the week of Thanksgiving, I’ll definitely try to have it all done by that Monday before the holiday. Hope that’s okay! (Also, I know I already asked you at the park, but would it still be all right if I posted an update next Thursday, maybe…? I feel bad for asking to post it so soon after Dahlia’s bio, and like I said before, I would totally wait, but I guess there were just some things I wanted to say, and I didn’t really want to wait until the week after Thanksgiving… ‘^^ (Plus, I know you might be posting about your new Webkinz then, too, which I wouldn’t want to interfere with!) So, would that be okay…? If you’d rather I wait, though, just tell me, and I can!)
            Anyway, sorry for making this kinda long, but I wanted to make sure to answer your question since I’m not quite sure when…

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            • #2210255


              …I’ll get around to the rest of this. I’ll definitely reply ASAP, though, and in the meantime, thank you so much for making these awesome requests for us, Taffy, and I hope you have a great Thursday! :D

        • #2220311


          I’m heeeeerrree! I didn’t realize this page was so far back now, oof ‘^^ Anyway, this has got to be about the latest reply ever, huh? I am so so so sorry for taking almost a month to respond to your requests, Taffy!! DX I had no idea it had been that long! Time has really been getting away from me lately, the beginning of November felt like last week =/ Well anyway, I won’t waste your time with a super long apology, but please know that I am truly sorry and did not mean at all to reply so late! >.< Thanks, though, for being so understanding, and not minding if I don't reply to all of your requests, too. You really are too kind! <3
          Anyway, so I absolutely love the drawings that you made for me!! =D First off, your drawing of Loki is amazing, pal!! \^-^/ You did such an incredible job on it! =] I’m so glad it moderated, this time; thanks for taking all that extra time just so that I could see it– that was so sweet of you! <3 It was definitely worth the wait…

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          • #2220315


            …that’s for sure ;D I love his pose, and his expression is just perfect! He looks so malicious XD I love the way you did the cloak, too, it looks really awesome! ^-^ Honestly, I think this is my favorite drawing you’ve made of Loki! =D (Though, that grumpy baby Loki is a close second XD ) Man, it is funny how much you guys draw such an obnoxious and sleazy character of mine, though X’D Emi drew both an adult and toddler Loki, and you’ve drawn him with Clint twice, drawn him as a baby and a unicorn, and now this one XD I’m not complaining, though; I love all the Loki drawings, hehe! ;) Thanks so much for drawing him for me; I absolutely love it!! ^-^ (Wait and did you misspell “mischievous”? I didn’t even notice XD That’s totally understandable, though, “mischievous” is a tough word! I actually don’t even know how to spell it without autocorrect, pfft =P So don’t be embarrassed!)
            Ahh, and your cartoon requests of Sadie and Sebastian are so great, too!! 8D You really nailed the expressions with each one of them! …

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            • #2220317


              … I have to say, though, I think the Sadie ones are my favorites…each one is just so cute!! The happy Sadie is adorable, aww, and totally captures her peppy personality! =] And I love the sad Sadie! That was a great touch how you added tears welling up in her eyes XD Poor girl, I wonder what she’s so sad about, though? Oh my gosh and the crazy Sadie…YES XD I love that one!! That huge smile and those big bulging eyes…that is just perfect X’D That was a great idea to draw a crazy-looking Sadie, I’m so glad you thought of it! It actually might be my favorite of the Sadies! ;D And the full-body Sadie is great, too! Thanks for drawing that for me! :3 No worries about not coloring it in, either; I totally understand. She still looks adorable, even not colored in! ^-^ And of course, I can’t forget about Sebastian! I love both your cartoons of him! :D Those expressions are so fitting for him XD I especially love the bored one :?| Also, I don’t know if you did this intentionally, but I love how…

            • #2220319


              …that one Sebastian looks like he’s looking up at the crying Sadie, like “uhh what’s your problem girl” XD
              In all, thank you so much for these drawings that you made for me <3 I absolutely love them and I put them both in my "favorites"! ^-^ Now, I'd love to reply to the rest of the requests, too, but since you insisted, and since I do have to get off here, soon, I guess I'll just leave it at this. The rest of your requests were amazing, though, and I made sure to rate them all a "10"! :D Oh! And also, thanks for drawing the dresses that your girls will be wearing in the Ball Roleplay, so we can get an idea of what they look like! That was quite helpful! :) I gotta say, all of your dress designs are so nice! ^-^ I wish Webkinz would make them into dresses because I'd totally buy them XD I think Tall Shadow's is my favorite…it's so pretty in your drawing!
              Thanks again for making all these drawings for us, Taffy, and I apologize once more for taking so long to reply! DX

      • #2210573

        Hiii ^-^ Ah, all of your drawings are great, Taffy! To start with, I really like the one of Loki hehe! Now we both drew him lol! It’s kinda funny how much we draw such a mean character, isn’t it? He’s a lot of fun though XD Anyway, I like his expression, pose, and cape! They all look very nice. Oh my gosh and Sadie’s expressions.. X’D Her one silly expression is like, so crazy XD I think I like the sad one the best though, hehe. It’s so cute.. and her little frown aww. Pfft and Sebastian looks quite unimpressed in both of those drawings of him ;P I like how it kinda looks like he’s looking at Sadie and thinking like she’s weird for crying or something lol. Heheh, I like the next ones for Spring too! They have great expression and they’re all quite cute! I like Starshine’s “=O” expression haha, and Sugar Sprinkle and Lavender Mist. Aw, and the ones you did for oldshowsrock are cute. I like Mandy the best! Aww and you managed to make a birthday gift for CuteHeart! How sweet! ^-^ I’m glad you were able to. …

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        • #2210577

          … It looks pretty cute too! dude how many times have I said cute, it must be like ten XD And the last one of Lavender Mist again is really nice! These were all great and it was really cool how fast you got them done! And needless to say, I really loved mine too. XD Ah and like I said, it’s fine that mine were delayed. I’m just sorry you had to redraw them and stuff. =P Oh, what really? Huh! I wonder why they didn’t moderate..? That’s pretty weird. (Oof sorry I replied to that post late! ‘^^) Hmm, well, I guess so long as moonie’s good with you posting Dahlia’s bio, I am too! It’ll be fun to read! I’m glad you could decide about that stuff, since I was very indecisive in my reply to your other post pfft ‘XD I look forward to reading it then! Anywho, thanks for the fun drawings!! I’m sure everyone loved them, including me!

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      • #2210591

        Heyyy, Taffy! Ooh, yay! Thanks so much for letting us know they moderated! ^-^ Alright, first of all, your drawing of Loki looks pretty awesome! ^-^ It’s really cool! XD Ah, gosh, I love how Sadie looks in that drawing! She looks adorable in your style! I love those expressions that you did for her! XD I love how silly she looks! Sebastian looks pretty cool as well! Love those expressions! :D
        Ooh, oh my gosh, yes!!! Thank you so much, my friend! ;D I was pretty excited when I saw this! ^w^ Sugar Sprinkle looks so adorable! Hehe! Ah, I love the cartoon style you did of my unicorn Lavender Mist! She looks so adorable in that style! I think you did a really great job on her! ^-^ Ahh, Starshine is adorable! Thank you for including her butterfly hair clip! She looks really adorable in your style! ^-^ I love those expressions, I think they’re adorable and really matches her! I also really love that drawing of her in the bottom XD And ahh, I love your drawing of Pepper! You did a great job matching her expression of her from the LPS cartoon! ^-^ …

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        • #2210595

          … She looks really cool in your style! Thanks so much for drawing my ‘kinz for me, my friend! ^u^ I really appreciate it! I’m gonna have to add this to my favorites ;D
          Aww, those trio of pups are adorable! ^w^ I like Snowy Girl, I think she looks cute! Mandy has a pretty cute expression and I also like how cute Belker is! ^-^
          Aww, that’s sweet that you drew Reese for CuteHeart! ^w^ She looks really adorable here!
          Ah, I like those dresses that you drew! Wow, you did a great job on those dresses! I think they look pretty cool! ^-^
          Oh wow, Olivia actually looks adorable here! XD I love those expressions she did, hehe! Tanner looks pretty cute as well! ^-^
          And lastly, aww, thanks so much for drawing Lavender Mist for me! I really appreciate it! I really love her in your style, and I think you did a great job on the colors of her! I’m gonna have to add this to my favorites! :D Thank you, my friend!!
          Ooh, okay well, I don’t mind if you post a bio for Dahlia next Tuesday. :) …

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          • #2210597

            … All in all, I really like your drawings! You did such a awesome job on them! :D And thanks once again for drawing my ‘kinz for me! I really appreciate it, thank you!!! By the way, I’ll reply to you about my list down below just to let you know. And I hope you have a great Friday and the weekend, my friend! ^-^

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      • #2211053

        Aww, thank you so much for the drawing, Taffy! I always love seeing your amazing art ^-^ Reese looks adorable – you did a great job! :) (Sorry this is so short, I have to go somewhere soon – but hopefully I can come back later today and make a longer reply :))

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    5. #2210209

      Oh uh, hey there @TaffyKitty12! I’m sorry for making this into a separate post instead of a reply before you get to post about your drawings. But, just want to let you know that my recommendations list of RML (Rocko) episodes just moderated. I’ll just give you the link if you haven’t gotten a chance to read it: https://webkinznewz.ganzworld.com/forums/topic/upcoming-pets/page/4/#reply-2210183
      Anyway, hope this helps out! Also, I’m assuming we’re gonna have our park chat at 11 AM KT today, so I’ll be there at the park by that time! Hope to see you there! ^-^

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      • #2210213


        Heya, Spring– thanks a bunch for letting me know, bud! :D I really appreciate you doing that for me; that’ll help a lot! I read the list a little bit ago, and will be back to reply to it later this afternoon =] Thank you again! (And yup, I’ll definitely plan on attending our chat at 11 KT, so, it looks like I’ll be seeing ya really soon! ;D I should be able to stay till about 12:30 KT, I think)

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        • #2210635

          Hey there, Taffy! Ah, I hope you get to see this… Yeah, you’re welcome! ^-^ Thanks for letting me know that you read the list! Yeah, speaking of which, I’ll be looking forward to your reply to my list hopefully if you’ll get around to it! :) I’d like to hear what you thought of my list! ^-^ Feel free to let me know if you get to reply to it!
          Oh, by the way, it was really fun getting to chat with you yesterday, that was awesome! ;D It’s awesome that I get to see you in animal land! Feel free to let me know about the times to help dress up pets. ;) I’d really appreciate it. I hope we get to do that again, that was really fun! XD Hopefully, Monday will work out for us at our usual time! I hope to see you in park on Monday! ^-^

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          • #2210841

            Are you seeing this, Taffy? I’m not sure if you have… :/ Well either way, I hope you’ll get to respond to my list soon as I don’t think you have yet… Let me know if Monday will work out for us! I’d love to chat with yah again on Monday at 4 PM KT! In the meantime, have a good weekend, my friend! I hope to see you there in park on Monday! ^-^

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