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    Do you have a backstory of how you got your username? Post it here! Okay, so my user name, stylized is OCarinaoftime, because I love The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. the capital OC is because I love OWL CITY! So, yeah. That’s all! Um, yeah. Post your history below! ~OCarina

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      I love Toby Mac and Mandisa!!!!!!!!!!!! they are awesome!!!!!!!!! ~ Horses, Dogs, And Dolphins!!!

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      Sorry I haven’t been on in forever. I’ll have to catch up on posts. I haven’t been on WW lately either. I’ll have to get on later. See ya! ~Ocarinaoftime

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      Thank you so much DF for the movie screens and wall art! I needed a movie screen for my movie theater! Blessings! goldbybrittnicoll

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        LOL Gold, I’ll send an extra, to sell, they make great KC. JLMK if you need anything, maybe something you are having trouble finding. Take care, DF

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      I love books too! Nice user bookalot2012. And you started WN’s in 2012 right! So fitting!-Atom

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      Hi Gold, do you have the deluxe W-shop items yet? I mean the chest nut cart and the casibo? Let me know because I am asking DF if he could please send me a few more of each. I can use a couple and send you some too! As for the W-shop clothes I don’t have the deluxe ones yet however I will ask. Do you need a shelldon plushie, new vacation deluxe prize? I have 1 extra from my friend, so guess what, it is yours! TTYS-Atom

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        I don’t have any of the deluxe items yet, any that you or DF send will be appreciated! Blessings! goldbybrittnicoll

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