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    Hello fellow players!!! I am cehgirl, but better known on the internet as Yatastar. I am here to help Webkinz players get to know each other better and fid your opinions on certain topics. I will send out one question a week that I would like your opinion on, and some that I find interesting will be shared on my websites and Facebook page. Thank you for participating, and may StarClan light your path. ~Yatastar~ (cehgirl)

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      Hey ILOVEHORSES5, come to Stealthstorm’s horse advice forum!! we would love to talk about horses with you :D please come it’s under the pets section of forums and its on the first page so its easy to see. Hope to see you there. ~dapplegreyhorse

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      Hey, i’m shy. I love horses!! I do dressage!! and i collect breyer horses also!! I love Jesus!!! I like Keystone stables series books and lots other books. I love cats almost as much as I love horses. and dogs are nice too.

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      stealthstorm my brother is into halo and mincraft.~dapplegreyhorse

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      oh and i have 52 webkinz (over 10 of them are signature pets)( not to brag)and have been a webkinz member since 2007. and have only been deluxe once for a month from wining a contest on newz.~dapplegreyhorse

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      hey Angel, i like the same games you do and i like christian music too!! Angel, it’s amazing how much we have in common :) church,horses,Texas,webkinz,.. probably more lol.~Dapplegreyhorse

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