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    Hi! In honor of the very spectacular signature pets, I decided to create this forum. :D Just list your personality, favorite color/s, favorite foods, hobbies, and your favorite animal/s, and I will tell you which signature series pet I think you resemble the most as soon as possible. Your result may be a regular signature, small signature, or endangered species pet. In case you’re wondering, mine is the signature bernese mountain dog, because it’s personality is similar to mine. ;) Have fun!

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      3 years on webkinz today

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      Hi guys! May I join the convo? ~SS :lol: :laugh: :happy:

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        Yeah. This is a temporary chat forum. So update on my life: Loving horses more everyday. Okay not much of an update, also I own frozen. Stealth what kind of a horse do you have?

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        Hi StealthStorm!!! :D :D :D How are you? I haven’t seen you in such a long time! Of course, you can talk here! I don’t mind at all.

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        please do!

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      Atom, Sweetzie, Gold, and JIML (do you want me to call you something else), at the end of the Easter egg event who’s open to sharing prizes. Me and atom did (sorta) at winterfest. LMK what you think- Snow

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        I am open to that Snow. Sorry I have been so busy and this forum hasn’t really been updating to quickly. I will share from my new account. Please friend frogsandfly2 Snow.

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      Personality: Smart, serious, (but playful.) Favorite colors: Turquoise, Neon Peach, Lime Green. Favorite foods: Italian and Mexican food. Hobbies: reading, playing on Webkinz, sketching. Favorite animals: Horses, dogs, birds, hamsters. Thanks~ Gracefulruby :D

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      Hi JesusismyLord! :D What is the name of your puppy so I can vote on it? Mine is called ”Fruity Puppy”. However, there are two different ones. To find mine, go to the share center search, type in sweetcupcake16, and it should appear. Have a sweet and blessed day!~cupcake

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        I got an e-mail saying it couldn’t be approved :( :cry:

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          I got that too for Christian puppy and Headphones puppy. Any suggestions?

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            Try making a different puppy, headphones was a britt nicole puppy from a song. And your Christian puppy was religious because not everyone is Christian. So try something else. You can use my idea for the webkinz olympic pup and pallet puppy. I draw them free hand so…………………….

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              Snow, i don’t have time to do that. Plus the contest ends tomorrow. I will try to fit it in today. -Atom

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        Sweetzie, this will sound odd but I love your desk. I have a white desk to.-Snow

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          Hi Snow!!! :D :D :D *gives you a warm hug* How are you? I’m well! What desk? Do you mean the one in the picture of my puppy? LOL!!! It’s one of the dressers in my bedroom. :lol: I do have a white desk with the computer on it though!!! We have a lot of white furniture. I’m so excited to see you! Don’t worry, I’m doing the egg challenge. I’ve been on WI a lot, but don’t worry; I didn’t forget you. ;) I still read the forums here. Have a super sweet day!!!~Sweetzie

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            *gives warm hug back* I’m good. XD I thought it was a desk, But awesome. We both have white desks, we do not have much white furniture because I am a little (lot) mucky. Good thing, I was just using it as a reminder. I have been checking on WI and I look every day at comments on designergirl101′s house. XD -Snow

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              I have two more puppies in the Share Center: Fix-It Puppy and Frosty Ice Pup. To find them type in sweetcupcake16 in the search on there, and they should appear. I’m currently working on one more. Hoppy Easter to you too! :D I sent you an Easter gift.

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              Thanks and also thanks JIML I don’t know what to say. THEY WERE AMAZING. Adopting my googles I got yesterday. Bye

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              Cool! :) Did you see the Frozen club on there?

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              Congratulations on your new pet, Snow! :D Hey, I saw your MyPage, and Eddie’s BD is the day before mine! XD

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              I love the frozen fan club.

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              LOL well thanks, I have a blue whale as well. LOL Eddie is even more special now.

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              Also on Frasier Eddies birthday was in may.

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