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    Do you have any PSF from retired pets or Signature pets? I’d prefer those, if you don’t mind. ^^

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    Sly Slide
    Spot of Tea Slide
    Daring Den Slide
    Nutty Conveyor Belt
    Mud Wallow Hot Springs

    Designer Gown
    Breaching Orca Pond
    Love Pond
    Fine Ribbon Bed
    Dashin’ Dachshund Treadmill
    Desert Oasis Pond
    Day Outdoors Bathtub
    Sunny Siesta Sofa
    Jelly Bean Big Screen
    Little Lamb Bed
    Rainy Day Window
    Far North Sleigh
    Three Wishes Genie Lamp

    Pageant Princess Bed
    Bookworm Bed
    Sleeping Dragon Bed (Valued/Retired)

    Elegant Victorian Fountain
    Master Grill
    Fancy Fountain
    Luxury Hot Tub
    Greasy Grill

    Webkinz Theme Music Box (Valued/Retired)
    Holographic Globe
    Time Warp Clock
    Egyptian Tomb Window
    Giant Feather Chair (Valued/Retired)
    Antique Lamp Post
    Safe and Sound Mini Locker
    Wading Pool (Valued/Retired)
    Elephant Fountain (Valued/Retired)
    King of the Garden Statue
    Circus Ball Trampoline
    Giant Gift Box (Valued/Retired)
    Ice Resurfacer (Valued/Retired)
    Giant Sandwich Table (Valued/Retired)
    Dex Dangerous Space Fighter (Valued/Retired)
    Dancing Zingoz

    Trading Card 2.0 Side Table
    Wacky Hot Air Balloon
    Mediaeval Trophy Pedestal
    Sacred Pyramid Flooring
    Kinzcash Side Table
    Dignified Dreams Bed
    Ms. Cowoline Reading Chair
    Fall Leaves

    Woodland Tiara
    Pixie Dress
    Glittering Silver Dress
    City Chic Boots
    City Chic Top
    City Chic Sunglasses
    Glass Slippers
    Grape Dress
    Undersea Dress
    Flowery Print Dress
    Boy’s Varsity Pants
    Fire Queen Robes
    Spring Blossom Blazer
    Pilgrim Top
    Pilgrim Bottom
    Country Party Dress
    Country Bonnet
    Chef’s Hat
    Baker’s Apron
    Vintage Glam Headband
    Vintage Glam Top
    Vintage Glam Skirt
    Zodiac Earth Costume Shoes
    Dwarf Shoes
    Dwarf Hat
    Princess Cloak
    Blue Bunny Top Hat
    Charm Fairy Leggings
    Charm Fairy Top
    Spirit Squad Uniform (Valued/Retired)
    Dragon Queen Robe
    Cat Toque
    Tween Queen Dress
    Tween Queen Crown
    Enchanted Tiara
    Dancing Shoes
    Hypnotic Glasses/Spins
    Candy Factory Overalls
    Moonberry Dress
    WackyER Zingoz Hat
    Fairy Ball Gown
    Sparkle’s Tirara
    Stylish City Dress
    Fall Cabbie Coat (Valued/Retired)
    Chic Black Dress
    Springtime Coat
    Starlight Robe
    Pink Butterfly Dress
    Webkinz Stadium Cap
    Navy Suit Jacket
    Princess Swan Dress

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    I have Ribbon Unicorn-Sparkleflower Sandwich. I’d prefer another PSF I don’t have though. Thanks! -SourCandy

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    I would like Fairy Den Dress, Burrowing Cliffside Slide, and Baker’s Oven. Any of these would be great and greatly appreciated. ^^

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    Hey everyone! I’m trading many items, including Signature, Rare Clothes, PSI, PSF (Pet Specific Food), Rares, Valued, Exclusive, and much more! Just post what you are looking or if you want to know what I have. Nothing is for free, sorry. Enjoy trading! (:D)