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    Hi everyone! Goodness I haven’t been on here in ages. Haven’t been able to read all of the past 100 something pages that I’ve missed on the fourm but I hope all is well with everyone. Anyway, little life update: been busy with school but it’s almost over (thank goodness almost done with testing hooray!), had a fun spring break going to Disney World, going to a family friend’s graduation soon, and mostly a hectic sleep schedule. Haven’t been able to go on webkinz that much but hopefully I’ll be able to play more after school ends. Can’t wait for summer to come. Btw, if you have noticed that I’m a free player, I plan to adopt a pet to make my account full again so I can send and receive packages, just haven’t had the time yet. Anyway, I want to wish all the moms on here a (late) happy mother’s day. Have a wonderful day. ~Charity

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    Wow this is very generous of you Roxy. I would love the snow angel shoes, Holiday red reindeer slippers, or the gold sequined ice skates. If taken anything would be wonderful. Thank you and hope you’ve been doing well! Petlover365Bark

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    First and foremost thank you for all the Thanksgiving goodies to the friends who sent me some! I am very sorry if I did not send a letter thanking you right away as I’ve checked webkinz once a week or every other week. Either way, I loved the cute little foods. @ultrasonic3 SO GLAD YOU CAME BACK! It wasn’t the same without you here on the fourms <3 Hopefully I'll have more time on webkinz during winter break in the next 3 weeks to catch up and see what I'm missing. Anyway, just wanted to pop in and say hi to all my webkinz friends and I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving (to those who celebrated). I hope you are all doing well and @netge I left you a message on the previous page. Hugs Charity <3

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    I’m so sorry to hear what has happened. Sending prayers to you and for your husband in that he will make a speedy recovery. Let me know if you need anything. Hugs Charity <3

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    I just saw this now but I’m sending prayers for you and for your husband. Hope he makes a speedy recovery. Hugs Charity <3

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    @Roxy616 I’m so sorry to hear what happened. I’m sure your baby Roxy was very special and given much love and I’m sure she was a good girl. I’ve never had a pet before but I’m sure it’s been difficult for you without her. Recently, my grandma was diagnosed with breast cancer in its early stage and just had surgery (which was thankfully successful.) She might go through chemo soon depending on what her doctor says and if she does fingers crossed it goes well. I look up to you as a good example and seeing you go through these kind of things makes me feel terrible. Anyway, I would like to say that I’m so thankful for you and for many others on this fourm. I know webkinz is just a game but the people on the fourms makes this game so much more than what I know it is. I’m not very good with words but I just wanted to say I (and many others could say the same) appreciate your kindness and generosity. Much love, hugs Charity/unicorn <3

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    Hi @lilmarie2013 I would love the halloween ball dressing table and 2 halloween coat of arms from the halloween ball theme. Thank you Petlover365Bark

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    Hi @lilstinky. I know I am late to this giveaway, but I would love the fall fun tree, desktop airplane model, and the angel halo. If taken, I would love anything else. Thank you. Petlover365Bark

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    Wow thank you for the new fourm. I assume most of us are poor in webkinz next so this will be a huge help in finding things. :)

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    I’m so sorry to hear that your dog passed away. I’m sure she was given lots of treats and love. Hugs <3 I would love anything thats still available from this giveaway as I know I am very late and haven't been checking the fourms much. Thank you and I hope you are doing alright. Petlover365bark

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    @blurayne Didn’t see this until now but I’m so sorry to hear your dog has passed away. I’m sure you gave her lots of treats and love.

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    Hi Roxy, whoops didn’t realize I was looking at the wrong thing. I would love the sound effect machine please. School has been going well except for a few minor breakdowns at the beginning but thanks for asking :) Hope everything is going well for you too. Hugs Charity

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    Hi Roxy, I would love to have the Lazer Light show. Thank you so much! Petlover365Bark

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    Thank you frozenanna2 I appreciate the help :)

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    Thank you so much Alphaowlbear! It seems that I have posted to the wrong fourm. WHOOPS haha.