Meet the Candidate: Amanda Panda!

Hello Webkinz Newz readers, Ella McWoof – back with another special Webkinz Votes 2016 report! Amanda Panda is a newcomer to politics, but she’s already a familiar face to everyone in Kinzville. She runs the Wish Factory and she is giving her campaign speech today which you can read below…



“I’m so excited to be running for Mayor! Cowabelle made a lot of wishes come true when she was elected. But now it’s time for someone new to fulfill the wishes of the citizens of Kinzville.


I’m so proud to be running against such esteemed opponents. I know I may not have the star power of celebrity Dex Dangerous, the many years of experience of the elderly Dr. Quack, or the cozy relationship with the current mayor that Salley Cat enjoys. But what I have is this: I spend every day interacting with citizens of Kinzville, helping make their wishes come true. At the Wish Factory, I’m lucky enough to meet with citizens face to face and listen to their needs.


What everyone wants is the ability to create a loving home for their pets – a home that lets you express your creativity and style. I’ll help you create the perfect home by adding more retired Exclusives to the Wish Factory. And to make sure you never miss out, I will announce which Exclusives are going to retire in advance.


I’d also like to address a concern expressed by some of you. I know the prices of some new Exclusives are high. I’ve already reduced prices on some items. But isn’t everything that’s worth having, worth working hard for? I see the joy on your faces when you finally save up enough Tokens to get that special piece. Doesn’t the fact that you have to work for it make it all the more special?


If you elect me on November 30th we’ll work together to create the perfect home. You already know how hard I work for you every day in the Wish Factory. As your Mayor, I’ll work to make wishes come true all over Kinzville.


Amanda Panda

Wishing the Best for Kinzville”


From November 16 – 22, visit Amanda Panda in the Kinzville Park and click on her to receive one of 3 campaign prizes: the Amanda Panda Campaign Sign, Cap and Plushy (limited to 1 prize per day, per account).


***THIS EVENT IS AD SUPPORTED. Your ads must be turned on to participate in this event.



Don’t forget to vote for your favorite mayoral candidate right here on Webkinz Newz on November 30th. Every vote counts! So what do you think of what Amanda Panda had to say? Will you cast your vote for her on November 30th? Please leave your comments below…



This has been Ella McWoof reporting for Webkinz Newz.


Check out the platforms for the other candidates: Dr. QuackDex Dangerous and Salley Cat!

130 Responses to Meet the Candidate: Amanda Panda!

  1. xmy9tailxkinz says:

    Well, I think my choice will be between Dr. Quack and Amanda so far. I will be looking out for Sally though. I feel like Dex won’t be able to do anything for Webkinz World he is useless (I don’t mean this in a mean way Dex supporters but, to me it feels like he doesn’t even want to be mayor it sounds like he wants more fame and power.) I think Dr. Quack would be a good choice because he is WISER than, Dex…. Keyword = WISER ))) I also think Sally might make so cool offers due to the fact she is younger and understands this generation of Kinz (WAIT, WHY AM I TYPING / TALKING LIKE THIS… Sometimes I forget this is just a game… Huh =.= )

  2. clark1 says:

    i think Amanda panda is okay

  3. orangewing2020 says:

    I don’t want to come across as rude cause that is NOT me but I feel like you are pointing fingers at the other candidates Amanda… but if you point 1 finger at someone how many are pointing back at yourself….?

  4. Kamots55 says:

    I love Amanda Panda, but I’ll have see what the other candidates campaigns are before I decide who to vote for. :)

    • megamom12 says:

      I’m still waiting to see what Sally has to say. It’s going to be an interesting choice though. I love Amanda and am really pleased to see Dr. Quack back in town, however I’m still thinking over what they are both saying.

  5. bbjbmom says:

    I have to say I’m disappointed in her speech.

  6. Pokekinz says:

    Eh, when I collect enough tokens to get the item I’ve been working towards, I’m more like “Ugh, fiiiinalllyyyy… Gosh that took forever.” :P

    • xmy9tailxkinz says:

      I have a lot of coins… I kinda wish I could send them to someone I have 12 in my dock… The last time I tried to GET what I wished for, when I finally collected everything I found out IT WAS RETIRED… T.T Sooo….Saaaad….

  7. Beckinz8 says:

    Has anyone else had trouble finding Amanda in the park today? I have my ad blocker off, and I found her yesterday. Today she seems to be missing. Maybe there was an emergency at the wish factory and she got called away. Let me know if you spot her.

  8. bobme248 says:

    I’m disappointed that letting us know when the Wheel of Wishes prizes are being retired is being tied to Amanda Panda’s campaign. I think that letting us know that along with other’s that are randomly retired (like the Spree prizes, Sheldon’s Shack items to buy) is just “smart” business and something that Ganz could easily do for those of us who check out webkinznewz daily.

  9. qeynos says:

    If we could actually work for tokens that would be great, as it is now it is just luck and no one can control luck. Is it just me or does Amanda sound a little catty when talking about the other candidates?

  10. Inkblot says:

    Well, I’ll definitely be watching for Sally’s speech, but I think I like this better than super-food or two adventure packs that you can buy in the estore. I like Amanda Panda, she’s cool with her wish-granting, but I will look to see what everyone is offering before deciding.

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