Find a FREE Fizz in the Wacky Clubhouse Room!

Things are getting Wacky in the Clubhouse! From August 2 to 12, check out our amazing collection of Wacky items in the Wacky Clubhouse room!


But that’s not all – click on one of these Wacky items to receive a FREE bottle of Wacky Lemon Fizz. You can get one free bottle a day and every time you feed a bottle of Wacky Lemon Fizz to one of your pets, you have a chance of winning a Wacky prize!


But which Wacky is it? There’s only one way to find out!

67 Responses to Find a FREE Fizz in the Wacky Clubhouse Room!

  1. dibblerton says:

    I have to laugh at this cause frankly the last time I tried this, yesterday, I clicked on everything Wacky in the room and NOTHING gave me a fizz. lol.

  2. Hippoopi says:

    I click on Wacky as the room is loading and hopefully before the pets are loaded. If I’m not quick enough, I just switch room right back to the Wacky Room. Hope this helps.

  3. 1Emerald1 says:

    The Wacky room is awesome, one of the most fun Clubhouse rooms you guys have done. As has been stated here, the pets tend to pile up on Wacky sit there so no one else get a fizz. I assume this is the program not the players. I leave the Clubhouse immediately after I finally get the fizz so hopefully my pet will disappear right away.

  4. FoxesRule612 says:

    It took me a while to find it, but I did after about the last object! XD

  5. hiyou4877 says:

    That did the trick. Just had to wait for other pets to leave that spot.

  6. EmeraldCity says:

    Some players’ pets are “standing” on Wacky in the Wacky Club House room BLOCKING all us other players from being able to click on him to get our Lemon Fizz and they are not leaving the room and are staying there seemingly to be on purpose to block others. This happened to me and many of my friends several times today. That is not a nice and respectful thing to do to all the other players. Ganz, can you fix this so that Wacky cannot be sabotaged and blocked from other players to click on him in the room? Thank you for looking into this PLEASE!!!

    • EmeraldCity says:

      I LOVE the Wacky Clubhouse room by the way, so fun and a great new addition to Wacky Celebration week! The banana peels are a perfect touch BTW, lol!

    • Gooseberrypatch says:

      I have had this happen to me too. I have left and come back to the room and they are still there!! I think they must have more than one account so they are able to let their pets stand there for long lengths at a time. This has happened in the Wacky Room and the O la la room as well.

    • kaye10 says:

      lol thanks for your honesty…here’s a hint–sit in the wacky chair next to wacky & see if that works…the first time i went to this room it took me 5 min to FIND wacky (among all the wackys!!!)! gl, k.

    • dibblerton says:

      I have this happen to me all the time. Especially in the room where Sophie Stockwell is.

  7. bubbashuka says:

    Hi! This is a random (but important-ish) question. Is there another way to submit my campkinz room? I use google chrome and the share center doesn’t work. (Actually, the submission form doesn’t) and on internet explorer it is VEEEEERRRRRYYYY slow, and I cannot do anything. Please help, I can’t miss this contest. Thanks ~bubbashuka

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      You will need to make sure that you have Flash enabled on Google Chrome for — then the form should work.

      • bubbashuka says:

        Sorry, but how? It is only the browse button that does not work.

        • Sally Webkinz says:

          Usually there is an icon next to the website address and when you click on it, it will show you a bunch of things, including if Flash is enabled. The browser button/upload process uses Flash, which is often disabled automatically by the browser.

          • bubbashuka says:

            I actually will probably ask my Dad for help. XD So sorry for the trouble! It’s ok even if it doesn’t work.

          • bubbashuka says:

            It worked on internet explorer, so I’m finally entered as soon as it posts! :) Good luck everyone!

          • 4uLittleOne says:

            Ya Salley maybe someone should TALK to chrome cause i’ve done everything you asked and i still can’t log in. I’m missing the Wacky Fest and missed getting the pink cabin cause Webkinz was down the last day of Aug.. very disappointed.. it doesn’t work enabling Flash..

          • Sally Webkinz says:

            If you aren’t having any luck with Chrome, please try a different browser.

          • 4uLittleOne says:

            I feel like a broken record telling you flash doesn’t work on chrome..

          • Sally Webkinz says:

            Many people, myself included, use Flash on Chrome.

          • dune456 says:

            So why is it working for you and not the rest of us?

      • phreeby says:

        Flash is going to be unsupported by Adobe in 2020.

  8. sharktooth0126 says:

    I like wacky

  9. tinygma says:

    Giving up on the SODA too depressed all these days finally I am getting the 7 but nothing in any in all these days . If I am in a room and 1 flys I will click but this is WAY TOO SLOW I fall asleep just waiting . I know but us asking for WEBKINZ to speed it up is not helping. WE have asked for years no one seams to care but us. Just tired of wait wait wait for hours TO GET DONE. !! NO LEMON fridge yet 1 family member sent me 1 but this just seams a waste of time . SAD :(

    • LuckyFinnigan says:

      Don’t give up!! There’s more than a week to go and I finally got BOTH the snack machine and Soda Machine back to back. It only took about 14 bottles all together. As soon as you see ‘words’ instead of a smile you know you’re on the right track, if your pet just smiles, put the bottles away for a while and come back later! When they start saying things like ‘fizzzzzz,’ or ‘Wack-errific!’ You know it’s just a matter of having a few more bottles of soda before you get the machine. I didn’t even have to stop in between, I just kept feeding my pet the orange soda when the yellow ran out and I got BOTH!

  10. BWG19 says:

    If everyone, after they click on Wacky and get the lemon fizz, if you could please move out of the way and let the next pet ask for one. They tend to pile up and alot of times a pet is covering Wacky completely. Then have to move to another room and could be several times before can actually click on Wacky. This might help alot. Thanks in advance.

    • Beckinz8 says:

      Wonderful suggestion! I hope that the right people see it!

    • ferretfuzzbut says:

      I often run several windows at the same time with all of our different accounts. The person whose pet is blocking wacky may not be seeing that at all on their screen. I will play with 1 of mine in the pool and on another account it will show my pet blocking wacky until I leave that room

    • LeeLee says:

      I just get a feeling it’s the clubhouse glitch, you think you are one place, but others see you elsewhere, even outside in the blue part of the screen, especially since I can’t actually stand on him. Because of that I do what you mentioned, move away quickly since I don’t know what is really happening. I wish Ganz didn’t ignore these messages though and I doubt it’ll get fixed since it’s only for 6 more days.

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