Pet-rifying Fun!

This year is so packed with Halloween fun, we had to start it in September! Check out some of the spooky specials we are planning this year!



Freaky Fan Share Center Contest!

Sept. 4 – 21


Our Freaky Fan Share Center contest started on September 4, but you still have until Sunday September 20 to submit YOUR design for the new Freaky Forest theme for a chance to win 50,000 eStore points! The winning design will be added to the Freaky Forest theme on October 21.



The Frightful Four Pack

September 14 to October 31


The Frightful Four Pack comes with the Zombie Pup, the Midnight Owl, the Black Cat and the Spotted Frog, PLUS the spooktacular virtual Ghostly Grand Piano for just $18.99.



Deluxe Gift Box BOOOOnus!!!

October 1


Deluxe Members will find a BOOOnus item in their October Deluxe Gift Box!




Pet-rifying Pet Pageant Share Centre Contest

October 1 – 31


Dress up your plush Webkinz pet and share a photo of it on the Share Center for a chance to win a plush Zombie Pup or one of four virtual Zombie Pups!



Ghostly Giveaway!

October 3 – 30


Look for the ads with the ghost around Webkinz World for a chance to win an awesome Halloween item! There is a new prize every Friday so look for the ghost to collect all four!


We will be posting more details about these events as the time draws closer so be sure to check Webkinz Newz often so you don’t miss any of the frightening fun!


168 Responses to Pet-rifying Fun!

  1. webkinzpupcat says:

    I am pumped about Halloween it is my favorite holiday! Sorry to you all that don’t celabrate Halloween I don’t mean to offend you when I say it is my favorite holiday! I think i am going to be a pumpkin bat! These activities awesome I hope the ghost in the library will still be there!!

  2. dogheart7 says:

    I just can’t wait until Christmas In WW my pet just sits on SantaKinz’s lap and I’m like “Oh, my wittle baby is all grown up!” LOL.

  3. winterwarriorwolf says:

    So much fun! I’m so excited for all of this!!! :D The theme is great and the frightful four is literally the “fantastic four”! :D

  4. Picia says:

    I’m so excited! I ordered the frightful four pack :D Can’t wait!!

  5. webkinzrose says:

    ugh Im tired of school

  6. renfroekid2201 says:

    I Don’t Do Halloween!

  7. redgreen says:

    could you maybe change the prize to the contest, I would really love to enter, but not to win… I’m not too big on zombies…

  8. Pokemom says:

    Hooray Autumn and all the fun that comes with it! Will the Ghost be in the Clubhouse this year? We love his “bbbboooooooooo” and the organ music that plays once you’ve found him!

    • winterwarriorwolf says:

      It sounds like it might just be advertisements that you have to click on :/ But hopefully I’m reading that wrong and it’s the clubhouse!! I love the ghost collections!!

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