Pet-rifying Fun!

This year is so packed with Halloween fun, we had to start it in September! Check out some of the spooky specials we are planning this year!



Freaky Fan Share Center Contest!

Sept. 4 – 21


Our Freaky Fan Share Center contest started on September 4, but you still have until Sunday September 20 to submit YOUR design for the new Freaky Forest theme for a chance to win 50,000 eStore points! The winning design will be added to the Freaky Forest theme on October 21.



The Frightful Four Pack

September 14 to October 31


The Frightful Four Pack comes with the Zombie Pup, the Midnight Owl, the Black Cat and the Spotted Frog, PLUS the spooktacular virtual Ghostly Grand Piano for just $18.99.



Deluxe Gift Box BOOOOnus!!!

October 1


Deluxe Members will find a BOOOnus item in their October Deluxe Gift Box!




Pet-rifying Pet Pageant Share Centre Contest

October 1 – 31


Dress up your plush Webkinz pet and share a photo of it on the Share Center for a chance to win a plush Zombie Pup or one of four virtual Zombie Pups!



Ghostly Giveaway!

October 3 – 30


Look for the ads with the ghost around Webkinz World for a chance to win an awesome Halloween item! There is a new prize every Friday so look for the ghost to collect all four!


We will be posting more details about these events as the time draws closer so be sure to check Webkinz Newz often so you don’t miss any of the frightening fun!


168 Responses to Pet-rifying Fun!

  1. ChristianCowgirl123 says:

    Hey Gennelle, i was just wondering if you could fix my glitch… On webkinz when i was on my map of Kinzville I went on the Theater and i wasn’t able to watch anything… can you help?

  2. beaubo says:

    This is exciting!

  3. tarayvonne says:

    Please bring back the jack-o-lantern growing seeds to the estore this Halloween, I missed them and would love to have some.

  4. kitkat8765 says:

    This looks like it may be an outdoor theme. Is the background for the outdoor room coming back, and is the treehouse going to go back to having day and night?

  5. MajesticFox says:

    I gonna be,have you seen that show Bob’s Burgers? My sister gonna be Tina,Me I gonna be Lousie,and my brother is gonna be Gene. Or possibly we’re gonna be Harry Potter characters.

  6. jayda2015 says:

    Thanks so much Ganz..this sounds exciting!!

  7. cowtown2 says:

    how about a frightful six, add the black bat and the new harvest owl, or could even be seven, let me think what that could be, I guess it is like the fantastic four, I just love the black bat, and your collection you have put together, o yeah I remember is there a candy corn mouse, or something like that, if not a candy corn mouse, would be cool, no not dinner for the cat or the owl, lol. we don’t have to celebrate Halloween but on webkinz it can be fun,

  8. 1Eeyore says:

    Wait is the ghost not gonna be in the reading room?

  9. ayai4813 says:

    No ghost in the clubhouse? I’m already patiently waiting for many items that I paid for with eStore points to be visible/work- now this? I do like the new format, but really wish that all the glitches had been worked out prior to launching it, and the ghost in the clubhouse has been a tradition for a number of years. Just curious as to why this is changing, too?

  10. ilovemlp22 says:

    I love Halloween! Free Candy, Coustumes, REALLY AWESOME WEBKINZ COUSTUMES, Candy, Parties, AND MORE CANDY!!!!! Also Halloween is exactly one week after my birthday!

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