Podkinz 112: Winterfest Sneak Peek and a FREE Code

Mandy and Michael close out the year with a look at the first event of 2019 – Winterfest! They preview the Winterfest prizes and the Printable Christmas Card, reveal some big news about collecting Pet Medallions, read some KinzPost from our players, and share a special holiday code for an adorable Red Reindeer Harness!


Happy Holidays from the Webkinz Newz Team!


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54 Responses to Podkinz 112: Winterfest Sneak Peek and a FREE Code

  1. Eilish says:

    I am unable to “Submit” my Pet Medallion. I made sure I followed directions including Ctrl click submit. It just sits there. I have submitted several things in the past, without a problem. This is a big disappointment. :(

  2. orangewing2020 says:

    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy End of Year Podkinz!

  3. EmeraldCity says:

    Michael, 100 cookies!!!! :O :D OMG! Luv you guys, Merry Christmas… Can’t wait for Winterfest!

  4. CocoaBunny says:

    Not entirely sure where to put this, but with the announcement about all arcade games now having a chance at winning bonus prizes I thought I would play some of my favorite games. For at least since February if not longer than that, if I get the high score of the day (today around 12,000 on cash cow), then go back to play a few more games, after one of the lower scoring games my pet will say “look, you got the high score of the day!” and upon going to check the link to the game in the arcade the score will have returned to the pet that had the lower high score of the day before my pet did. The score is not anywhere in the high scores page or my best scores, and this is especially frustrating when it’s a personal best high score. It’s also happened for Zingoz Zangoz too. Please fix this, we shouldn’t be limited to one play of our favorite game in a day if we get a new high score and don’t want to erase it.

  5. _emiemiemiemiemi_ says:

    Awesome! I really love those new ski outfits and the snowy river tiles. ^-^ I hope we’ll be able to get lots of those tiles, like we were able to get extras of last year’s from the Wooly Piglet. Thanks for the sneak peak and code, Michael and Mandy! I enjoyed the Pokekinz, as always! ^-^

    • _emiemiemiemiemi_ says:

      Oh my gosh, and I totally forgot to say this, BUT I AM SO HAPY THAT YOU MADE ALL GAMES AVAILABLE FOR MEDALLIONS!! X) I’ve been wanting that for a while and I’m really happy about it! Thank you, whoever has done this! XD

  6. loveforanimals468 says:

    The harness looks beautiful but, I don’t feel like typing in the code right now. Sooo…

  7. GramaII says:

    Thank you for the beautiful red and green harnesses, have to go dress up the deer with them. Happy Holidays to everyone.

  8. LeoGrimm says:

    :( I couldn’t read today’s one-day-only code (daily reindeer codes) and now I have been banned from the code shop for one day! I kept trying changing the 5′s and S’s because the 5′s and S’s look exactly alike. I didn’t realize there was a limit to how many times I could try, and now I’m going to miss out on today’s prize.

  9. Mreeha says:

    Wow misleading thumbnail? Wow, ganz, wow.

  10. frodo says:

    I can hear Mike and Mandy but only see the start screen – cannot see anything they are talking about

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