Ultimate Collector’s Items: Retired Exclusive Items!


Continuing our series about some of the most difficult-to-find items in Webkinz World, here’s a look at some of the earliest retired Exclusive Items!


With the adoption of each new pet, you will receive an Exclusive Item inside your pet’s gift box! In order to keep the pool of prizes fresh, we often update the available Exclusive Items with new stuff, while at the same time retiring some of the older ones.


Items like the Blue Dragster, Fancy Tea Service, Grandfather Clock and Stone Elephant Statue were among some of the very first Exclusive Items to be released and retired. Other items like the Mauna Loa Lamps had to be retired due to legal trademark issues.


If you want to learn more about Exclusive Items, check out our gallery here.


Learn more about Webkinz’ Ultimate Collector Items here and here.


What other ultimate collector’s items would you like to see? Let us know in the comments


114 Responses to Ultimate Collector’s Items: Retired Exclusive Items!

  1. jo75643111 says:

    i have all of them except for the mushroom table

  2. srstein14 says:

    I can see why they got rid of the lava lamps though!

  3. srstein14 says:

    I REMEMBER the fancy tea service and the grandfather clock from when I first started playing webkinz!! WHY did they get rid of those items??

  4. mar1ed2 says:

    I would like to say I have everything in this category, but that will never happen.

  5. treytrott says:

    I’ve got the blue lamp

  6. myjohn8 says:

    I have 63 and the only ITEM I have is the dragster. I have been a member since 2009, and play faithfully almost every day. I think we need to get new rooms at the W shop to buy with kinz cash. We used to get new items more frequently, but now they just want you to spend real money. We need new prizes on the wheels and in the wish factory. So much of the same stuff for those of us who have been playing for years!!!!! We also need to have a rare items in Arte’s every hour. Maybe then I could find some of the stuff I’m looking for!!!!!

    • 202park says:

      I agree, I have been playing since 2006 and most of the items that are in the W shop have been in there since around that time which includes the room themes. I do think that there should be some type of option for the players who are serious collectors and who want to get the rare or even the retired items.

  7. shuggylay says:

    I had everything on that list when I first joined, but since I was four, I sold all of it for Kinzcash! WAHHHHHHHH!

  8. andywiggle says:

    i REALLY need rainbow coffee table

  9. prprprprp says:

    Could anyone give pupcakes88 (me) any one of the Lamps, Fancy Tea thing, and Gandfather Clock, and Elephant statue. Thanks.

  10. lulusun says:

    If anyone has any of these would you please send them to me at ‘Lulusun’ ? I would send you an exclusive item or what ever you want.

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