Webkinz Desktop App is Available Now!


Back in March we announced the development of our browser-free, full-screen Desktop App for Windows. Well, the wait is over and the application is ready to download today!


Click here to get Webkinz Desktop App for Windows.



Once the download completes, run the installer and you’ll get the new app with an icon on your desktop. Our app automatically updates itself, so you’ll always have the latest and greatest version – no more downloads needed!



Again, this version is for Windows computers only, but we’re happy to announce that the Mac version is going very well and we expect it to be in release state much sooner than first planned! Stay tuned. Also, as a reminder, this application does require the Flash player to remain on your computer, but if you’re playing Webkinz on your PC now, you already have Flash and nothing needs to change.


Finally we’d like to put out a special thanks to all of the Webkinz players who helped us beta test our Desktop App. With your input we’ve created the best, most secure way to play Webkinz ever!


Have fun and let us know below what you think of the new app! We love reading your feedback.




Have questions about the Webkinz Desktop App? Check out our earlier special report answering your questions here.


356 Responses to Webkinz Desktop App is Available Now!

  1. lulu2020 says:

    HI, I played Webkinz classic as a kid and I want to play again but idk how???/

  2. kevinsmommie says:

    I got a new MacBook for Christmas but all I can download is the mobile phone app. Is the desktop app available for Mac yet?

  3. cookie0313 says:

    Have a new laptop and can’t download because the link here doesn’t work. Please help!!!

  4. rbm1234 says:

    is it available for windows XP?

  5. Kcoms90901 says:

    It closes the tab whenever I try to click on the download tab. :( Someone help?

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