Webkinz Tips and Tricks: Growing Gardens!


In this edition of Webkinz Tips and Tricks, we will be looking at a great way for earning KinzCash: harvesting farm fresh food from your Growing Gardens!


You can find the “Seeds” section in the WShop’s “Fun Stuff” category. Once you buy seeds, you can drag them from your Dock into any outdoor or treetop room to plant them. Different plants grow at different speeds, so each day you should tend to you plants by clicking on them. If your plant has developed weeds, it will no longer continue to grow, and if the weeds are not removed using the rake, the plant will eventually die and need to be dug under to start growing again. Watering plants each day will reduce the chance that a plant will get weeds.


Once a plant is fully ripe you can harvest it. Some plants like pumpkins will only yield one piece of food each time you harvest it, while other plants like tomatoes can yield as many as 5 items in a single harvest! And once you’ve harvested a plant, it is recycled and begins the growing cycle again!


Harvested food can be sold back to the WShop, and there is no limit to the number of times that a plant can go through the growth cycle. So as long as you visit each day and tend to your growing gardens, the more you plant, the more KinzCash you can make!


How many gardens do you have? And what other “Webkinz Tips and Tricks” would you like to learn? Let us know in the comments below.


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192 Responses to Webkinz Tips and Tricks: Growing Gardens!

  1. liser2014 says:

    New seeds would be awesome!

  2. c2211 says:

    big garden hard work

  3. kittymade10 says:

    i have 20 room (all)

  4. kayleybarnett says:

    oh and mustache time! :{)

  5. kayleybarnett says:

    hmm okay well… i have no plants. this is a good tip… i was just on my account ABOUT to get plants, until a little add popped up. it was this tip. XP

  6. tinkerbellrocks21 says:

    i want to be deluxe

  7. tsecretiw says:

    I wished when you went to harvest you could just click on and it harvested everything. When you go to sell you click on item and you could say how many you want to sell and not have to put each one up.

  8. pealover says:

    I have a huge garden it is full of strawberries!

  9. ilovecolors123 says:

    lol. i think its funny how the crown of wonder is just in their dock.

  10. LetYourLightShine says:

    One thing you can do before Halloween is plant lots of seeds and water them for a few days and let them grow until they’re ready to harvest. Then don’t harvest them. Just quit taking care of them so they die. That makes the garden look creepy and scary! You have to start a couple of weeks before Halloween.

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