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    Hi there! I’m really hoping this forum is still checked. The quick events in the Webkinz Stadium is ridden with bots! I keep seeing the same ten contestants at every hour of the day. It also glitches like crazy. It stops the cooking competition in the middle of the first round, and the first competing chef is always one of the same ten bots I see in every other competition. And they always get perfect score and win every race. Can’t remember all of their names, but there’s a hippo named GROOVY and other webkinz named Plaid, Jessie, StickMup, Wally, Princess, KK Slider, Oreo etc. Please fix this. Other than that, I love this game to pieces.

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    I have to suggest to PLEASE remove the moving advertisements from Webkinz. It makes the site run slowly and freeze a lot because it’s giving the computer too many things to load and play. It makes it so Webkinz isn’t a good playing experience. The arcade games can’t function properly because there are a lot of lags. Please remove the video clips from the sidebars! Help us Webkinz users! D:

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    Please make it so we can sell Curio shop gems that we said we’d keep. I have way too many!

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    My high score on picnic was 880! It was a while back, and my computer lags now. I wish I could get it again! I think that when you get the highest score of the day you should get a prize of some sort.

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    That’s about as high as I go too! :)

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    Yeah, I have the same problem with my donut plant. I’d like to see changes when I rake, harvest or shovel it.