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    they should still do that because I get really frustrated becuz I can’t find my friends anywhere.

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    I’m pretty exited about the flutter pig and puggle puppy. There both SOO cute!!

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    I’m not sure what my high score is but my FAVORITE game is Pizza Palace. They should make more games like that. Also I think it’s really unfair that Ganz is making EVERYTHING deluxe. Even furniture,clothing,games,and vacation. I mean can’t they just leave everything the way it was?

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    I wish that at Christmas time they let u choose more options of what u want. It would give more of things to pick then just three things.

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    Does anyone know what zoey’s design academy is?

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    I was thinking what if they had a neon room. They could have neon EVERYTHING. That would be awesome!!!! Kind of like 3-D or something.

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    That’s a awesome idea! The babies could even have the little onesies. That would be soo cute!!!!

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    I would definitely like it if they made a kitchen set with actual cabinets and drawers. It would look real and more cozier. Good Idea!!!

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    I know a lot of people said a lot of mean stuff to my friend in the Girls Rule Room. Maybe it was a good thing they took it away.

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    Does anyone know about the Zoey’s design academy news? Please tell me anything about if you can. Thanks!

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    I Love either kinzstyle shop or Persephone’s shop. I LOVE fashion so if you need help with picking out the perfect outfit come talk to me. : )

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    I agree kinzclipfan. They should make something else besides dogs. Maybe like a horse, cat, or even koala.