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    I just wanted to make a correction in the Stove Recipes. Phantom Pop is not a recipe. It is the 3rd ingredient in the Tooth Extractor, which can only be made with Halloween ingredients. :D ~MORHB~

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    Hi Twistersmom. Glad to help with the FR and the PSF. I have sent all the ones from my mom account that you didn’t have. I am going to send FR’s from another account 5m***** and start sending from there, then move on to other accounts. If at any time you are done with PSF’s just let me know and I will stop sending. ~MORHB~

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    Hi Genelle, Is it possible to put a food topic in the trading forums? Just a suggestion :D ~MORHB~

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    I agree markg, we need a way to remove rooms. I know some won’t agree with me because of costs, but I will PAY Nuts and Bolts to remove or re-size rooms, lol. ~MORHB~

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    Twistersmom, I have a suggestion for this. It will take a little time, but it worked well for me. First put everyone on your Friends List in a Word document, or some kind of list that you can save and edit. Then go buy a building kit. Ask everyone on your list for supplies. As they send them to you delete them from the list. Every 3 or 4 days send another materials request. Decide how long you want to do this (a weekend, week, 2 weeks, a month). Just remember some are not able to get on everyday or even week. Then when you decide you are done asking, just remove the people who didn’t send from your Friends List. I did this over Winter Break last year and ended up removing 92 people from my list. If you don’t want or need the building kit, then don’t actually “build” it. You can’t sell completed building kits back to the wshop, but you can if they aren’t completed. Hope this helps. ~MORHB~

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    nikkibing – You get seed packs from the florist shop.

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    redgreen, I haven’t won the wish of the day, but I do know 2 others who have. So keep wishing. ~MORHB~

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    Yellowhedgehog – I remember one balloon kit we got free for a challenge or something didn’t complete, but the kits from the wshop do. Have you tried to purchase another and see if you can complete it?If it works then sell the glitched one back to the wshop. ~MORHB~

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    I agree and make a strong support for this! It would make things a lot easier for traders. ~MORHB~

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    I support 1fatcats suggestion. Please give us an estore tab and wshop tab when we enter the Wshop in WW. It is so confusing for the younger players to figure out what they can and can not spend their KC on. ~MORHB~

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    I have seen crissy, LT and atom post once or twice on here. I don’t know about DF, but I hope she will come back and get in touch with people again. ~MORHB~

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    Support xoingtoby! With Ganz getting rid of Webkinz Friends, Tail Towns, and Zoey (I think), they need a complete overhaul of Ganz World. ~MORHB~

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    Another suggestion I have is seasonal wallpaper and flooring for outdoor rooms. For example, when Ganz changes the outside rooms for the season, snow in Winter, leaves in Autumn, little flowers with light green grass in Spring, dark green grass for Summer. Plus the background (wallpaper) to match. ~MORHB~

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    Hi Shoshone. Just to let you know that you don’t have to water your plants. I have never watered mine and they still produce. I just harvest and rake. If I’m busy, I only check every three days. After 3 days stuff starts to die off. But, I do agree that they should fix that you have to leave the room and come back to water after you harvest and rake. ~MORHB~

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    I agree TigerKinzKG. That is why I chose foods that are already in the wshop and are used for food recipes. :D ~MORHB~