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In the Let’s Build video series, Michael shares how to decorate lots of different rooms! Click a link below to check out a previous Let’s Build video.


Let’s Build: Dr. Quack’s Clinic


Let’s Build: Clothing Store


Let’s Build: CampKinz


Let’s Build: Jumbleberry Fields


Let’s Build: A Royal Palace


Let’s Build: A Movie Theater


Let’s Build: A Wacky Bedroom


Let’s Build: A Hollow Oak Cottage


Let’s Build: Treasure Island


Let’s Build: The Kinzville Academy


Let’s Build: A Haunted Graveyard


Let’s Build: A Home for the Holidays


Let’s Build: On Webkinz Mobile


Let’s Build: An Ice Palace Bedroom


Let’s Build: A TV Studio


Let’s Build: A Spaceship!


Let’s Build: A Flower Garden


Let’s Build: A Seaside Hotel


Let’s Build: A Freaky Forest


Let’s Build: A Christmas Cafe


Let’s Build: A Chocolate Shop


76 Responses to Let’s Build Archive

  1. coryboy1234 says:

    can you put these vidos on the fun page

  2. beerfeet says:

    You showed a beautiful garden for the new Ginger bunny. Could you tell me what theme the fence in the new Ginger bunny garden is from? You did not name what fence was in there. Also the fence is shown on the front part of the yard and we have never been able to place a fence there! Did you just take artistic license or is that fence just a special case?

  3. 1Eeyore says:

    Micheal you should make a rainbow house. Red kitchen, orange bedroom, yellow living room, green bedroom, blue bathroom, and a purple hangout. Different combinations would work to like a yellow bath room, purple kitchen or red bedroom. Just examples but please do make a rainbow house. :)

  4. iloveJesus222 says:

    how do u send vids to him to be featured in the movie showcase?

  5. alextheninja says:

    u should use the modern boutique stuff thats only on moblie and use other stuff and make a boutique

  6. sxa1839 says:

    maybe he can make a winter wonderland room

  7. andywiggle says:

    you should build a golden room.

  8. 1Eeyore says:

    Micheal Can you please make a room that free players can build because i have two freeplayer accounts. They have really nice rooms already but i dont have a youtube account to post videos on how to make them. So maybe you can do it instead.

  9. moon678 says:

    WOW! You should do a Nefaraia’s House themed room and i don’t know how to spell her name properly just to let you’ll know. I’ve lost all my mind for English after my English Exam today ;D

  10. moon678 says:

    AWESOME!!!! I love this video

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