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In the Let’s Build video series, Michael shares how to decorate lots of different rooms! Click a link below to check out a previous Let’s Build video.


Let’s Build: Dr. Quack’s Clinic


Let’s Build: Clothing Store


Let’s Build: CampKinz


Let’s Build: Jumbleberry Fields


Let’s Build: A Royal Palace


Let’s Build: A Movie Theater


Let’s Build: A Wacky Bedroom


Let’s Build: A Hollow Oak Cottage


Let’s Build: Treasure Island


Let’s Build: The Kinzville Academy


Let’s Build: A Haunted Graveyard


Let’s Build: A Home for the Holidays


Let’s Build: On Webkinz Mobile


Let’s Build: An Ice Palace Bedroom


Let’s Build: A TV Studio


Let’s Build: A Spaceship!


Let’s Build: A Flower Garden


Let’s Build: A Seaside Hotel


Let’s Build: A Freaky Forest


Let’s Build: A Christmas Cafe


Let’s Build: A Chocolate Shop


76 Responses to Let’s Build Archive

  1. kittybitty2014 says:

    I want Michel to do a fall farm vid!!! ;^)

  2. webkinzrockz131 says:

    Michael, I have a suggestion for what to build next! Do Hogwarts or another magical school!

  3. webkinzrocker1 says:

    I love these videos!!!!!!!!! I made the clothing store and the wacky bedroom. The wacky bedroom is a little different, but the clothing store is exactly the same. ;9

  4. foreverateens says:

    Can you make some rooms that do not require rare, exclusive, estore, or deluxe stuff? challenge things are okay though ;)

  5. puppypearl2014 says:

    AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHH! can’t get to the videos ’cause i have k9 web protection!!!!!

  6. choover143 says:

    I love seeing these. What about something with Zum prizes, that could be fun to see.

  7. jsticklestad says:

    Michal I love your rooms! They are really cool! But half of the items you use are items that are hard for us to get…

  8. moosiekins says:

    Maybe this isn’t the correct spot to say this, but, Webkinz should REALLY come up with some themes for the BOYS!! I am a girl, but would love to see Boy Themed rooms, as well. Like what, you ask? Well, a Tool filled workshop would be awesome, or, a new Garage theme, updated from the old one, or how about a Video Game Room ( more like a Man Cave, less like an arcade ), or, here are some other cool ideas. a Fire Station, a Police Station, a Bat Cave!!!

  9. chickenlittleROX says:

    Can you do something using the spree tiles please:)

  10. rheadragon says:

    you should do a fancy kichen!

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