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    Hi! My favorite thing about winter is Christmas! Sometimes we even get snow! username: eagleauburn95

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    Thank you so much for this opportunity! My username is eagleauburn95

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    I have a few signatures and most of them are actually hard.. my softest one is my orange tabby. Also, don’t feel bad about posting your opinion. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and the right to voice it. :)

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    Hi! Thanks for having this contest! 1. Pink Poodle 2. PJ Collie 3. Duck Crossing My username is eagleauburn95

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    Why is everyone freaking out about them? Did ganz say they were retiring? Which ones are going away, and when? Please explain this to me!

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    My favorite season would have to be fall. I love the beautiful swirl of reds, yellows, and browns that accompany the transition between summer and winter. The oversized sweaters and colorful piles of leaves are enough to brighten anyone’s spirit. Fall also brings us that one day of the year where you can dress up like non-existent creatures and actually eat candy that strangers give you. It also brings a day of thanks, friendship, and pumpkin pie! The cool crisp air is also a nice change from the hot, humid air of summer. Fall is a wonderful time full of festivities and bright memories that we will cherish forever. username- eagleauburn95 Thanks!