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    @Nate4555. Hey hey were you looking for a peridot wig and a bee utiful window? I have the wig and would trade for any other mystery bag clothing piece. A friend may have the window but not sure if it’s the one you are looking for. Does it have curtains on it? Let me know :). Trying to get finished up before I get logged out

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    Hello everyone hope you all had a good weekend! I have a friend that is looking to get one hundred of the quilted tiles from the leaves (not the soda bottles). I’ve been able to send her about thirty so far. Oddly the tiles are not common for me this time plus I’m not doing all of my accounts. If you could send them to anyone of my accounts I can send them on to her. She is only allowed a few friends and can not go to trade rooms or here. I can send back random fall fest items in exchange from this year and last year. Or veggie fest seeds if you prefer those. Thanks and have a great rest of the day:)

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    @ultrasonic. Hey hey posting up front so you can find easier and it’s hard for me to go backwards and find posts, the white background makes it had for me to see. I don’t need any wish tokens back, I appreciate you offering them though. So many of the token prizes are older collection items that I didn’t use any tokens for what I sent you. I reached 500 on my main account a few weeks ago and had planned on doing a giveaway of some sort so that may still be coming. October is gong to be busy in Webkinz, I was just looking over the calendar of activities. For your Christmas room are you doing inside or outside? Are you working on any theme or a mix? I didn’t get a chance to post on Friday. My Christmas storage is the web11 account so I’ll need to do a kp shuffle to the other accounts, so let me know and if there is something specific you are looking for. Hope you had a great day at school!

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    @Sparky1109. Hey hey yes especially after the weekend the posts accumulate and things get buried. I also have an added complication, I don’t know if you saw but I have cataracts so I am limiting the accounts I play daily and reducing my screen time. The white background of the forum pages makes it hard to read sometimes. Didn’t you recently move and start a new job? From the free 2019 soda bottles I got one of the grand prize tree and a nice selection of the other items, very few creek tiles. From the purchased 2020 bottles I got one barn and again a nice selection with only a few of the quilt tiles. I still have some to open. I may have the tranquil fall tree swing (I have something called fall tree swing and that could be it). I have the fall fun tree swing I’ll send you and will also check for the fall oak tree. Do you do FB? I have better luck trading there for estore items. I brave the trading rooms occasionally but not often. Good hearing from you :)

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    @ultrasonic. Hey hey how is your fall room coming along? There is definitely way more fall outdoor stuff than indoor. Most of what I sent was from previous years acorn collection. What other type of room will you be working on next? Hope you had a good week at school! Thanks for sending the clothes over to me, I have never attempted to solve any of the clothing recipes. It’s amazing how quickly some of those get figured out and others take years. Have a great weekend :)

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    Hey hey well I had better luck with the sodas than I did with my clothing bags. I did get the barn and the owl and pumpkin spice cookie seeds and only one of the creek tiles (like most I have way too many of those tiles). So I was pleased with the first two bottles I opened. I got two of the golden headresses, midnight owl hat, nightfall Dagon hat, tricky tiger costume and hat. My older items were Aztec princess dress, mixed match shoes x 2, witch costume shoes, camera operator cap, and seafaring dress. I almost put the seafaring dress in my cart so that was good and I like the camera cap. I would like trade the tricky tiger costume for the golden slippers. Let me know if that works for you. It looks like the golden outfit is the hardest to get. Have a few weekend!

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    Hey hey everyone just a reminder that I am not playing on all my accounts every day. I log in on Saturday to open pan boxes and packages I’ve sent to my storage accounts. These are the ones I do everyday: beanieaunty, webkinzplayer0606, webkinzplayer0707, webkinzplayer110106, and webkinzplayer1212. On Saturday only these: beaniecousin, lilmarie2013, LAN3, rockerzrule2013; coolbreeze1kinz, webkinzplayer0808, webknzlayer0909, and webknzplayer1010. I’ve sent frs from accounts that have been sending acorn requests to my last eight accounts from my active accounts but you may not know that it was me. I’m getting a few sent back. If you want to add me as a friend please do so on the first five accounts. Happy to send acorns and with a building kit on the wheel those requests also. Have fun collectn leaves!

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    @bluerayne and Roxy. Good afternoon. I have gone further into the darker side as I have not only purchased fall mystery bags (1/2 price I couldn’t resist), fall fest soda ( spend promo, got some free) and yesterday for deluxe Wednesday presale of mystery clothing bags (got more free soda) !! :o. I will finish opening everything tonight but I have a golden crown or owl hat to trade for shoes or gown. I can’t remember what else right now. Would love to trade some items. Bluerayne that swing is much nicer than the picture and I’ve been planning my fall yard to put it in. Will work on that Sunday. Do either of you do any social media? I only do FB myself. Off to go open all my goodies, I needed a treat this week :). Also open to trading with others too! Hope everyone is getting what they want in fall fest prizes.

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    @bluerayne. Hey hey could you send me the recipe clothes please. I posted a page over about mystery clothes Thanks :)

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    @blurayne. Hey hey generally I stay away from the items that have a mystery component to them, I like to know what I’m getting :). But I couldn’t resist that sale. There was a hammock swing or a wooden swing (can’t remember the name right now) that if you got extra of I would be interested in. But if not no worries. Would have liked to been a fly on that wall and see you do your webkinz victory dance. Lol . Hope the leaves are being good for you, I’ve gotten quite a variety of items so far. Yea for fall fest! :)

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    @g2u. Hey hey just post on the current page as it gets hard to come back and find posts with multiple replies. More than happy to help out with deluxe items. Have an awesome day :)

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    @roxy. Hey hey thanks for the ones you’ve sent and I would appreciate 3 more. I think that will finish up the path in my gingerbread Halloween cottage room. Hope you have a good week too! Lots to keep busy with this week in Webkinz, fall fest has always been a favorite of mine. :)

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    If available may I have 3 of the candy tile? Awesome giveaway! We are friends on webkinzplayer1212

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    @blurayne. Hey hey hope you had an awesome weekend, I went to the dark side on Wednesday. I was gifted some points and with fall mystery bags on sale I bought 4. Then I went back and bought 2 more :0. I’ve only opened two so far but I was really pleased with what I got. I did a little trading Sunday night and if you still want the autumn window I have one for you. I must say it’s prettier in the room than just looking at the picture. I got a window for myself also. Let me know. Enjoy collecting the leaves.

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    @g2u3. Hey hey I had sent you over a fr from my web11 account because I still was not finding you listed for kp. I had tried to friend you on aunty and it said we were already friends ;0. Of course after I did that and went back on aunty your user name showed up. Anyway we are now friends on 3 accounts that I play every day so if you need acorns or challenge requests feel free to send those over. New Halloween costumes will be out in a few days and I’m sure some will be deluxe. If you want those (or any deluxe item) let met me know and I’m happy to send it over to you. Nothing is needed in return. Have fun collecting the leaves :)