Arcade Trophy Showcase: Archives



Looking for tips for winning your favorite trophy in the Webkinz World Arcade?


Click on any of these links below:


How to Win Atlantiles, Booger Gets an A, and Bounce ‘n Burst Trophies


How to Win Candy Bash, Candy Bash 2, and Cash Cow Trophies


How to Win a Foreman Award, or Eager Beaver Adventure Park, or Flutterbugged



How to Win Master Blaster 600, WackyER Zingoz, or Gold Zingoz Pop Trophies


How to Win Go-Go Googles, Goober’s Lab, or Lily Padz 2 Trophies 


How to Win Llama League Cup (Leapin’ Llamas) and Operation Gumball Trophy


How to Win the Polar Plunge and Polarberry Jam Trophies




59 Responses to Arcade Trophy Showcase: Archives

  1. migrubbs says:

    Gennelle, will you let the team know that? I know everyone is thinking the same thing.

  2. sally3316 says:

    wow! i have won a trophy!

  3. 20Rainbow07 says:

    make a zacky’s quest trophy!

  4. Augustbaby2001 says:

    me too’ but some are deluxe and that kinda presents a problem for me:(

  5. riderboy03 says:


  6. gledenchild says:

    same here webkinz are great

  7. gledenchild says:

    ok just something i was thinking about and wanted to know:D

  8. gledenchild says:

    gennelle is there some type of meaning behind the webkinz you have that we know or are they just your favorite webkinz?

  9. Laur776 says:

    I have 7 of these trophies and still trying to get the other :)

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