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Looking for tips for winning your favorite trophy in the Webkinz World Arcade?


Click on any of these links below:


How to Win Atlantiles, Booger Gets an A, and Bounce ‘n Burst Trophies


How to Win Candy Bash, Candy Bash 2, and Cash Cow Trophies


How to Win a Foreman Award, or Eager Beaver Adventure Park, or Flutterbugged



How to Win Master Blaster 600, WackyER Zingoz, or Gold Zingoz Pop Trophies


How to Win Go-Go Googles, Goober’s Lab, or Lily Padz 2 Trophies 


How to Win Llama League Cup (Leapin’ Llamas) and Operation Gumball Trophy


How to Win the Polar Plunge and Polarberry Jam Trophies




59 Responses to Arcade Trophy Showcase: Archives

  1. orangewing2020 says:

    I have won lots of trophies in the arcade and they are all sooooo coooool!!!

  2. ELJUCO1964 says:

    I love it … got crafting canaries trophy for both of my accounts… goobers Lab is fairly easy to get some of the others are harder…

  3. emilyt99 says:

    I have been trying to win the Atlantiles trophy FOREVER now. I play it like 10 times a day and cannot win. someone PLEASE send me one my user is emilyt9. I have spare other trophies if you wanna trade !

  4. GalaxyGal11 says:

    Can you get a pizza palace trophey? I am super good at pizza palace.

  5. Chachagirl150 says:

    anyone have a dicekinz trophy they can send me? I never got one :( . If you add me and send it I’ll give you something good. thanks!

  6. _Webkinz101_ says:

    I have the highest score ever on flutterbugged….

  7. nickypoo23 says:

    Hello. I have been trying to think of a way to reach you guys with this question. So being that it’s about a trophy I will just put it here. I want to know if somehow you would consider doing a game of the day trophy. I think it is a big achievement to be able to get a high score on some of the games. Of course some restrictions will have to be applied in order for it to be fair and exclusive. So with that being said please keep it in consideration. I would love to see it. Thanks :)

  8. bestpersonever says:


  9. bestpersonever says:

    I love the idea but they are mostly deluxe games so what do we do hope the deluxe ones are game of the day?

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