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Want to make wonderful, delicious Secret Recipes for your pet in your oven, stove, blender or sandwich maker? Try these.


Amora Supora




Berribrite Blast


Blastop Rocaket


Bluchetta Grillon




Clothing Recipe: Detective Cap


Clothing Recipe: Glass Slippers


Clothing Recipe: Highland Kilt



Clothing Recipe: Seaside Sarong


Clothing Recipe: Stunning Kimono


Clothing Recipe: Tabby’s Glasses


Clothing Recipe: Wizard’s Apprentice Robe


Farm Fresh Apples: Recipe Revealed!








Mega Recipe: Kinzlet Milanese


Mega Recipe: Pomumitta


Mega Recipe: Shoopdeloop Soup


Polly’s Lovely Lemon Cookie


Pomeadrone Punch




Super Chef Recipe: Cogogumbo


Super Chef Recipe: Kismarkle


Super Chef Recipe: Neigowa Blancetta


Trippple Hot Chocolate


Vegan Veggie Wrap


Yummytummy Tumbler




91 Responses to Secret Recipes Archive

  1. nada says:

    Ty soooo much for revealing these recipes

  2. nada says:

    Do I seriously have to grow cabbage??? if so cmon

  3. 100floors1 says:

    Could you send out some hints to the food or make some new ones because I always look at this page and it has the same stuff!

  4. Brandolito says:

    Dear sally a hint for the Appliance for Mozzlenoms and Yiblesh were be niced

  5. cbayse says:

    I’m still looking for the recipe for Fixichini and Slotto Fruit to make Cogogumbo CAN any one help please

  6. Lydia19of13 says:

    super cool! will use.

  7. cbayse says:

    Does any one have the recipe for Squirrely Brittle I know its (peanuts + Toffee + ?)

  8. Brandolito says:

    Has anybody ifgure out the recipies for Boiled Wyvernacle?

    • kitkat42 says:

      Yeah, Boiled Wyvernacle! No one has figured it out for (nearly) 6 years!! I’ve tried too, with no luck figuring out how to make it. Here’s the link to the hints if people want to try:

      • lovlyhorses4 says:

        Yep, it’s pumpkin pop, lollipop and dragonfruit. Of course since barely anyone has pumpkin pops (I’ve been playing since 2008 and have never gotten one – i collect all foods) I don’t see many getting made. I wasted plenty of kinzcash, googooberries and time trying to solve something when I never even had a chance. Very disappointing.

        • Brandolito says:

          Pumpop was avalible in 2010 as part of the wheel of wow. Why would webkinzs retired an igredent that was in a recipie it makes no sense. I wasted plenty of kinzcash, trying to solve this recipe.

          • Brandolito says:

            In 2009 I had 20 pupking pop and Licorise bats when i logged off but then The Next day when i Logged in i had 1 licoirse bats and 1 Pumpkin pop left the rest of them just vanished.

  9. raineykinz says:

    I tried all foods with lemons. iced tea has a lemon on it, lemon pie, pink lemonade. nothing works

  10. Elizabeh says:

    For the Lovely Lemon Cookies, I have so far tried: Toffee/WK Crackers with each of the following, and got fails: ice cream, pink lemonade, lemon meringue pie, eggs, cookies. I have tried Toffee/Ice cream for each of the following, and got fails: pink lemonade, lemon pie, cookies, eggs, potato chips. I have further tried Lemon pie/eggs/ice cream, which is a fail. I have tried Toffee/asparagus with each of the following, and got fails: cookies, ice cream, WK crackers, lemon pie, pink lemonade, potato chips, baked potato. I’m posting this here, since the cookie recipe link isn’t posted yet.

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