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    YES!! I have always been annoyed when I got the kinzcash prize on any of the wheels… So disappointing when there are some really good prizes.

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    Please fix: How the Strength class lift button glitches; how after playing Spree, sometimes my dock won’t go back up. I’m on a laptop so I need to put it down or I can’t click anything; how the site freezes after playing a quick Tournament game and when checking your score so I have to exit out of the tab; how at arte’s, if you click Ask About Rare Items and there are none left in the day, you can still click the other buttons rather than having to go somewhere else and back for it to work. Please change: The employment office so each pet gets to do one without having to wait 8 hours in between; Plumpy’s place articles are not good because some of the answers I have seen don’t even apply to Webkinz. Just the other week there was one that said you still water your crops.. no; also change crops back to taking care of them and not have it say EVERY time that I just harvested a crop. Would go so much faster; how certain foods make your pet hungrier, and buying things from the w shop make your pet hungrier; get rid of

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    They already do that

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    Yes! I didn’t realize it glitched like this for everyone. I was just thinking the same thing. Yeah it used to be if you logged in to one pet, the rest can do the academy classes at level one. Very disappointed lol that I have to go back to level 10 with two of my pets. And the button glitch on strength mixed with the refreshing of ads, mixed with things floating across the screen, such as baked goods, mixed with being on level 10 makes it nearly impossible to complete.

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    I think this is a pretty good idea! And nice argument skills :)

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    YES THIS WOULD BE AMAZiNG. Sometimes I just want to listen to music and it sucks when I have to here all the game noises and people talking. Also just sometimes all the people get really repetitive with what they say. Hearing Ms. Cowaline say “What lessons will your little student be learning today” has me clicking on everything to get her to stop lol.

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    There already is a game like 2048- hatch the dragon

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    Please stop making the ads refresh every few minutes! When I’m playing games it REALLY screws me up.. So much high score potential never being realized.. In Leapin Llama it’s nearly impossible to avoid falling every time the ads refresh.

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    THANK YOU MIRANDAELAN! Such a disappointment when all you get for one day is a shopping bag space that you don’t have.. I usually just end up sending what was in the shopping bags anyways.

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    I really think you should add new tournament games.. That new Dogbeard’s Gold game for example.