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    Okay, Q1. Skunk Q2. PJ Collie Q3. Duck Crossing. My user is the same as above. I hope I didn’t post too late.

    I would LOVE the WZ jeans (like I said) I don’t feel like typing up my ENTIRE trade list… So how about we sort out some time. LHBB

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    I agree Niberts1 I never knew an account could expire until a few months ago… It’s pretty ridiculous if you ask me.

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    I think they’re replacing the boxes with deluxe challenges

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    Wait, not an exclusive, a rare item.

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    How do you get an exclusive anyway?

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    I really want WZ jeans too. I’ve been wanting them for a while but no one wants to trade for it. I have some items. I’m not going to name them all, cause that would take forever. How about we meet in the trading room, and I’ll show you. My username is littleheartbigbark. How about the the 29 of March at 3:30 KT time. How bout it?

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    I have the whimsical top hat,icy grecian gown, superkinz outfit, totally 80′s dress, and more. I have two golden retriever psi’s. I have two lion topiaries. I have a golden apple tree, lot’s of chocolate booth,chocolate couch, Spots and dots tv, european scooter, carrot fridge, spectacular pink wardrobe, chocolate fountain, and a Swell shelter bed. PLEASE!! I really want the signature timber wolf psi. It is my second most wanted webkinz!!! And it would make me feel better to have the psi. I am being serious. I really want it. I’ll even trade it for three items, then kinzpost you three more items!! PLEASE! :(

    AquamarineKatsuma, I really like the Big Bark and the Endangered Island Getaway. I have the swell shell shelter bed. If you want that, I would be really happy. I also have other psi’s, so tell me what you want.

    I really want the little lamb bed. How about lioness psi, or a golden retriever psi? I like the swan princess dress too. Just tell me what you want from me.

    I really want the little lamb bed. How about lioness psi, or a golden retriever psi?


    I have the golden retriever psi.

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    I have some things for trade. Here they are, Lion Toparies x2 Northern Lands Statue European Scooter Golden Apple Tree x2 Swell Shell Shelter Bed Bobbin’ Robin Jukebox Carrot Fridge Spectacular Pink Wardrobe Retriever Treadmill Playpen Trampoline Queen of the Jungle Throne Red Dotty Party Dress Team Webkinz Tracksuit Whimsical Top Hat (Deluxe item) Fluffington’s Vest Winterfest Hoodie Merry Christmas Toque Icy Grecian Gown (Deluxe item) Crafty Fairy Cloak Goblin Mask Ringmaster’s Top Hat Snowflake Slippers Polar Bear Toque Blue Jelly Coin Mr. Moo’s Candy Bar Cash Cow Milk Bottle Schauzner Schnitxel ( NO idea how to spell that lol) Heart Warming Wall Art Now the things I am looking for are these, Little Lamb Bed x2 Goo Goo Berry Pie Playful Pup Topairy I Heart Headband 2009 Chocolate Egg Area Rug 2010 Chocolate Egg Area Rug (I don’t think any of you have this but it’s a pure want and need) 2005 Halloween Hat Pilgrim Hat Pilgrim Outfit Lady Pilgrim Outfit Santakinz’ Reindeer Antlers Holiday Tub Tummies bear (I’m pretty sure that’s how you spell it) And that is all, I hope you like my items and have some of the items I want Littleheartbigbark

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    I really want one too! I have the icy grecian gown? And an exclusive item. I’m also looking for WZ jeans and the lamb psi.