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    Ok, so heres my food trade list before i get to the good stuff (clothing). XD -Acacia leaf lasagna- Endangered Dama gazelle -Sour grape moon chews- Purple Panther -Caramelted apple pie- Candy apple camel -Colorful candy bouquet- rainbow armadillo -Fairy bread triangles- Sugar coated kitty -Five fruit frozen yogurt- Sugar glider -Frosted ice cakes- Ice fawn -GingerBread biscuits- Holiday husky -Jeweled egg benedict- Opal owl -Pomegranate punch- Pom pom kitty -stitched up cupcake- buttons bear On to le good stuff! :3 -wild flower headdress -roman head wreath -White knight costume armor -Nafaria’s purple slippers -cheeseburger outfit -Hippo costume shirt -tie dye tux hat -rainbow hat -WZ jeans -orange army outfit -Rockstar sunglasses (shuts) -cloud adventure hoodie, jeans, or dress -superkinz outfit -pumpkin costume -annnnd, halo! Whew, now on to my wish list! -Deluxe headdress -vampire veil -BW cat costume (anything from the set!) -charm forest tiara -scuba oxygen tank -bunny ears..? i think thats what they are. Cant think of anything else, :P If you want to trade something thats not on my wishlist for something on my trade list, go ahead! XD just put in your username on webkinz in the comments below and tell me what you want, what your willing to trade for, and what time you would like to meet on webkinz in the trading room! -Bye every ‘kinz! ^.^

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    Nevermind, i tried to put the dress in but it won’t takes it :C all hope is lost for me :P

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    OMG OMG OMG. guess what! If you have the Kinzstyle Shop, (i cant remember the name, it’s the place where the poodle is xD) Theres an outfit called the Blueheartz Retro dress. If you read the description, it says, ”This pretty turquoise dress is a blast from the past!” Could this be the key all along? :O

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    I actually really like the name Radiant orchard .3. Until i decide if thats going to be the name i’m going to wait until everyone has thought of some names if they wanted to before i get him/her in the mail xD

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    Im going to let one of my friends decide once i get it :P it hopefully it wont be too long >.<

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    Hmm, i like Glitts, much decision XD

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    Hmmm, I like the name masquerade. XD this is going to be a hard decision.

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    I am getting her in a few weeks, So before that, I am trying to look for a name that will suit her. Be creative! XD –мʀṩмἷᾗἔƈʀᾄғҭἷᾄᾗ ♕

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    I agree totally. Once, i was almost there to the moon in Hoppy little rocket ship until i had to go do something, and lost >.< so please ganz, look at this forum and add a pause button, i would be so happy :3

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    I have the Endangered Mountian lion, Dama gazelle, Signature lion, red wolf, Signature ragdoll cat, marble cat, Persian cat, and I think a few others.

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    I need a name for my black wolf, -male, mysterious, powerful, kind, and clever.