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    Absolutely! I am happy that I could help.

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    apparently, I was too wordy, so… to continue what I was saying…
    Sweet Cocoa Con Carne – Cocoa Dinosaur
    Twisted Candy Apple – Quirky Carnival Unicorn

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    Okay, so I have listed all my PSF that I have access to, and sent them out (you can still request them if you see one in my previous posts you need). Now, I am going to list the PSF that I have on my dock that my Webkinz friends have been kind enough to share. Hopefully, some of you collectors out there will have need of them. Remember, I only have ONE of each of these, so please list them in order of which you’d like the most and I’ll do my best to make sure everyone gets something they need.
    Blue Candy Corn Feed – Blue Springtime Chick
    Candy Clovers – Shamrock Dragon
    Decadent Cupcake – Decade Dragon
    Disco Ball Cereal – Rockerz Poodle
    Fishsicle – Penguin
    Lovely Eucalyptus Lasagna – Misty Koala
    Microphone Snow Cone – Rockerz Bunny
    Minty Marble Cake – Peppermint Puppy
    Mosh Pitatoes – Rockerz Bulldog
    Pastel Pancakes – Spring Celebration Bunny
    Pop Soda – Rockerz Papillon Dog
    Purple Passion Fruties – Lil’ Purple Lamb
    Purple Playful Jelly Eggs – Lil Spring Corgi
    Rose Petal Tea- Lovely Love Kitten
    Strawberry Shortsteak – Strawberry Cloud Leopard
    Sweet Clover Cake – Horse
    Sweet Cocoa Con Carne

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    I will happily send those over directly!

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    I actually made mine on excel, then copy and paste it over to here when I’m sharing. It’s nice, cause I have them color coded based on the account they are on so that when I do giveaways I know where to find them. :) I am also old school and have a list in a notebook that I have just for webkinz. :D The psf is on it’s way my friend.

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    Absolutely my friend! I’ll send ALL of those PSF your way. I hope you had a lovely mother’s day. :D

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    West, I’m sorry to hear about the troubles in real life, and hope for a speedy recovery for your daughter. I sent a friend request to your rockfitness account. I’m one of those friends who is happy to share if I have it to do so with nothing needed in return. I’ll be sending the last “S” food you requested over today and posting my last batch of PSF here shortly. ;)

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    PSF Giveaway T-Z:
    List reads as PSI-Pet it comes with:
    Tree Frog Fly Soup – Tree Frog
    True Blue Bubble Soup – Blue Googles
    Two Prong Prawn Kebabs – Lionfish
    Two Seasons Cake – Groundhog
    Undersea Omelet – Purple Goldfish
    Wild Flower Nectar – Golden Lion Tamarin
    Wooly Waffles – Cloud Sheep
    Zebra Dog – Lion
    I also have the PSF for the following that was a Mother’s Day gift for the Mom of the house. XD
    Lucious Lip Loaves – Pucker Fish
    Once all of the requests for these have been filled, I plan on posting a list of PSF that are in my dock that have been sent by friends, so it’ll be only one of each available.

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    LOL, well I am very happy to hear that. I will get started sending those Super S Dishes over to you directly. ;)

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    I sent the last three from the previous giveaway, so here is the PSF Giveaway for the letter S (there are A LOT)
    List reads as PSI-Pet it comes with:
    Savory Swamp Stew – Bullfrog
    Savory Sweet Meat Treats – Brown Dog
    Sherpa’s Pie – Himalayan
    Slow Cooked Stew – Green Sloth
    Sour Jelly Worms – Owlet
    Sour Plum Drops – Plumfadoodle
    Spicy Curry Cod – Pelican
    Spiky Sedge Soup – Reindeer
    Spotted Shrimp Scampi – Spotted Frog
    Spring-Skewered Sausage – Springer Spaniel
    Sticky Spider Cider – Gecko
    Stubbly Grass Nibbles – Hippo
    Stuffed Catterpillar Calamarata – Chickadee
    Sugar Cube Satay – American Albino
    Sunflower Seed Soup – Canary
    Super Sweet Tarts – Waffle Wallaby
    Swordfish and Chips – Pirate Parrot
    You know the deal, make sure to leave me your username so I can make sure you get your requested food items. :)

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    Always happy to help a friend. :) I was sending the others to geenmama, so I’ll continue to do that, if longarms7 would like some too, I’m happy to send some their way (or just a fun surprise gift. heehee) Enjoy!

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    No worries at all @lilstinky. No need to send anything back in return. I’m happy to help. PLUS, you are friends with another younger webkinz in my house and are always sending lovely gifts their way. I’m happy to return the favor. :)

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    Absolutely my friend! I’ll start sending directly. ;)

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    LOL, I am glad I can help. Nothing needed in return. This is an easy giveaway for me as it’s something I have that I can always get more of. XD I sorta had the pokemon attitude towards the Webkinz pets for a while, “Gotta catch them all!” rofl. I will start sending these over directly. Enjoy my friend!

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    PSF Giveaway L-R
    List reads as PSI-Pet it comes with:
    Licorice Canepes – Black Poodle
    Lobster Kibble Bisque – Poodle
    Lotus Bloom Tea – Flower Frog
    Marzipan Bone – Golden Retriever
    Mini Meatball Sandwhich – Cheetah Cub
    Mud in your Eye Pie – Mud Hippo
    Nighttime Nibbles – Midnight Owl
    Ooey Gooey Cinnamon Rolls – Snowy Retriever Puppy
    Pesto Pasta – Upbeat Chic Giraffe
    Petite Pellet Palette -Guinea Pig
    Polarberry Float – Icy Mist Leopard
    Polka Dot Donut Bites – Polka Backfish
    Punksicles – Mowhawk Puppy
    Putrid Pudding – Zombie Pup
    Rainbow Swirl Lollipop – Candy Google
    Rainforest Roti – Black Panther Cub
    Reptile Risotto – Tiger
    Roasted Wild Grass – Springy Kangaroo
    Rodent Ravioli – Caracal Kitten
    Rosy Alfalfa Alfredo – Pinky Pony
    As always, please put your username if we aren’t already friends so I can make sure you get your requested items. (Even though it seems there are only 3 of you I’m sending these too. LOL)