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    Sure, I’ll take the mysterious ooze box! I always use them for Halloween themed rooms. My username is littlefoot1019. Let me know if you want anything in return!

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    Please help me — I’ve been looking for the sellable/tradable Enchanted Pond wallpaper and flooring from one of last year’s eStore bundles, but I haven’t had any luck. Here are the items I can trade for them: Ancient Civilization Flooring, Campkinz Sign Swing, Captain’s Quarters Flooring, Dame Dash Captain’s Chair, Deep Sea Stove, Devoted to Webkinz Sofa, Divine Dresser, Flying Cozy Carpet, Freaky Forest Cave. Freaky Forest Waterfall, Haunted Pond, Haunted Tree House Bed, Infinite Inferno Captain’s Chair, Inflatable Sofa, Love Topiary, Medieval Flooring, Medieval Wallpaper, Pyramid Wallpaper, Row of Lockers (3 available), Royal Red Carpet, Santakinz Workshop Flooring, Santakinz Workshop Wallpaper, Schoolyard Fence (2 available), Skating Rink Edge Piece (3 available), Sofreh Dining Table, Superhero Table, Time Machine, Road Trip touring van, Wacky Hot Air Balloon, Wailing Willow Tree, Wraparound Computing Chamber, and any Deluxe items from the WShop, Kinzstyle Shop, or Kinzstyle Outlet.

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    I really need the Enchanted Pond wallpaper and flooring for a room I’m making! They were part of a tradable/sellable estore bundle last fall, so if anyone would be willing to send/trade them to me, I would appreciate it! Let me know what items you need in return!

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    Here are the items I want: the Wacky Zingoz Jeans (clothing item), Orange Army Shirt (clothing item), Baseball Hat (room item), Hockey Skates (room item), Figure Skates (room item), and Toy Tool Belt (room item). If anyone has any of these and is willing to part with them, please let me know what you would like in return!

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    (@TheBandNerd and @alaska267) I’ll friend you both! My username is littlefoot1019; you’ll get a request from me soon!

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    My birthday’s coming up in about a month, and I’m hoping to get the Zombie Pup, too! It’s soooooooo cute!

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    Since the Tie Dye puppy is so colorful, you could name it Spectrum of Kaleidoscope.

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    I have a love puppy named Valentine, too!

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    Here’s my suggestion for Webkinz Newz . . . webisodes about the Kinz!!! Wouldn’t that be awesome?!

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    I like the Zombie Pup!

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    I love the Harry Potter books :)

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    I have a pet named Valentine, too! She’s a Love Puppy, and she was my first Webkinz!

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    My newest pet is Joy, my Peace Out Puppy. Joy is very artistic and creative! She loves singing, making art, and listening to music. She also likes to be unique, so her favorite outfit is a Cute Cropped Jacket with Star Fly Pants. She loves the Creativity class in the Kinzville Academy, she is a fence painter at the Employment Office (she does the most colorful, unique fences in WW!), and her favorite food is cake. Her room theme is unique as well; it’s a combination of the Rock ‘n’ Roll, Pop Star, and Creative themes! Joy’s favorite item is the vase of roses; it reminds her of the flowers that performers sometimes receive after a show!

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    It sounds like Shimmer and Pearl would both be good friends with my bubblegum dinosaur, Stega. Stega is easy-going, playful, and girly. She loves dancing and going shopping. Her favorite food is cake, and her favorite toy is a jigsaw puzzle. Stega loves wearing glamorous clothes, and her favorite thing to wear is her Love Diva Pet Coat. She also likes to play SPREE in the Arcade, especially when she gets to shop at the mall! At the Employment Office, her job is a shoe store clerk. Her room is done in the City Styling theme. Stega is a total fashionista. :)

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    As you know, I sent you a friend request, but I’m still not sure if I want to trade, so give me some time to think about it.