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    The black vest came out WAY before the neon tutu came out, the tutu came out in 2010 or 2011 I can’t remember XD and the black vest came out in like 2008. I was also wondering about the ruby slippers too…. Hmm

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    I can’t chose between the Signature Arctic fox or Signtaure Yorkie! XD ~wildpuppiessk8

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    That is really cool! I also have a signature chow chow and it is soo soft!

    in reply to: where can i find signature webkinz? #841855

    Try amazon like they said. But if you want to pick one out try Cracker Barrel. :)

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    The signature ocelot is really pretty! Hershey Kiss is a cute name, I really like that!! :) I have a signature barn owl named Soren from Guardians of Ga’hoole

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    I have 39 signatures. I really don’t feel like naming all of them so I will say my top 5 favorite to least (I don’t think you’d want to read all of those names and pets anyway XD) My signature Short-Haired Yorkie, Karie, Signature Arctic fox Aurora, Signature Endangered Red Wolf Kapu, Sig. Timber Wolf Eclipse, and Sig. Siberian Husky Kylaya. I love them all, I’m still collecting them too. :) ~wildpuppiessk8

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    Haha thank you. There is only a few kinds of foxes that you can domesticate in Russia, which is the red fox, arctic fox, and gray fox. She was really nice too, she was just like a dog haha. But we had to get rid of her when we moved and I miss her really bad :( NOW I really hope they make a gray fox. :D

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    I really agree with you. The bulldog is cute but I would not pick it for the last signature. The signatures ending doesn’t seem fair to me either. My opinion is same as yours, @WebkinzPlushLover

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    I see your point as well, but there is some signatures that are pretty floppy like the cougar and african wild dog. But I see your point, when my little sister was born her first stuffie was a signature timber wolf, she cuddled with it and loved it almost more than me XD In my opinion I don’t like the newer webkinz, but I loved the original ones that were floppy like the peace puppy and other older ones. I love the signatures and I want them to come back though….. I also want them to make the webkinz like they used to but things do change

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    I like the idea of a gray fox as well!! I love foxes so much, when I lived in Russia it was legal to own a fox, and I had a gray fox named Aurora! (Which is the name of my signature arctic fox) I would like if it was a signature but Ganz ended the signature line :(. I love the idea though! Btw, there is a LOT more foxes than what they have made. Friend me if you want! ~wildpuppiessk8 :D

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    I absolutely love the signature one!

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    Yeah, it defiantly doesn’t look like they tried. And yeah my user is kind of like foxstar2000, I noticed that a little after I joined a few years ago haha. But don’t worry I did not copy her/him. :)

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    Hey everybody, I just saw the new clothing releases and I like them a lot. But the ones I really want which are the black shirt with the scarf and the brown hoody are deluxe… so I can’t get them because im not a deluxe member. :( So please if you have them or you’re deluxe please help me out, I promise i’ll send something back!! :D

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    I agree with you, it’s a good idea but Ganz made it look really strange and not realistic. They could have done better, so i’m not getting it either.. ~wildpuppiessk8

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    This is a little late but I found a cool name from my friend, I named him Ashust :)