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    @carn980 they have not updated the catalog in quite some time just to let you know!

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    actually, i am looking for an outfit. anyone know a super cute outfit for the signature miniature dachshund? I am deluxe so you can go ahead and suggest deluxe clothing items! thx for everyone’s help! also add me in webkinz at meemersandboo and if you have an items you do not want I will be your garbage can ;) also if you see a signature pomeranian named Lola in a pink fairy dress (forgot the actual name LOL) dancing shoes and a cherry blossem headband that is me so invite me to trade! :D peace out for now! bey!!! ~meemersandboo~ A.KA. cottonkandykinz

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    ANY of the new pups/puppys! of coarse! ~meemersandboo~ A.K.A cottonkandykinz

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    Hi Zebb5, i have a alpaca (Like a llama) and i named it derpy llama and i hate it i wonder if u have any good names i like Liam and he is a boy thanks for ur time bey! 8). Also can i join i have great names and i am on here ALL the time. thanks again Bey! 8D ~meemersandboo~

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    my user name is meemersandboo

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    OK! that would be great! BTW what does LMK mean and are we doing this by kinzpost? ok well thx!;)

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    hi Atomton that would be great i would like any type of dog PSI that would be great if not just a random PSI would be great and i have a question u are doing it by kinzpost right? cause if so my W.W. username is meemersandboo. ok well bey for now can`t wiat to trade!;) ~meemersandboo~

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    hi there i have a signature miniature dachshund her name is Savannah (or Savvy for short) her personality is fun and outgoing and always excited her favorite colors are black and pink yes there is a theme she has to look like she is always up to do anything and it has to be pink and black and other color that would go great with her personality. she is a Girl. there is no occasion. casual and the budget is anywhere around 0-400 kinzcash i need the outfit by February 1st 2014 thanks for ur help and time ~meemersandboo~

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    thx all these signature pets are so cool!

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    Hi i have the stately dining table what would be your best offer? :) ~meemersandboo

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    oh also i want the santakinz roller coaster because i promise i will add extras!:) ~meemersandboo~

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    Squirm the caterpillar Stretch the giraffe and last but not least the weirdest one is derpy llama the alpaca ( don`t ask me why i did not have a name for it and a put his code online but i want to rename him Liam

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    I am just wondering because i am a deluxe member and i collect clothes that come in the gift boxes! we havent even goten a sneek peek of it!:( GANZ please send the gift boxes! i really want it because i am a big collecter of them! :) if anyone knows what is going on please leave a reply! ;) Thx ;) and thanks for reading a long post :) if u are a deluxe and u havent got ur`s leave a reply;) thx;) ~meemersandboo~

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    cool u have most of the ones i really want but the top of my want list are the signature African wild dog the signature barn owl and the signature chipmunk

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    i can send u those i am deluxe and a extra to!;) my username is meemersandboo bey i hoped i helped!