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    Clouds (white poodle): Katey is my sister she is kind of boring though, she never goes shopping. I love shopping so much. Me and my husband Onix (black poodle) go shopping together a lot. We fit together perfectly! Oh looks like I have to go I have plans.

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    Katey: 2009

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    I haven’t started Zoey’s yet. Is it fun should I join?

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    I really love playing pretend in the club house and I used the girl rule room to play it in but I think a House room would be great!

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    I have a fairy den dress my user is Kathrynhappy what are your offers?

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    Puggles: A library that is a great idea! I know there was an ice cream shop before and a lot of food shops. Katy: I have only been active since 2009 my owner thought she’d never get webkinz but then she got one from her sister and now she loves webkinz so much!

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    Katey: I am my owners first pet too, and my town has only two signature pets too! One time when Lamby was online she saw an add that showed a retired pet in a train so now Lamby is afraid of the train Lamby is just a Lil Kinz. It is nice meeting another Mayor! My husband Puggles helps me keep the town nice. Puggles: Katey so selfish, she barely lets me do anything to help keep the town nice! I am not one of my owners first webkinz. Nice meeting you!

    I was thinking that we should look at the clothes others recipes have in them. I am not sure, I think think it could help :) also I have tried this recipe Retro Rainbow Belt, Ballerina Leotard Top, and Funky Flowered Pants.

    I will help but just to be clear is the black vest in it or not?

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    I think I’ll name her Eclipse (even though it might be common) I like it. Thanks

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    Lamby: It is great to meet everyone! Katey (pink pooodle): I am the mayor of the town Lamby lives in she is so sweet isn’t she? My town has never had Signature pets until recently (I found them Really cheap at a store) it is too bad they are all retired. Lamby: Guys I have to tell you something! The train in the train theme at the wshop is a train that takes retired webkinz away it makes me too sad to buy it :(! Katey: Lamby it doesn’t take adopted webkinz away so you can still buy it.

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    nvm I got names from another forum thx for the last name though

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    Lamby: Hi Tawnypelt I live in in huge House it is so big there are three towns! (because my owner has a brother and sister that collect webkinz so they each have a town) I am probably in the biggest town though for Christma there are three new webkinz I haven’t met them yet because they are still getting names hehe! The town I live in has 28 well I got to go now. Nice meeting you.

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    I love the Whale names a whole lot! I decided I want a girl, I wasn’t sure witch ones were boy names and which ones weren’t but I like the names Yoki, Shamu, and Tallulah so i’ll ask my sisters about that. I think I’ll stick with my cow name XD. I like the name Pachy for my elephant. Thanks for the help! ;)