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    o cool i love video games too i play breath of the wild and minecrat i suggested they add moobloom from Minecraft lol

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    Wish the [Classic] game had a light mode and a dark mode.

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    Yeah, I tried New Webkinz, or as I call it Webkinz 2020, and it was so weird, strange, and kinda like this new kinzvile was post-apocalyptic. The school is gone, no tournimate arena, nothing! The new game feels like a ghost town recovering from a disaster, barley keeping themselves alive. I noticed in the back of the new adoption center, they had a ms birdy picture that I’ve seen in Classic. I hope this, as well as the CGIish quality is because it’s indev. The game looks computer generated, and as a teen with taste in kid’s games, I think Classic is much better.

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    Here;s one: It would be nice to be able to change the lighting in your rooms. (Webkinz Classic) . I want to see my lights glow in the night in my rooms! Also, if you could buy showers that serve the same function as baths that you could buy with kinz cash, that would be nice as well.

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    About the white snow doggo; I finally got her! I named her Lydia, after my Alolan Ninetails. She is currently staying in an apartment owned by my pets Mipha and Zelda. Who knows? Perhaps she’ll live there forever!

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    Again, could anyone be willing to send Dogsemma the Rainfall Shower? Extange could be a number of things.

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    So Ok. I have this pet named Mipha, and I want the RAINFALL SHOWER for her bathroom. Again, my username is Dogsemma, so just friend me and send it to me, if u want anything in return, what would it be?

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    I really need some money and the GOLDEN GOWN. My in game username is Dogsemma.

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    Hopfulley, I can get the snowy doggo soon If I keep playing for now I should make a room for her!

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    More about Mipha, (my pink fox) she wears a blue dress and a tiara. I put so much effort into her room and if anyone wants to friend me, my name is dogsemma. She has a little kitchen, backyard, and bedroom with blue and I was sure to add lots of elements of water because in Breath of the wild, Mipha is a Zora (fish people) and they love water, so I was sure to surround my pet named after this character with water. If you can’t already tell, Mipha is my favorite character in breath of the wild, and sorry if this sounds kinda ranty.

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    I just adopted a pet named Mipha, after the Zora Champion from the video game breath of the wild. She is a pink fox and is currently in her room with her friend, Link, who is a leopard. I put her in all blue and her backyard has a bunch of pools in it. She is so cute and likes seafood.

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    Yea weird that a bunch of adults are playing a kid’s game.

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    I think that it would be cool if there was a bank, hospital room theme and more mid-century modern things!

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    How come whenever I do a contest there is always a pet named “HollyFox” “Big Stompy” and “R266″ Are these bots to people?

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    I want either a hospital room theme or IKEA products. I think that mid-century modern furniture would be great for my rooms.