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    i do hope u get through this Gold!!!!! praying for you!!!!! please check ou the song ” Love is Come” by Mark Schultz. here are some of the words, ” For anybody who has ever lost a loved one. And you feel like you had to let go to soon. I know it hurts to say goodbye, but don’t you know it’s just a matter of time till the tears are gonna end, you’ll see them once again and in that moment! every knee shall bow. Every tongue confess. That God is love, love has come for us all!!!!” and i too lost a dog named Rocky when i was six. ~Praying for you!!!!!

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    so sorry Gold! i will pray for you! may God bless you and your family this holiday season!!!!!! have you heard Mark Schults’s song ” Love is Come” ? ~ Prayer Warrior

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    hey! it has to be a glitch! oh and i LOVE your user name!!!! ~ Horses, Dogs, And Dolphins!!!!!!!! Mr. ED, Rin-Tin-Tin, And Flipper!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    D.C ( from the original version of the movie That Darn Cat!.) Anne ( also spelled Annie) Ginger ( a minor cat character in The Last Battle) Jeannie ( the main girl in the tv show I Dream of Jeannie) and Mark ( charecter name from the tv show The Rifleman) well there u go! ~ Horses, Dogs, And Dolphins!!!! ~ Mr.ED, Rin-Tin-Tin, And Flipper!!!!!!

    ok! and sorry, i will try to send a letter next time u send something! do u happen to have the country beds from the country theme that went deluxe? ~Horses, Dogs, And Dolphins!!!!!!! ~Rin-Tin-Tin, Mr.ED, And Flipper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    markg97. hello! yes i got it thank u so much! are you deluxe? well hope we can talk more sometime! thanks again for the bed!

    Hi! i am angelgirldog7, but call me Angel for short! I love horses, dogs, and dolphins. my favorite horse show is either Mr.ED or Fury, favorite dog show is either Lassie or Rin-Tin-Tin, and my favorite dolphin show is the original 1960″s Flipper! i have an awesome horse book that i can use for those who need help! it also has history of horses, tack, colors, movies, books, tv shows, websites, and other neat stuff! including a quiz on just how horse crazy you are! My username is angelgirldog7 so please friend me anytime! I am not sure what i want to be when i grow up. Maybe animal control, or something that has to do with police and animal cases! Well, i guess that is everything!!! ~Horses, Dogs, And Dolphins!!!!!

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    neat!!!! i have a webkinz siamese named Sassy after Sassy on Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey. ~ Horses, Dogs, And Dolphins!!!

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    I love Toby Mac and Mandisa!!!!!!!!!!!! they are awesome!!!!!!!!! ~ Horses, Dogs, And Dolphins!!!

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    thank you both! we know she is pure Shih Tzu because she was born to the parents of a lady my dad worked with. and i do get upset when she steals my toys and maybe i am kind of harsh to her when she does. she knows all of those tricks, but it has been awhile since ive done them with her. maybe i should start doing them once a day with her, we have a clicker. and i am homeschooled too!!!!!. and could i be a part of ya’ll new forum? i know a little bit about horses since i have an awesome horse book!!! ~ Horses, Dogs, And Dolphins!!!

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    Stealthy! i am doing better! still runny nose and coughing though. whenever i get a cold it sticks to me. ever seen the movies Holiday Inn and White Christmas??? ~ Horses, Dogs, And Dolphins!

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    i think you sell them at the W-Shop. ~ Horses, Dogs, And Dolphins, Narnia Lover!

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    i have a Shih Tzu ( dog breed) named Samantha. she will be 7 in December. i was 7 when we got her and didn’t really no how to form a human to dog relastionship. is there still a way to become very good friends with her? i mean, we play with her doggy toys and she won’t bite me, but she doesn’t always come to me when called. and she steals my toys a lot too! LOL, ~Horses, Dogs, And Dolphins!

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    hey Stealty! how are you? i am doing good. Thanksgiving is coming up and i can’t wait. me and my mom have been sick and hope to be well enough to go to my cousin’s house. ~ Narnia Lover