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    On Kinz chat I would like an apologie listing so if we miss a party we can say we are sorry and why we didn’t show up. That would be really nice vand is part of learning manners! Thank you!!

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    I have 3 accounts and one of them did win the Wish of the day. The account that I play on all the time has not won. The other 2 accounts I don’t have time to play but did win one day when I did play. I have also won 3 wishing wells on the center row But received 2 papers and when I exed out the top paper it also took my winning prize page. I’ll keep trying!! You too!! catladyinpajamas

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    Have you tried it twice? when it freezes go to map then try to play again. Doing it twice lets it finish downloading. The games don’t always completely download the first time. I had to do this a long time with one game, every day I got on I had to load twice. I think logging out and back in will not help be cause you may have to always do it twice on each log in. If I exed out the game it would say that my turn was over. If the game is cut off and interrupted it will come back on in most circumstances. Some games if you log out, when you log in will say that you already played. Hope you can start playing soon! catladyinpajamas

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    The prize is on Webkinz news. A floaty clicky.

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    I had the same problem with Goobers Lab, but they have changed it since then. It isn’t fair for kids to play a game and then not receive credits and awards for all their hard work and time spent in playing a game. Especially when no one ever posted that there was a limit on these games. So I guess we all played better than the people that set the games up on the website. We could have received credit and awards for up to their limits they had set but we all got nothing. Keep hitting those high scores!!!

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    Hi, wanted to know how to cook with Dr Quacks tonic! Thank you for all the help! catladyinpajamas

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    Hide your dock and I think it will work.

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    I think you need Quizzies on the bottom line of the menu. Do you do the calendar questions? The other part are questions for each age or grade. They have different subjects and different levels. There is also a daily question. And you get kinzcash for each question you answer. But I didn’t know that helped with the babysitting game. Good luck!!

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    I was thinking of a different kind of trade where you post an item in one box state what you want in the next box, in the third box the person that has the item you want will post it. Your new item will come to you and your posted item will go to the person who posted the new item you wanted. I’ve had bad luck with the other trade room. If they have a faster speed computer they cancel out half way thru the transaction. It has happened a lot. They think you are not doing the transaction because it is going slower than their computer runs. I want a cat suit but have not been able to acquire one in the trade room. I collect cats so most of my pets are cats except for a few that were not cats that have been acquired here and there. Thank you for the suggestion box!!

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    I was thinking of an upgrade in the buy a room area. If you have a small room you pay a fee to change your room into a larger room. And these rooms can not be changed back to a smaller room. To put a theme in a smaller room there is not enough room for all the items. But all the items fit into a larger room. One more suggestion is to have a day where all the estore point items in the store can be bought with kinzcash. Or maybe instead of all the items just have a theme that can be bought with kinzcash instead of estore points for one day. It could also be a prize ticket You just won a currency swap ticket. this prize allows you to buy a theme with kinzcash instead of estore points. thank you, catladyinpajamas

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    Sally, how can I unsubscribe from the forum “notify me of any replies” ? I can’t find my question and can’t remember what it was. The emails are being reduced so we can close that email account. Regular Ganz emails are ok I just need the forum emails stopped. catladyinpajamas

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    Place: Employment I would like to play the piano job on 2 of my accounts But It says I have do the Music questions in Quizzy. There are no Music Questions in Quizzy. So how an I play The Piano Job? Thank you for answering my question, catladyinpajamas

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    Hi, I am only receiving one dice in my spree game. I waited all week to see if it came back to 2 but it hasn’t, so I am missing 5 rolls of the dice. My cat vitals keep coming up on zero after doing several things for 30 minutes one or two will come back up to where they should be but the 3rd takes much longer. Can someone help me with these problems? thankyou catladyinpajamas

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    I had a lamb and cow box, I think. When my pet was stuck someplace I asked someone to fix her and remove those 2 boxes. Then right after that I got the tawny puppy boxes. When I need some help for something I will ask them to also remove the puppy boxes. They were so helpful!!Everyone can try this when they need a little help it does take care of the problem!! catlady

    hi, you can buy in the kinz style outlet by watching for the hourly specials. heads up, catladyinpajamas