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    I’d really love a mute button on Webkinz. I’m an older player and I find a lot of the sounds kind of annoying. I usually just mute my computer, but it would be nice if I could mute Webkinz only so that I could listen to music while playing without having to use a separate device.

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    @kingdomheartsnerd: I love the idea of Alexander for a name; I might switch it to Alexandra in honor of my good friend who just got his PhD with a thesis on the Romanovs. Thanks everyone who answered!

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    Hey all! I was wondering if anyone had some name suggestions. I just got the small signature fox and haven’t decided on a name yet. I often like naming pets after my academic interests – I’m an English and ancient history double major with a minor in biology – if that helps. I’ve been tossing around the name Lysander if it’s a boy, so thoughts on that might be helpful. Anyway, I’d love you hear your thoughts on both boy and girl names; I’m ready to make this one a part of my Webkinz family!

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    Could we have a Kinzpost message inviting people to come trade/talk on the forums? I had a lot of trading buddies on the old forum who left and started trading on another website while the forums were down for renovation. I’m not an active member on that website, so I’d love a way to let them know I’d like to see them again over here and maybe start trading again.

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    I’d love it if you brought back at least one other room in the kinzchat plus clubhouse. I know the trading room is most popular, but clearly the other rooms were being used as well because since they disappeared, the trading room is full of people who are just there to talk to their friends. Talking is fine, but when there are only ten people allowed in a room, it can make it difficult to find people who actually want to trade. I think bringing back a hanging-out kind of room would be very helpful and get the trading room back on track.

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    I think it’s really time to get some updates in Kinzpost. I’ve played Webkinz since 2006 and it has barely changed since then as far as I can tell. I would love to see a few new message options, like a “Thanks for inviting me to your house/party” type thing (Seriously, why is that not an option?). I’d also love the ability to send pictures – not like webcam type stuff, but if you could select a room in your house to send a friend who might have helped you design it or collect pieces. Or if you adopt a new pet you could send a picture of your pet all dressed up or in its room. Or – and this would work well for holiday cards, which gave me the idea – the ability to send family portraits just as a hello to friends you haven’t heard from in a while. It would also be great if we could have a “Meet me in the Clubhouse” message that allowed you to select which room, kinzchat or kinzchat plus, and what time you’d like to meet. A few basic additions to the system like this would make kinzpost useful for more than just sending items between accounts.

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    One thing I’ve noticed since coming back to Webkinz (I took about a six month break) is the level of frustration among regular members about the number of items available to deluxe members. As a deluxe member myself I was really excited about the cool items now available for kinzcash purchase in the Wshop, but I have to say I was surprised to see that nearly every theme now has some of its (usually most interesting items) reserved for deluxe members only. While I see the point in rewarding players for going deluxe, I think this is a bit excessive. WShop items have always been open to everyone; they are the reward you get for spending the time to play in Webkinz world each day and earn kinzcash. Suddenly saying you have to pay real money in order to collect those rewards is a lot to ask, especially for the items that have always been available to everyone and have suddenly gone deluxe. Calling it a “full membership” implies you will have access to at least most of what Webkinz World has to offer. Instead of simply not allowing regular members to purchase certain items, why not do what is done in the estore and give deluxe members discounts on certain items and themes? That way there is still a “deluxe advantage,” but you’re not blocking everyone else from getting items with the kinzcash they’ve earned.

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    I guess this is kind of a question and a suggestion all in one, but are there rule against filming in the clubhouse? I know there is a rule against talking about videos or webcams, but I saw nothing about actually filming. Someone in the clubhouse said the other day that they’d seen my pet in a video on a non-Ganz video sharing site (not sure if we’re allowed to use outside website names here, so I’ll leave it to you to assume which one). When I checked it out, I was unable to find the one the other person was talking about, but I did find lots and lots of videos taken where the others in the clubhouse were apparently totally unaware their pets were being filmed, and some that I suspect were edited to portray other users in a negative light, including some that outright accused people of scamming and gave their Webkinz user names. Maybe it’s just me, but that’s a little disconcerting and I would feel kind of violated if I found a video like that of my pet. Is there anything Ganz can do about such videos? I know copyright law allows many organizations to remove defamatory or pirated material from sites like that. Would that be possible in this case? And preventatively, it would be great if Ganz did a PSA on Webkinz Newz or Webkinz World about that; it’s the one thing in the many years I’ve been playing Webkinz that has made me uncomfortable.

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    For a while in kinzchat plus if you were typing anything not allowed it would highlight it it red before you tried to send. This was a really helpful function and I wish you’d bring it back. Sometimes I won’t even realize I’m technically “breaking a rule” until the warning message come up, since the censor does not allow certain words or phrases even when they are being used in a way that is actually within clubhouse rules. (For instance, not allowing you to say numbers, even in context of how many items you’d like to trade or how many times you’ve played a game.) The highlighting feature just makes it easier to communicate quickly with others while still playing by the rules.

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    I agree with JaneOfAllTrades, I’d love to see a kinzchat plus version of parties and kinzpost. I would also love it if the WKN forums were moderated a little more expeditiously – especially during business hours. On the old forums there was a window of time (and those hours were specified at the top of the page) during which posts made it to the boards at a pretty reasonable rate. This was especially useful in the trading forums where people are trying to orchestrate a deal. If a system could be worked out to get posts through faster, I think everyone would be happier.

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    Just so you know, I have only one each of the Neo Gothic Column and the Weathered Farmhouse Chairs (wish I could help more – I’ll let you know if I come across any more). I’m in the middle of a pretty busy few days, so i’ve only had time to glance at your trade list. I was wondering if you still had any of these: the Monster Claws Door, Emperor’s Dining Throne, Persian Palace Wallpaper, Trading Card Condo Lounger, Trading Card Condo Sofa, and Super Stunt Unicycle. I’m especially interested in the Monster Claws Door, but I have not had a chance to check the values on any of the items, so I don’t know if even all my items combined would make a fair match; I’ll have to check up on all of that when I’ve got more free time. Let me know if you still have any of the items I listed available to trade, and we can go from there. Until then, the items you want are on hold. Talk to you soon! ~LOTH

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    Hey, Lady! Great to see you again. Thanks to MTT, Pony, and dogfish I’ve gotten all the Halloween and train station items I was looking for. At the moment the only deluxe items I’m still looking for are the Gold Rock and Roll Sunglasses, the Butterfly Wing Belt, and the deluxe pieces in the Astral Wonders theme. I was also wondering if you are still looking for eStore points? I I think I have about 4500 that I won’t be using that I’d be happy to trade. Just let me know! I may not be on much in the next few days. I have my last two midterms Thursday and Friday, and then I’m off for fall break until Wednesday; I’ll be celebrating my sister’s birthday over the break and in general trying to spend most of my time with my family. I may be a bit slow to reply, but I’ll try to be on a few times to check in on everyone. I’ve really been missing you guys and it’s great to be back in touch.

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    Hey there! I think I have these times for your list (I’ll have to check to make sure); please let me know if you still need any of them!
    Neo Gothic 4-Poster Bed
    Neo Gothic Pillar
    Flourishing Tree and Flower Bed
    Weathered Farmhouse Chair
    Acorn 4×4
    Red Plasma Ball
    Webkinz Dragster
    Cloud Adventure Hoodie and Pants
    Winter Wonderland Mirror
    Winter Wonderland Window
    Link’d Arcade Unit
    Enchanted Mushroom Lamp

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    Hey, Julie! Long time no see! I’m always on the lookout for PSI, so if you’ve got any to spare I’d be happy to take them off your hands, lol. Anything I can can get you?

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    Hey, pony! I’m glad to see I have something from your wish list. Hopefully you’ll have gotten it before this post, so I hope you enjoy it!